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  2. Ready to help when you will have something concrete. Its our duty to help people make their awesome algos on top of our basics
  3. totor

    MTB Hero

    awesome style and effects! i find the game a bit difficult though due to the low camera positioning, on the expert track the obstacles pop way to quick and hidden by the character on her bike making it more a reflex game than a careful trajectory optimization contrary to your games with the cars. And you can't jump!!!!!!! WHAT???? a mtb game and no bumps on the trail? Ok it would be more a bmx game. ;)
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  5. Simon's Lab 1 & 2 are both logic platformers where the player has to strategize their way through a level within the rule set for each given level. Simon's Lab 1 has been played and enjoyed by many thousands of kids, performing 25% better on average then other games. Which is why I was commissioned to make a sequal, Simon's Lab 2 is far better in gameplay and design than it's predecessor, meaning that it will be as much; if not more success than the last. Better controls, better design and many new features, Simon's Lab 2 is definitely a step up from it's predecessor. Both games are available for licensing, links to play them are below. Let me know what you thing, I'm open to all criticism. Thanks Simon's Lab 2- Simon's Lab-
  6. Cards, tabletop, RPG prototype This prototype is a tabletop game with cards elements and some features of the RPG's world (you can play the desktop or the mobile version). The goal is to collect all coins, using your avatars (you can move them, only one for each turn, using the arrows close to them (desktop version) or these at the bottom of the screen (mobile version)). You can play it with your friends (max three players, one for each avatar). The game end when all avatars are dead or all the coins have been collected. There are several different enemies, some move, some drain you energy, some don't kill you, some bounce on you, some follow you. There are some random cards at the bottom of the game area, with differents effects when used. Click or tap on them and the card will grow to show you his effect: more movement, add skill to your avatar, transform you avatar in a magical creature, your avatar obtain an item, you can cast a spell, etc. When your avatar collide to some items there are different effects: more moves, more energy, the screen become black and white like old style movies, the screen became pixelate, etc. Some spells cast in the same direction of your avatar is facing, you can change the point of view of your avatar using the buttons with curved arrows. There is also a spinnig wheel that rotate when you collect the star (it's only decorative, you can customize it as you like). The spinnig wheel came from an old Feronato's tutorial: Some videos (desktop and mobile versions): I hope there are enough comments on the code. Please, let me know if you use my scripts, thanks. Download all scripts
  7. I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Thank you for the help
  8. I've seen this around, would be an interesting option. The textures are pcx and the pal file is separate. Definitely fits with the retro motif. I believe it is done by using an 8bit monochrome (red) + alpha webgl mode and a shader applies the the palette. With multiple palettes, this could make recolors interesting. The actual colors in the palette would be in the normal 32 bit space. This would also reduce the size of the texture. Not sure about performance implications.
  9. you also have a lot of video tutorial. with some keyword and source youtube."pixijs"&oq="pixijs"&gs_l=psy-ab.3...
  10. Thanks for doing this!!! I also need to update the original tutorial for v.5, and make a few changes and improvements.
  11. More Art Works : Available for more art works! 2D Cartoon Art Work Game Assets Service : I can work on fixed price (based on my $14 per hour rate estimate), I do need a list of the assets to calculate. You can email me at for more details For Cost reference : Character Design : $7 - $28 (depend on details) +add $7 - $14 per animation (4 - 10 frames) (depend on details) Item $5 - $14 (depend on details) Background $14 - $56 (depend on details) Buttons $2 - $7 (depend on details) Etc. For a more accurate cost, give me a list, and I will calculate for a fix cost. If we have a deal, I will make some samples from the list to make sure you like the art style, if you approved then we move forward. etc. You can email me at for more details.
  12. hi @cpu_sam, I've recommend you to check on v4 code, and join the discord channel if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer Best,
  13. AilenBurn

