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  2. That's an old gamedev trick, you will encounter it everywhere First you press the key, keydown is fired ONE time, then after 9 frames it start repeats. Try that with your keyboard here - hold A and look at how letters appear, there's pause between first and second.
  3. Hello @ivan.popelyshev , Could you told me which OS and Browser you use? The keypress holding functionality work fine in my system, using Mac OS and Chrome. And Yes, I will change my movement logic, this is a great idea to both fix the problem and improve performance. Thank you very much.
  4. rich

    Sinusoidal path

    You could use the Sine tween on the objects y position and a linear tween on its x position.
  5. Hi, I understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you please share your requirement in brief at S.k.y.p.e Cis.am3 or e.m.a.i.l me at Frank AT cisinlabs dot com Regards Frank
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  7. Extra info, what does mipmapping do: it scales down 2 times, then again 2 times, and obtains several "mip-levels" . then it samples the texture from levels depending on scale. Scale is determined through comparing "What coordinates of texture were asked in neighbour pixel shader". If we upload FAKE mipmap levels, we can see result like this: , here we have curved space and its scaled in the center => mipmap is automatically switched there to next level (red), then next one (green) and so on. Manually scaling the texture and choosing sprite texture based on downscale also works! You have to use whatever you udnerstand and whatever is better for your case. Yes, it might be strange if you come from Web that now , in WebGL, you have to manage many other parameters: texture filtering, antialias, blendmodes, premultiplied alpha, gamma sRGB. Usually its managed automatically by browser, but that automatic managing can affect performance, and in WebGL world its significant, its all about performance. I'll have a talk in russian confernce HolyJS about those things, I hope to translate it afterwards and use in other places too. I know that many people are smart enough to make their algorithms fast, but that kind of problems stop them just because they dont know specifics of WebGL switches and how big control they actually have, what responsobilities it raises.
  8. What's the size of image and what's the size of PNG? if PNG is power-of-two. then you can enable "baseTexture.mipmap=PIXI.MIPMAP_MODES.POW2" before it first renders then in case of big downscale (>2) it'll look better, it'll use those MIPMAP constants in webgl. If its not pow2 (512, 1024, 2048, e.t.c.) there are two ways: 1. make it pow2 - either scale either add more pixels at right-bottom, you can adjust "texture.frame" afterwards. 2. enable mipmap for webgl2 for any sizes: "baseTexture.mipmap = PIXI.MIPMAP_MODES.ON". It works only on webgl2 devices. In general, if you try big downscale in any WebGL renderer you'll have that problem. ThreeJS does resizing automatically. SUMMARY: its one of those things you have to know when you move your app to WebGL. There are others like that, for example: anti-aliasing, blending modes. DEMO: Try it here, comment the respective lines, switch to different modes: . I know that even Google Skia webasm port has problems when you try to downscale "Google.png"
  9. Hi all! I use the "line2d" function too to display line segments with the same thickness. A very awesome and useful function 👍!!! In some situation, when the current line segment and previous line segment nearly overlap, the lines (better: the corners) will get "oversized". In my screenshots i move the red point in the arrow direction and the lines/corners will get "oversized". How can i avoid this? Best regards, Tim
  10. Do you have mipmaps on? Changing that could have some affect. Also does your sprite align to subpixel coordinates? That can cause some blurrines. You could also try changing the minFilter of the gl texture, though I'm not sure if pixi overrides it with setting from scalemode. In webgl possible options are LINEAR, NEAREST, NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST, LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST, NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR, LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR. I'm not sure what minification algorithm browser uses with img tags, but I'm pretty sure it's something more expensive and with better quality than the ones used in realtime rendering.
  11. Hello, my name is Alejandro. I'm an indie developer, I work also as freelancer. My portfolio is, my rate is 10-15$ hour. Here are some examples of my work: You can also reach me by mail and discord noisechip#8773. Thanks.
  12. About 1.5 years ago I worked in a company and we developed a mobile 2d game using React Native (Expo) as a core and for interface elements and Three.js for WebGL and game logic. It was not a good case since Three.js is overkill for small 2d game and doesn't provide any game-specific methods like game engines does, so I tried to replace Three.js with Phaser CE, and for that time I haven't found a simple way to make Phaser works with RN, also. So I make a conclusion that React Native is not suitable for game development, and it's much easier to use something like Cordova with Phaser, or some other game engine that has an export feature to mobile platforms.
  13. hum very strange, i never get this kind of issue on my side did you try update pixijs 4.8 ? i have no theory sorry, maybe wait other suggest.
