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  3. There's plenty of responsive design threads with more info. But here's a short list of how canvas applications are usually done to make them responsive: - Have fixed canvas resolution. Use css to transform to wanted size. Keep aspect locked. - Resize canvas and scale elements inside to fit wanted area. Game aspect is fixed. - Build some logic inside your game that handles resizing into different aspect ratios and different sizes. What I usually is to have some logic that positions ui elements depending on device resolution. Then have the main game area fill one dimension with fixed width/height and then let another dimension go with whatever the aspect is. That way on some devices you might see more of your game but the most impacting dimension (vertical/horizontal) is locked on separate devices. Though trying to prevent from going over scale of 1 (assetwise) as then graphics start to get blurry. At that point I usually switch to css upscaling as rendering on larger resolution would not really benefit much.
  4. Thanks a lot! By the way, is it possible to integrate CSS with PIXI? Also, how would you go on making the responsive pixi app? Are there any libraries for responsiveness?
  5. Sure. Here you go bunny.fbx
  6. @KanikaMehra That's thread of 2013 year and very old pixiJS version. If you searched some more time you could stumble across modern PixiJS docs: and "view" parameter. Please, before you do that again, read the docs and wiki:, and next time specify PixiJS version that you are using, and don't bump 5 year old threads.
  7. In general: handle animations, events and cleanups separately. app.ticker.add(() => { //code that updates ALL MY ANIMATIONS MANUALLY }); app.ticker.add(() => { // suppose we want to clear someContainer let children = someContainer.children; let j = 0; for (let i=0;i<children.length;i++) { var child = children[i]; if (child.dead) { //delete it somehow, remove from list of animations and so on } else { children[j++] = i; } } children.length = j; }); Of course it has to be adapted to your style of coding and your case. I know that most people when they start something more than stupid demo stumble across the problem, and I provided PR in PixiJS that adds API but it was too experimental for our team, it was rejected. I'll try to make it again this summer. It was about `detachChild` thing that handles actual removal later, after all events.
  8. hello, I managed to do it by removing all children except running animations itself (i also had to use plugin pixi-layers because anims would be hidden by repaint on every tick), but if you have a big map and a player moving through it, you'd have to repaint everything, theres no way to avoid that right?
  9. Well you shouldn't remove all children at each tick to start with. Are you saying you remove everything and add back everything at each tick? This is really bad practice and it's just gonna slow down everything. You should instead think about better ways to organize your code.
  10. @enpu Would you mind sharing one of your test fbx which is working ? Really first I would like to make sure that I can see a model with texture displayed before moving on tweaking anything, so far, zero models can load with texture here, all polygons with textuer are transparent, so that is why I would like to confirm we have first a good implementation of the plugin.
  11. Looks like there is something that is unsupported in your FBX. Do you have any other FBX that you can try? If you are exporting the FBX file from another software, can you try different settings? I have tried few different FBX files and all loading fine.
  12. @enpu Thabnk you, so I pasted the code, there is no error however it does not load the embedded texture from the fbx file like it should but trying to access some resources which does not exist with a blob (please see image), I have switched to a simple file with just 1 static model and 1 texture, do you have any idea what is happening ? Maybe the connection between the tgaloader with the plugin is not correct ? pylon.fbx
  13. You can paste the code inside any module that you use in your project.
  14. Well, it makes sense to have support for some of the major graphics files format with alpha channel but anyway, I can download the tgaloader.js of course but then where shall I copy paste it ? within the game module ? outside ? in a different file ? Can you please kindly advise? Apparently it is not working when pasted at the top of the main.js file I am just getting Uncaught ReferenceError: THREE is not defined , so I supposed it must be pasted in some dedicated part of the project
  15. You can add any Three.js loader from here: Just copy and paste the code into your project. Makes really no sense to add everything to the plugin, would make it really big.
  16. @enpu Sure, here is the file attached mech.fbx
  17. @enpu thank you for the 1.6.0 quick update, I will replace the plugin and check again ^^
  18. Sure. Can you send your FBX so i can take a look?
  19. TGAloader is not available (the engine is saying) when loading FBX, is that possible to add it to the plugin ?
  20. @ftguy2018 I have just updated Three.js plugin to version 1.6.0 That issue should be fixed now. Thanks!
  21. Also I have downloaded the three.js plugin and ran it however i am getting that error see the image below, any idea ?
  22. Hello, is there a way to see the project file of the bunny demo ? I had like to see how to initialize the fbx file and select the correct animation ?
  23. The use of modern digital technologies have made mobile games engaging for the avid gamers. Among the various technologies used for mobile game development, HTML5 and Unity are the two most prominent in recent times. You can create multiple genre games (2D and 3D) using both HTML5 and Unity. Why HTML5 HTML5 is a web compatible format for creating games across multiple platforms. Read More:
  24. Is it Instant Games related? This group is about Instant Games, not audience network. And I do not think what you are trying to do is possible anyway (to confirm with audience network though).
  25. Link It Up! is a casual, puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line to make your way through the level. Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges. You can Play it here: Link It Up! is available for non-exclusive licensing so if you're interested in licensing it contact me via email:
  26. Nice gameplay, easy to understand how to play, simple, love-ti ! nice job
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  28. hello, i want to know if i can use my network ads on another developer facebook account so another developer can integrate my ads id on his game and revenue generate to my account
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