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Found 479 results

  1. ~ Animation Review > IK - ARM-MINIMUM From a previous thread...
  2. In my game I've a tower sprite (it's a top-down 2D RTS game). I rotate it with my animation mechanism (i.e. I update the sprite.rotation in steps). While rotating I also want to run the firing animation of this tower sprite. To synchronize these two animations I want to know how long (in msec) it will take for one run of the sprite animation. The only way to specify how fast the AnimatedSprite should run is to set the `speed` property. However this value is an arbitrary scaling factor for internal time. Is there a way to estimate how long a single run of the animation takes for a given `speed` value?
  3. AnimatedSprite single pass

    Hi, I was trying to make my AnimatedSprite run only once. Initially I thought it could be achieved by setting `loop` to `false` and manually calling `play()`. However that worked only first time. For instance, I wrote code to run the animation once when mouseover. Later on when the animation is over I would take my mouse elsewhere and then bring it back over the sprite to trigger animation again, but this time it wouldn't play. After lot of experimentation I figured out that I have to call `gotoAndStop(0)` in the `onComplete` callback to achieve what I wanted. let animSprite; // Load animSprite animSprite.loop = false; animSprite.gotoStop(0); animSprite.onComplete = function () { animSprite.gotoAndStop(0); };; Is this the right way to achieve single-pass animation?
  4. Hi everyone, iam Dante. Pixel artist - 2D animator I have been doing pixel art game for over 6 years Email: My gallery: Skype: wonman321 I love making pixel art game, i really really love it and i can handle many styles (please check my work below) Iam currently available to work on PAID project, both flat rate or hour rate Skill features: Character design Game mockup Animation Special effect Pixel intro / trailer Art direction Music video commission: Bloody Quest project: Amazing fantastics Monsters X Monsters project: Some project i have worked on: Monsters X Monsters: ---- Android: Link Golf Story: (Main animator) (nintendo swich) --- trailer: Girdthyself: (Main artist / animator) ---- Website: Crapface X Elevation - Swim meet: (music video): Story of the End - Revere: (remake design - main animator) --- website: Amazing fantastics: (remake the whole game - main artist) --- website: Contact me if you are interested: Email: thanks for watching.
  5. QUESTION: How to animate all the things? GOAL: review ALL types of Animation Options available. Reduce various animations into Patterns or Templates or MINIMUMS. There are great docs on this... what follows are the practices of each. RESULT: Animation-Type-Templates Examples: - Wingnut wants a backhoe first thing? Ok.... um. : ) - eyes to look at stuff - mesh.lookAt() - a generic low-poly arm to grab stuff: bone animation - scene.beginAnimation() - a generic IK arm - constraints - a morphing eyebrow - morph targets - interpolate - random attributes like color, or opacity - a motion path - Blender Animation Ranges like: idle, jump, attack, die, win ADDITIONS: - Bone Animations - Review from docs - mesh.spinTo(), moveTo(), scaleTo() - Dynamic Animation (powerful?) - BABYLON.Animation.createAndStartAnimation() There are a ton a great resources on all of these. Point is: They are all different Animation Types. So needed: an all of the above approach. Where a review of each, generates QUESTION's and methodology. Highlighting the tricky spots, referencing solutions, and... the great docs and playgrounds that already exist. Please supply tips or improvements ... Thanks!
  6. Hi. My name is Michał. I am 2D graphic designer based in Poznań, Poland. I have 5 years experience in making art and animation for games using various techniques and styles. Pixel art is my favorite and works for me like meditation I'm interested in paid jobs. 12$ per hour is good for me. email: my portfolio with more works:
  7. Hi, was testing my personal project: a low poly mesh with a few actions exported using the b2b exporter v5.4. The animation range in the start frames are off by 1. My actions start from frame 1, exported babylon file shows frame 0 and testing confirms the animation when triggered doesn't loop nicely. Currently, the mesh has 4~5 actions, project upon completion should have a few hundred or so. Just curious, is this bug from the exporter or blender ? Should I start thinking about coding a fix when ImportMesh is called from babylon ? Or is this like a quick 2s fix on the exporter ? Pls do not tell me that I have to edit it manually... Thanks for reading and hope it helps, cheers
  8. Proper way to animate sprites

