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Found 501 results

  1. Animations in GUI

    Hi, is it possible to use Babylon Animations for GUI Controls? For example, I would need to animate the alpha value of a textblock, or move a container out of the display, while fading out. And another question: Will you add more controls to the gui, like a progressbar (maybe with the ability to set an image as the bar, and a background image), or a container with tabs that you can switch? A grid container might also be useful. Thank you
  2. I'm struggling with getting this girl to walk and make facial expressions. If I separate the head, the head moves when using the "pout" morph. If I apply to the whole body, the rest pose is applied to the walk. Both work fine in Blender though. Is there something else I need to do to get morphing working with armature animation?
  3. Tons of Animations

    Hello, Is there any way to optimize animations? If I want to animate a lot of meshes at the same time, over 200 or 300 instances... they all are having their scaling animated, but at different times.
  4. Hello, I have an animation which I start with a function containing this: scene.beginAnimation(scene.getMeshByName("Cube"), 0, 60, false, 1.0); How do I get the current frame number, assuming I stop or pause it at some arbitrary point whilst the animation is running. Thank you,
  5. Hi Everyone, i have a doubt how to run a two animation simultaneously from a same skeleton without affecting 1st one. i will play animation using below script. i want to run this two animation without out affecting 1st one. is this possible?? scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton, 61, 126, true, 1.0); scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton, 0, 30, true, 1.0);
  6. Hello All! I'm a freelance pixel artist, who loves designing and animating characters! Here is my portfolio - I'm currently available for work on small to medium sized game projects. If you are looking for an artist, I'm here to help! Please feel free to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you! -FP
  7. Hi, I have a doubt.. how to rotate and scaling the animated mesh without affecting the mesh shape and other. which was imported using the importmesh function. Advance thanks for response
  8. Blender 5.5 Exporter

    Made a couple of changes to Blender exporter. Here is commit comment: Backstory: in a Blender scene, there is just an array of all actions (animations). Individual meshes, lights, cameras, skeletons do not own them. These objects just point to the action they are currently assigned. The original exporter, by @Deltakosh, only exported the currently assigned action. This meant you could not have a character centric .blend where the character mesh could have many actions (run , walk, sit, pay taxes, etc) and export them all as separate BABYLON.AnimationRanges. Multiple action support was added around version 4.0. There was one side effect of identifying what to export when there were multiple meshes with a current action assigned. It was initially solved by using a name convention format of 'object-name'. Clicking 'Only Currently Assigned Actions' is another way to solve it. It goes back to the original way. Now there are 2 different ways of handling animation exporting for different type of .blend files.
  9. Hi I'm wondering if there's a particular technique I need to follow in order to import a model and its animations? I have an FBX that I know has an animation inside, and I have tried loading directly, by converting to an OBJ via Cheetah, and by importing to a Unity scene and then exporting to a .babylon file. No approach has worked. Directly via FBX or OBJ: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("spider", "model/", "spideranimated.obj", scene, function (meshes) { }); When I say "no approach has worked" what I mean is that, by tracing out the meshes and looking at the animation object they're always empty. Should I be looking somewhere else? Model attached for reference. Cheers SpiderAnimated.fbx
  10. oTakhi Platform: Vortex Force Field

    Vortex Force Field.
  11. New to babylon, learning using Blender 2.79 to babylon 3. Using the glTF 2 export / import workflows from blender to Babylon does not load in Cameras or their animations, instead the importer(glTF 2 loader ) creates a mesh for the camera data with animation. I thought, to overcome the limitation, to determine a method to extract the animations and hopefully "clone" them to the camera, but I am hoping someone has had some experience with this and may share the optimal method to do so.
  12. My scene camera used to be able to animate zoom to whichever spot i clicked on a mesh. This was working yesterday, this morning I found it didn't work. Repro in pg with latest version of babylon. Using ffox, I'm seeing the camera animating only on the 1st click on the plane mesh, but all subsequent clicks don't trigger the animation effect. Is this a bug or is it just me ?
  13. What is the best practise of animation workflow for Pixi.js? It seems the best animation design tool is still Adobe Animate. I just tried pixi-animate, pixi-flash, and PixiGAFPlayer. So which one is the best you think? Features I need: GUI keyframe editor Tween FrameScript Sound getChildByName
  14. i am trying to figure out why assets sometimes “double” when character moves quickly. i think it’s probably a problem in gameLoop() or draw() but i can’t figure out where. i want the player to move whenever the user presses a key, but the monster movement is on a timer (1x per second, or less depending on difficulty level). the requestAnimationFrame(renderViewport) call is inside draw(). draw() is called whenever character moves, but gameloop() only runs 1x/second (or per .5 second, etc) for monster movement, and there is a draw() call in there too. is there a better way to do this? front end: code:
  15. Indie HTML5 Studio for Hire

    Our Upstate New York studio is open to contracts for small to large HTML5 games. We work in small modular teams to keep costs down and maintain our indie creativity and feel. We work primarily in Haxe for desktop and mobile browser games, but also do a lot of Apps (often HTML5 via Cordova). We have experience with CocoonJS, Unity, Springroll, and more. We have several developers, artists, as well as audio and QA-testing capabilities. We will also be looking to hire as we grow. Feel free to send over your resumes/portfolios.
  16. Animation working when he want

