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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Phaser community, I'm new to game development and found the source of the game PixelQuest on CodeCanyon. What i would like to do in this game is to add a battle functionality like the one of Pokemon, so on random grass spots there should pop-up a 'battle screen' with an opponent and my own 'pokemon' Hope that someone can help me in the right direction :-) Kind Regards, Mugaru
  2. Hi guys, I am newbie on making games, and I chose Phaser to start with. So I'd like to make a fight game but I can't find any exemple or tutorial that could help me with it. Someone have a tip or something, or is better choose other framework for this?
  3. play: http://www.munchiegames.com/play/koala-rumble distribution embed: <iframe src="http://www.munchiegames.com/play/koala-rumble/index_iframe.html" scrolling="no" width="500px" height="500px"></iframe>
  4. Hello. I would like to know how a game such as street fighter or any kind of action fighting game could be made in phaser. I have lots of doughts related to this... How do you detect for collision between two characters? I mean collision between each other "actual body" and not the rect/square that composes the whole png? I am quite ignorant in realation to gaming development especially this... Can someone give my some ideas / tutorials on how to develop this kind of real time fighting games? Thank you.
  5. New game AnimalsAirFight. Made it in 3-4 days, however without any social contact in that time. What do you think? Destroy it! As I need to fail faster. Play it here: AnimalsAirFight
  6. I wanted to share a game that is quite important for me, although you've probably seen hundreds of similar ones already. It's special personally, because it took me almost four years from the first prototype to the finished game. It gets even funnier when you see how small the game actually is, and that it could have been done in a month or two. You can play the game here: http://wizard.enclavegames.com And, what is more important, read the story here: http://dev.end3r.com/2016/06/i-hate-wizard-quest/
  7. I am making an armies fighting simulator with HMTL5 canvas. You can see it here: http://armyfight.com/simulator.html . Wait until it loads and click blue button "attack!". After fight is over (or anytime), you can proceed it with blue button "Add army", add more units, and start fight again. There are more settings, to change units, their stats, positions, army size. So far i have only a swordsman unit made.
  8. Saw Wing Fighter Aircraft is a fast paced one button arcade game made in HTML5 with Phaser framework. Play it either on your desktop or mobile browser using this link: http://m.askforgametask.com/games/sawwing Mission: Destroy all enemy gas balloons! Weapon: Saw Wing, a modern fighter aircraft equipped with a lethal saws on its wings. Aviator (and national hero): You, as the best flying ace ever after shooting down thousands of enemy gas balloons. Control: Just tap or click to expand the wings of your aircraft. Fatal danger: Flying near the mountains, rockets launched from enemy balloons. Absurd, creative, brutal, funny. Definitely worth a try! http://m.askforgametask.com/games/sawwing
  9. So I just need some general advice and help on a game I'm making, first game I've made essentially been building on the same code through like 15 stages and since I'm new to html5 and javascript I've accrued a mass of errors and odd things in my code, but it "works". Here is my game thus far, it is called: Bellum Gerere My end goal is you the player have a healthbar (implies death, damage and survival) and you fight moving mesh objects, and after hitting them a couple times by shooting out a collision mesh on mouse click events the enemy dies and then you fight a boss. A larger mostly indestructible mesh with small vulnerable areas exposed in cycles. I want a very simplified version of Zone of The Enders 2 versus mode, or something like REZ, but more basic! simpler. I have some CSS errors, if someone could help with that... And sometimes some meshes aren't attached to the player as they should be. And yes, you're not supposed to be able to jump on all the meshes, but I'd like it so that you can't just go through them. SHORT TERM GOAL: setting a mesh to fire out out the player mesh and "hit" other meshes on mouse click. Let me know what you think, lag, glitches whatever, thanks.
  10. Hey guys, Game number 2! Is there anywhere we can improve, things to fix and translations to change. Looking forward to the feedback! Hope you enjoy the game! Link - http://code-heads.co.uk/mobile/crossing/
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