    I'm wondering what the best way to animate a sprite is. Is there a basic example or tutorial out there somewhere? I have ten images in a spritesheet that are part of an idling animation, and I made a texture for each of the images. I put the textures in an array, and my plan is to just change the texture of my sprite each frame in the gameloop, looping through the array of textures over and over again. Maybe using Sprite.setTexture ??? Is that a good way to go about it? Any links to info or tutorials would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  9. Hello! I have several skinned meshes with the same bone structure and around 30 different animation clips to use. Is there a way to load animation clips once from a separate file and then use them on different meshes? Including animations into each and every mesh will require quite significant space. I wasn't able to figure out the way to it.
  10. QUESTION: What are the minimum steps required to get a bone to export from blender and to be visualized with Debug.SkeletonViewer? Having trouble making a cube add a bone and then export to babylon. After a bunch of variations I see why... there are many steps: Applied: Object->Apply->Location & Rotation & Scale. And ensured Camera Icon is on Armiture (exporting). Weight Painted. Or setParent-> Auto Weights. And added Armiture modifier... still no bones. Tried two different loading types, two different export types (Tower of Babel), and then... #3 glTF. Fabulous! I'll leave the tips that I find below. GOAL: open blender > add 1 bone inside a cube or tube and > export to .babylon > then see bone with Debug.SkeletonViewer. PURPOSE: to run a bunch of test animations on bones (at runtime). CONTEXT: Blender version (2.78) and updated the exporter (babylon.js ver 5.4.2). Also Tower of Babel, and glTF exporter 1.0. UPDATE: glTF animations look promising. I'll provide answer here for minimum steps to animate GLTF Blender Export. Any tips of things to try in this experiment? Thx.
  11. Introduction: Hi everyone We are a team of 3D and 2D artists / animators. We have worked a lot of designs / models / animations for game projects. If you are looking for 3D / 2D artists or animators for your project. Please contact us and we would make your project to the next level And of course with decent / indie price Service features: 1: Character designs / concept 2: 3D model for game / 3D printing 3: 2D / 3D animation Contact us: Email: Some of our works: Some item stuffs Pls contact us if you are interested. Email:
  12. Animations and controllers

    Hi, I'm trying to modify animations in real-time but it seems to be extremely difficult in practice. There are functions to modify bone rotations, positions, scaling and nice helpers like BoneLookController and BoneIKController... but all of them seem to break down when you change the animation (from walking to running for example). Every time I change animation, all the parameters are reset, causing terrible jerks and twitches when the system tries to blend the controller or rotation back into place. Is there a way to force animation blending off for single rotation or controller? I can't turn the blending off for the whole skeleton, because then the animations stop blending... obviously. Is this a known issue or is there any solution? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi! I'm having a problem with my camera alignment on the alpha axis. I would like that when I click on a box my camera is aligned in the axis. It works on small variation of rotation but if I pass on rotations higher than about 180 ° on my dome my camera makes a complete turn on itself and aligns itself. Would anyone have a solution to fix the problem. I probably do not use the good method I put you a playground with my code used: Thank you!
  14. So I'm running into this problem where I initialize a sprite with multiple animations, but only the animation specified in the creation of the sprite is ever played. When I attempt to update the sprite with a new animation, it simply changes the framerate. I have debugged the game to see if it is actually updating the currentAnim, and it is. Also, I have tested the other animations too see if they loaded correctly by inputting them into the initializing sprite animation. Now, code: player =, 400, 'player_idle');, false); player.body.fixedRotation = true; player.animations.add('player_idle'); player.animations.add('player_left'); player.animations.add('player_right'); controls.left.onDown.add(() => { console.log("Begin left: " +;'player_left', 14, true); console.log("End left: " +; }, this); controls.right.onDown.add(() => { console.log("Begin right: " +;'player_right', 14, true); console.log("End right: " +; }, this); update() { player.body.setZeroVelocity(); controls.up.isDown ? player.body.moveUp(200) : null controls.down.isDown ? player.body.moveDown(200) : null controls.left.isDown ? player.body.moveLeft(200) : null controls.right.isDown ? player.body.moveRight(200) : null if(!controls.left.isDown && !controls.right.isDown && !controls.up.isDown && !controls.down.isDown) {'player_idle', 3, true); } } I am using "phaser-ce@2.8.3". I need some help. Thank you a bunch.
  15. Hi folks. How do I get my character to walk and attack at the same time with 2 separate character atlas files? For instance, when you're walking, you press a key & while holding the walking keys, you can swing your sword WHILE walking at the same time through 2 separate but similar animation atlases. Thanks! ~M
  16. Hi, everyboby This is my test demo. when i refresh the Browser (read local cache),the animation will don't synchronize.(Special on microsoft edge and most mobile browser ) How to solve it? Please excuse my English again Thanks very much test.babylon
  17. Instanced Particles with Dynamic refraction mapping and scripted path, water surface reflection mapping with noise height map, sprite replication with scripted positioning, all composited into one animation scene. Enjoy the magic of manipulating water.
  18. Problem with Zelda movement?