    Hi, I use phaser 2.6.1. I have created an animation. This work fine but sometimes this not starting. I dont know why. In create() function i add animations for my spritesheet: = game.add.sprite(,500, 'car');'mover',[0,1,2,3],1000, true); = true; When overlap i start the function for animate this game.physics.arcade.overlap(, this.borders, this.canMove, null, this); This is my function },canMove: function(car, objet){ if(crash == 0){ crash = 1;"mover"); console.log("fire") setTimeout(function(){; = 0; crash = 0; },1000) } } When the car overlap a border, this function is start. The console.log() show but the animation suddenly not start. I can restart a lot of time my page, suddenly the animation not starting but the console.log() is show. Thanks for your help
  17. So I have a ArcRotationCamera that is fixed on a target sphere. When I click a different sphere, I would like to animate the camera to move to and zoom in on the new target. Unfortunately I haven't been able figure out how to smoothly animate ArcRotateCamera switching to a new target like that, so my solution so far has been to switch to a FreeCamera, which I can then animate to the new target, and afterwards switch back to the ArcRotateCamera on the new position. Unfortunately the perspective is bugging out and is very janky to say the least. Basically the camera should turn towards the targeted sphere like the box does in this example: It seems like something that should be so simple to do, but I've been stumbling around this problem for a couple of days, and this is the best I've come up with so far: Anyone who knows a proper way to solve this problem?
  18. Hey everyone! Is there a way to add a smooth transition when changing the material of a mesh? Thanks, Pichou
  19. Hi All, Asking these questions now could save me weeks of trial and error. Any advice would be much appreciated. Essentially, I am creating a humanoid dancer whose animations I will need realtime control over, at least in terms of sequencing them. I'm using Blender to create the humanoid, but the animation part can either be done in Blender or directly in BJS. I've already started going through the forum to learn what works and does not work with Blender exporting so I will try to not ask too many questions that already have answers (I might fail at this). Here are questions that I think will help guide me to make smart choices: * I think it's important to note that I only need to import my mesh (and potentially the armature/animation, if I go that route). I do not need to import any textures, cameras, lights or environment. The Morph Target Option 1. If I use BJS Morph Targets should I export my humanoid mesh in various positions so that I end up with say 8 OBJ or Babylon files for import? 2. If I use Morph Targets is there any benefit to using the Babylon export format over using OBJ, glTF or any other format? 3. Hopefully I can pose my mesh with rigify armature and then delete it so that I'm not unnecessarily importing the armature as well since I'm just doing Morph Targets with this option, but if anyone has experience with this, any advice would be much appreciated? The armature (with Rigify) Option 4. Are there any new features with BJS 3.0/3.1 I should know about (that aren't documented fully yet) if I go the skeletal armature route? 5. Is the Babylon export format the best way to import my mesh with armature? Last two questions (and thanks for bearing with me) 6. The Blender Babylon exporter gives an error when I don't have a camera in my Blender scene. Is there any reason I need to include a camera? I'm planning on setting that up in BJS of course. 7. I've done some preliminary tests on exporting just my mesh (it has multiple sub objects, but no armature) from Blender with the Babylon exporter and sometimes I see a series of errors. Picture attached. If anyone has experience and is familiar with these errors any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I will work on trying to make (if possible for my needs) my total mesh just one mesh instead of having multiple parts to simplify my tests. I realize I'm asking a lot here so please feel free to respond to 1 or more questions or none, if you are busy : )
  20. Hello, What is the simplest OR best way to get a cube to copy a footIK bone transforms (location/rotation) AND export successfully? When the right foot IK is posed, the cube mimics the transform in Blender, but on export the cube has no animation. How to get the cube to mimic the footIK transform? NOTE: not a case of applying transforms (did that).
  21. Phaser export image sequence

    Hi, Having had the most cursory look, it seems that you can export an image from Phaser (I've not tried it, but it seems you can.) I need to create an animation, that will be far easier to create via code, but I wondered about exporting multiple images from phaser? Anyone tried this? Or, something like this? Other thoughts?
  22. Hi, I've gone through the stuff on skeleton animations on the babylon docs, virtually all examples involve some form of scene.registerBeforeRender or scene.registerAfterRender stuff. I would like to make an humanoid character, say, pathfind and start walking from A and then stopping automatically at B. So, the usual way to do it in C# or other languages is to have the character be at rest pose at A, blend into walk pose and then blend into rest pose at B with the waypoints given. I found that babylon scene.registerBefore/AfterRender calls will not run when the browser tab is not active. So I could have my AI start walking, tab out and then to tab back after a few minutes to find that it hadn't left Point A yet. I'm new to animating characters on the web and tried to solve it in the PG (with the dude) but can't seem to animate his position without pausing when browser tab is not active. How should I go about solving this issue ?
  23. ~ Animation Review > IK - ARM-MINIMUM From a previous thread...
  24. In my game I've a tower sprite (it's a top-down 2D RTS game). I rotate it with my animation mechanism (i.e. I update the sprite.rotation in steps). While rotating I also want to run the firing animation of this tower sprite. To synchronize these two animations I want to know how long (in msec) it will take for one run of the sprite animation. The only way to specify how fast the AnimatedSprite should run is to set the `speed` property. However this value is an arbitrary scaling factor for internal time. Is there a way to estimate how long a single run of the animation takes for a given `speed` value?
  25. AnimatedSprite single pass

    Hi, I was trying to make my AnimatedSprite run only once. Initially I thought it could be achieved by setting `loop` to `false` and manually calling `play()`. However that worked only first time. For instance, I wrote code to run the animation once when mouseover. Later on when the animation is over I would take my mouse elsewhere and then bring it back over the sprite to trigger animation again, but this time it wouldn't play. After lot of experimentation I figured out that I have to call `gotoAndStop(0)` in the `onComplete` callback to achieve what I wanted. let animSprite; // Load animSprite animSprite.loop = false; animSprite.gotoStop(0); animSprite.onComplete = function () { animSprite.gotoAndStop(0); };; Is this the right way to achieve single-pass animation?