    MTB Hero

    Very Good Game!!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!
  14. So I've noticed that there has been quite a few anger posts about X company(ies), in my years of mostly just observing here. With things like cutting games out of the front page/search a hundred dollars from the cash out thresholds, going to less and less lucrative ads on purpose to keep you from cash out thresholds, using "self owned" ad companies to double dip on ad revenue on their side, blatantly lying about views/usage when the developer has their own server logs, strongly featuring clones over originals (even while having some IP from the original in it), and similar. So I'm wondering if it's worth turning around and mentioning companies that have been worth partnering with. Things like having favorable terms, requiring less effort than other partners, actually holding up their end of the deal(s), and/or just straight up being approachable.
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  16. Hi, Here is a our new game to publish on your website: Game Name: Flying Bus Simulator Thumbnail: Iframe Code: <iframe src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" data-iframe-src="" allowfullscreen="" width="960" height="640" frameborder="0"></iframe> Description: In this Flying Bus Simulator game you have to pickup passengers and fly them to their destination. Refuel your bus on fuel station, when you have shortage of fuel. Have fun! Instruction: Arrow Keys/ASWD - Move the bus on road F - To Start Engine On/Off Up Arrow - Tilt the bus down while flying Down Arrow - Tilt the bus up while flying Right Arrow and Down Key - Turn the bus right on flying Left Arrow and Down Key - Turn the bus left on flying To fly - While moving the bus press "F" and then press "Down Arrow"
  17. (former * Add Card.Ninja (MTG card tester) * Update Ubik 2D (fullscreen viewport) * Update Stones in Clouds Game (spells) * Update the blog * Update android application
  18. Hi, When a camera Is added to a moving container, it does not update its position unless the target moves out of the sensor field. To me this looks like a bug. Is it possible to work around it? game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.addAsset('sprite.png'); game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.container = new game.Container(); this.container.addTo(this.stage); var bg = new game.TilingSprite('sprite.png', game.width * 2, game.height * 2); bg.alpha = 0.2; bg.addTo(this.container); this.circleContainer = new game.Container(); this.circleContainer.addTo(this.container); this.sprite = new game.Graphics(); this.sprite.drawCircle(10, 10, 10); this.sprite.anchorCenter();; this.sprite.addTo(this.circleContainer); = new game.Camera(this.sprite);; }, update: function() { var speed = 200; this.circleContainer.y -= 10 *; if (game.keyboard.down('LEFT')) this.sprite.x -= speed *; if (game.keyboard.down('RIGHT')) this.sprite.x += speed *; if (game.keyboard.down('UP')) this.sprite.y -= speed *; if (game.keyboard.down('DOWN')) this.sprite.y += speed *; } }); });
  19. What do you have to know to produce solution for your case: 1. Graphics beginTextureFill, 2. pixi-tilemap 3. How to work with renderTexture. That's one of biggest threads about it, but there were countless others. Every time I tell people that they have to choose A. Algorithm B. low-level implementation. Every time the case is different and people are different, there's no magic button "just do it" in pixijs, you have to actually code something. One of the basics is . Make a container with many sprites or graphics with beginTextureFIll()'s and just render it inside a texture. I also know many things about canvas2d optimizations , I made that thing back in 2012-2013
  20. Ticker is not a ideal theoretical thing, its a class that has downsides and hacks: we can say that "it works" only if that really works for particular case. If it doesnt work for yours - well, find whats wrong and fix it. There're no guarantees. Not so long ago @themoonrat and someone else tried to fix that for different reason - minFPS/maxFPS props weren't working properly. I didnt even try to understand what did the guys fix.
  21. Hi! I have 50 HTML5 Games for sale. I have purchased these games on a license that allow me resell them. I am selling them for very cheap at just $4 Per Game. The total cost for this mega bundle will be $200. This includes License of the games, Free One Time Customization, Source code of the games, 6 Months Support, Free Updates of the games. If you're interested and want demo links. You can contact me via email at : Thanks, Have a nice day!
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  23. No, that means good old canvas does that. Webgl and webgl2 cant. Those modes can be achieved through copySubTex hackery , like in pixi-picture plugin, but i didnt move that plugin to v5 yet. Thread is here:
  24. In the docs is states "The WebGL renderer only supports the NORMAL, ADD, MULTIPLY and SCREEN blend modes. Anything else will silently act like NORMAL." Does this mean for webGl and webGl2? I can't seem to access these other blend modes (color dodge, exclusion etc.) - but I am using webGL2 renderer.
  25. OGG MUSIC UPDATE: All of my music tracks on my Horror/Surreal page can now be downloaded as very high-quality Ogg files. Halloween’s not too far off, so I’ll try to create more creepy music tracks this month. I had a super busy week creating original music for some indie projects, but I managed to get a few new free tracks done for everyone: On my Fantasy 9 page: MELANQUIRKY HOLLOW – (Looping) – Here’s a strange little piece that combines melancholy with quirkiness. Perhaps for humorously sad inhabitants of a fantasy village who stumble around drunk all the time? This one definitely falls into the “I’d be very interested to see what someone uses this for” category…lol. On my Urban Ambience page: STREET_R29 – General street ambience. No foot traffic. Truck passes. Distant brakes. STREET_E30 – General street ambience. No foot traffic. Have a good weekend!
  26. By having the bitmap textures twice as big The PIXI.Text class generates it's own textures for display text using the canvas api, and so you can adjust the resolution to generate high / lower res text. But PIXI.BitmapText relies on the texture you supply it. So if you want it to be a higher resolution, you need to supply a higher res texture (or a larger font size that you can then scale down)
  27. Thanks for the reply @ivan.popelyshev I'm not understanding. Can u elaborate? Shouldn't delta update when ticker.update() is called every ~1000ms?
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