    Hi all. For some reason my Link character from Legend of Zelda won't quit animating & switch back to Idle animation after letting go of the movement keys either left or right arrows. Also, the animation timing is off from the movement speed. What am I doing wrong here? How to fix? Legend of Zelda demo :: Legend of Zelda demo code :: view-source: be sure to copy ALL of the above line INCLUDING the 'view-source:' into your web browser Lines 258 - 408, SPECIFICALLY, lines : 340 - 406 are where this bug takes place. Thank you for helping! <3 ~M
  19. Looks like animations stop updating when they go outside the frustum... this is quite annoying when trying to render stuff which is close to camera, like avatar's body in first person view. When your hands go outside the view, they never come back I tried attaching invisible meshes in animations but it has it's drawbacks and it feels like i'm fighting (a losing battle) against the system. Any suggestions how to force the animations to keep running even when they go outside the view?
  20. Hi, my name is Anastasia and I'm open for new projects! Full time/part-time job. Rates are negotiable. Feel free to contact me - Skype - kozhko888 Check out my gallery: Thank you!!!
  21. Animation blending

    How does animation blending work? I use skeleton.enableBlending() for a smooth transition from one animation to the other. It looks a bit weird though. Does this work by combining the bone position changes from one animation to the other or combining vertex position changes?
  22. Creature Dragon example is not working.

    The main.html file. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <link href="{{ root }}/app.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> </head> <body> <div class="flex-basic flex-row"> <div class="flex-1"></div> <div class="flex-basic flex-column"> <div class="flex-1"></div> <div id="phaser"></div> <div class="flex-1"></div> </div> <div class="flex-1"></div> </div> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/phaser.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/creature.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/p2.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/phaser-arcade-physics.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/phaser-creature.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/phaser-minimum.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/phaser-no-physics.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/phaser-split.js"></script> <script src="{{ node_modules_root }}/node_modules/phaser-ce/build/custom/pixi.js"></script> <script src="{{ root }}/bunch_of_functions.js"></script> <script src="{{ root }}/decorators.js"></script> <script src="./app.js"></script> </body> </html> The app.js. var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.WEBGL, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create }); function preload() { game.load.image('sky', 'assets/background.png'); game.load.image('dragonTexture', 'assets/dragon_character_texture.png'); game.load.json('dragonMesh', 'assets/dragon_character_mesh.json'); } var dragon = null; function create() { game.add.image(0, 0, 'sky'); dragon = game.add.creature(450, 350, 'dragonTexture', 'dragonMesh'); dragon.scale.set(25.0);; // true = loop } Error: pixi.js:76 Uncaught TypeError: PIXI.Point is not a constructor at Phaser.Stage.PIXI.DisplayObject (pixi.js:76) at Phaser.Stage.PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer (pixi.js:904) at new Phaser.Stage (phaser-split.js:9193) at Phaser.Game.boot (phaser-split.js:13780) at Phaser.Device._readyCheck (phaser-split.js:40872)
  23. Let say, with `sprite.animations.add("run");` I add an animation to an AnimationManager object. How can I see what animations are already there? Looking through, it is actually in `sprite.animations._anims` but it is listed as an object that cannot be read systematically (for example, `sprite.animations._anims[0]`).
  24. Hi All, I was trying to create numbers count up/down animation with phaser and need some help. I found this but when adding it to my game i am getting a lot of errors. Any idea how i can create such animation with numbers. Thanks in advance.
  25. Realtime rigging

    Is it possible to place a t-shirt over a rigged human mesh and transfer skeleton and weights of human to the t-shirt in Babylon.js? So then you can animate the t-shirt with the human I know you can do all this in Blender, but I'm wondering if it could be done in real-time using Babylon.js