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  2. I love how the hat de attachs ! Reminds me of happy wheel!, a "Reset" button would be great.
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  4. Hi all! I built a little demo which combines the p2.js 2D physics library with 3D rendering via Babylon.js, to create a 2.5D unicycle game demo: The code is on GitHub.
  5. Hi, just trying to bring some more light if it helps... Another solution I guess: var value = 0xff0000; var color = (value >> 16) + (value & 0xff00) + ((value & 0xff) << 16) Looks that this is what it's being applied in the sources...
  6. Chrome: Versión 81.0.4044.138 (Build oficial) (64 bits) I'm on a HP Pavilion laptop, AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Vega GPU and 8mb RAM If you add a FPS counter I could let you know how fast it is running. edit: Updated my browser to 83 and its fixed!
  7. Chrome: Versión 81.0.4044.138 (Build oficial) (64 bits) I'm on a HP Pavilion laptop, AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Vega GPU and 8mb RAM If you add a FPS counter I could let you know how fast it is running.
  8. using m4a instead is the workaround
  9. I was just working on a test, using PIXI sound with an MP3 loop. The issue is there's a small pause before the loop re-plays, meaning it doesn't really loop properly. The loop is currently repeated by calling a replay function in the onComplete parameter in the options, but I get the same result if I replace that with loop:true (I expect that under the hood it works the same way, but I didn't check yet.) This isn't exclusively a PIXI sound issue, I remember having the same problems with MP3s in Flash - so what I'm really interested in is ideas to work around the issue?
  10. walfin

    The COVID-19 Game

    The first Alpha release of The COVID-19 Game is out! Play as the red blood cells and white blood cells and defend the body against the infection of SARS, MERS & COVID-19. This is quite possibly the first Real-Time Strategy / Real-Time Tactical style game to be developed using Quasar & MelonJS. It’s probably the third game in the world about COVID-19. It’s been deployed to a single page app, Electron, Android & a browser extension. Check out now! I have already uploaded the Android app to the Play Store and the BEX to the Chrome Web Store & Firefox extensions repository. It’ll take a while for those to approve. I’ll update the links here once the store listings are approved. However, you can already access the Snap Store listing: (for Linux users). Many thanks to obiot for creating melonjs! Hope you can work on those bug fixes soon so I can also iron out the bugs in my game.
  11. Alien

    Device orientation

    Olivier, My migration went well. I'm now on 7.1.1. Regards, Alien
  12. that is very weird, as development was done exclusively on Chrome. can you please tell me a bit about the Chrome version and maybe what hardware are you using? i've noticed that Cocos Creator has some issues with animation-type physics bodies, sometimes it acts out when the cpu load is high and it cannot keep 60 fps. have to do some more tests, though. thanks for testing!
  13. Well put - I like your thinking
  14. Alien

    Device orientation

    Thanks a lot, Olivier! I'll do that. I'm looking forward to be a tester: I'm going to apply the migration guide right now so maybe I'll be ready for tomorrow morning. Keep in touch! Singapour ? Le bol ! 🙂
  15. obiot

    Device orientation

    Hello, that part of the code has not been updated in a while and it seems that last year a permission mechanism has been introduced in the standard (see Here), which would explain why it does not work anymore (i also tried our online example here and it also does not do anything anymore on my iphone). i’ll leave it to this for now, i will have a better look tomorrow morning, should be an easy fix, but thank you for the report, in the mean time i suggest you rather use the latest 7.1.1 version, instead of starting a new project with the 6.x branch. Cool sinon de lire des feedbacks depuis la French Riviera ! Francais de Singapour ici 🥳
  16. With the Pixi Viewport library - it makes it really easy to set up a "camera" in a way. It's all cool - but I've noticed something - when you follow a sprite, it'll follow it just fine going in one directPlion, and the camera will ease nicely after tweaking the options. But then, when I want the sprite to go in the opposite direction - it needs it to get right up on the edge almost before it moves. Anyone have any clue how to make this better? Played with these -
  17. Going Right - Game Link Bring the bird to its nest without getting hit by the obstacles. A classic "avoid and collect" game, with five differents game modes: 20 Hard Levels to enjoy! NORMAL MODE: You can start the game from any level you completed.DEATH MODE: You got only 10 attempts to complete all the levels.TIME ATTACK: Beat your best time in "Time Attack" mode, and show yourself what you can do.INFINITE RUN: Fly as long as you can avoiding the obstacles and collecting coins.SHOP: Buy new skins and choose different colors to customize your bird. That’s all!
  18. There are some pretty interesting general game development groups on facebook.
  19. Alien

    Device orientation

    Good afternoon, I, am unable to use device orientation (alpha, beta, gamma) on two Android phones. Can you please assist on this topic? Here is what I do: // On init: console.log(me.device.hasDeviceOrientation); // Returns false on both phones console.log(me.device.watchDeviceOrientation()); // Returns false on both phones // on entity: if ((me.input.isKeyPressed('left')) || (me.device.gamma < { // Never entered ... } The first phone is a FairPhone 2 (Android 7) and the second one is a Jelly Pro from Unihertz (Android 9). The official HTML5 device orientation API works fine on both of them, unfortunately MelonJS fails on both of them. I use MelonJS 6.0.0. Thanks in advance & Cheers from French Riviera, Alien
  20. I feel Dumb Riders really enjoyable and funny, at first I found the controls little annoying as I was more of rolling and crawling than scatting 😆 later became more comfortable. Also scatter is really horrible to control, maybe the first level is little difficult to start and any new player might give up easily(just a thought), maybe keep a short tutorial track on top of the menu to start with, rest is nice and fun. By the way, I didn't find the link for danger deep
  21. I still have cases where the max is 2048x2048. Though we support very old hardware and even ie11.
  22. Yoreni


    thanks it works
  23. I'm going crazy. Now it goes wrong for me too What did you do... Well, your solution works, so just reverse the hex for now, and create a github issue. I'll look at it later when I have some time. Or maybe someone on the actual forum ( can help you.
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