  14. Hello Community, Greetings. Waqas here from BeedoGames. It is my second post on html5gamedevs and was quite necessary to share. It is about the payments from GameDistribution and some of developers here have already published games over there. Recently GameDistribution has sent us 2 payments on October 4 using wire transfer to our local bank, invoices were visible on the same day. it has been around 13 days and payments have not been received on our bank that usually takes 1-3 days. Our local banks are not able to help much since invoices are internally generated and does not provide any info for tracing purposes. I want to know, if there are other developers / publishers that are also facing the similar issue in recent months especially October. Also, if someone willing to help that will be much appreciated. On GameDistribution side, payments have been made and did not bounced back. On our side, so far payments are not getting received. Thanks
  15. Thanks Jon, but that doesn't solve my issue. I tried changing the scale mode from linear (shown in the OP) to nearest neighbor, but the image still didn't look right: For good measure I also tried changing the resolution to 10 as well as using nearest neighbor, with no effect (apart from me needing to zoom in further)
  16. look here Edit ha oups!
  17. Its time to enjoy your fruit of Labour and have your hardwork being paid off! GameTop is constantly, looking for developers to licence their games. Developers gets licensing fees from them and their Audience will get to play these games for free. GameTop is a company who distributes free pc games to their audience for over 10 years. Interested developers can drop a mail. Alternatively, you can visit to see their large variety of games.
  18. Reason: Hi there! Nice game! Could you make sure that there are no outgoing links in the game? Now at the start menu the MORE GAMES leads you away from the game. You can of course mention the site, but can you make sure that (accidentally) clicking it will not lead you away from the game? Then it's all good! We do this to prevent user frustration and to make sure the game has the best UX and revenue potential, please let me know if you have any questions! That's the reason why declined my game. So funny, we can't put a more games link in our games? If we upload the game, it's became your games?
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  20. You're determination is outstanding @Eric Matyas, we all appreciate the work you've been doing so far!
  21. I have a program where images are shown in normal HTML <img> tags as well as inside of PIXI canvases. If I have a large image, I notice it has very crisp edges even when shown at ~1% of its size. The pixi.js canvas is using pixi-viewport ( so I can zoom in and out, and I noticed that if I zoom out so that the image is the same size as the HTML one, the edges look blurry. I've tried changing the SCALE_MODE and resolution, tried forcing the canvas renderer or forcing FXAA, and even the image-rendering css property, but I can't seem to make it look like the image inside the <img> tag. This is what I'm seeing: To be clear, the one on the left is inside the <img> and the one on the right is inside a pixi.js canvas. Despite them being about the same size, you'll notice its less clear. If I change the SCALE_MODE it just looks pixelated. If I change the resolution (I've tried 1, 2, 4, and 10) I have to zoom in more, but once I have its just as blurry. Forcing the canvas renderer just made it look worse, and FXAA didn't seem to change anything. The image-rendering property seemed to have no effect except on the pixelate setting (which, obviously, just made it look pixelated). Edit: For reference I'm using pixi.js-4.5.3 and pixi-viewport-3.23.1
  22. Hey everyone, I just opened a new page of stone pixel art-style tiles. You’ll find them here: ART – Stone Feel free to edit as needed. I’ve also created a bunch of new ground tiles. They live here: ART – Ground As always, if you have any requests, feel free to pm or email me. I hope some of my work is helpful!
  23. Yes, you're right - I'd forgotten about that (recent) extra "requirement"! Thanks for your compliment and good luck to you, whichever platform you end up on.
  24. I have created Viral Fun Quiz instant game like OMG. My game have very low player. So I share my game play result to facebook group and facebook banned my placement. I have no idea how to get more player for my instant game. Some of instant game created is later than my game, but they have many players. How can I share my viral fun quiz game to get more player. With Regard...
  25. Hope you're well mate. I've got a new build today that addresses a lot of the mobile issues but still with a lack of all the devices around me to test on would be great to see what happens on everyone elses device. Would you mind sparing a moment again to try on this link: A lot of the other issues (audio etc) have also been fixed but i'm still sure I've got a bit to go before it's rock solid.
  26. Hi all, my name is Daniel, and I am the CEO of MyArcadePlugin (WordPress Arcade Plugin). We have released a simple-to-use Scores and Achievements API for HTML5 / JS games. It allows you to send scores, medals, achievements to sites which use MyArcadePlugin. With this awesome feature game publishers will be able to run each own leader boards, tournaments and much more with your games. This API will also work with any game distributor like Gamepix, Famobi, GameDistribution. We have released the API on GitHub and you are free to use it. It will help you to grow your audience and to make your games more attractive. Scores and Achievements API for HTML5 games and MyArcadePlugin: MyArcadeScoresBridge on Github. Let me know if you have any question about the API. :) Best regards, Daniel
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