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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a lot of open source projects on my GitHub, including games that uses ML and GA as their mechanic. To be a 100% honest, none of them made me any kind of money. I did not developed them for the money, but sure it would keep me motivated to publish new projects. Anyway, I'm abou to finish a Tower Defense game that I plan to release soon, but with this one I'll try to make some money. What would you say is the best whey to monetize a HTML5 games? I tought about embedding it on a executable and try to sell for a few bucks on itch.io and android. What do you think?
  2. Spacedust Defender is the first game I have ever made after many failed projects (basic gamedev stuff). Short Description - Enroll as a [Defender] and take up the mission to protect your solar system from the threat of an imminent Bluul Invasion. The concept is a combination between a maze tower defense and a space shooter, kinda. Feel free to try it HERE if it sounds interesting.
  3. Hi everyone, Been away for a while but I've kept practicing with Babylon. This is at a prototype phase with no 3d/sound/artwork. Just pure javascript code for now. Trying to get the mechanics working properly first. One question I have is how the projectile rotationQuaternion is cloned. It seems to follow the lookAt() quaternion from the origin tower even after the quaternion is cloned. How can I ensure that the rotationQuaternion is not linked to the original quaternion it is taken from? This causes problems when a tower shoots a projectile and then rotates to target another enemy.
  4. Hi Everyone. Here is my Real Time Strategy Fighting game made with Unity Webgl. The game is still under development although its somewhat stable now. I would love to hear your suggestions and criticism. http://www.castleglory.io/
  5. Open https://surikov.itch.io/diamond-defense
  6. Hello. This is my game early version. Still absolute no graphics, just programming Added the image how it looks now. The turrets can shoot and damage the armies And this is my Goal:
  7. Minimal Tower Defense is a strategy game where you try to defeat waves of enemies, or Blobs, before they reach your tower. Of course, its less of a tower and more of a redish square on the right side of the screen, but whatever. Mo' details - http://tristangames.125mb.com/i/mtd.html Play it - http://tristangames.125mb.com/games/MTD/index.html I used the open source game Processed Tower Defense to make this game.
  8. Hi there, I like to introduce "Grain Defense" a HTML5 based tower defense game developed with Google GWT and a Vaadin Svg library. Play in browser: http://graindefense.trundicho.de Android App Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.trundicho.graindefense I'm a developer. I was evaluating the google GWT 2.7 framework to see if it's worth to be used in browser business applications. Therefore I programmed my first game "Grain Defense". It's done in very little time. I'm not a designer so the graphics are quite easy. Because I love tower
  9. Hi! I am making a tower defense game. I need to check if a the "enemy" sprite is on the stage,how do I do that? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone. I am a newbie in phaser and in english I am making a tower defense game,and i need to make 2 different layers. One for the background and one for the sprites. How do I make that? Thanks
  11. Hello! I have created a Tower Defense like game called Grimm's Battlefield. https://grimmsbattlefield.firebaseapp.com This game features Village Champions instead of towers and Enchanted Monsters as the creeps. There are 5 types of Village Champions to choose from each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each Village Champion has 2 upgrades available which make them more powerful. Enchanted Monsters come in 4 kinds and include 1 kind of flying creep (doesn't follow the maze you create, flies a straight line over top). I've created 4 different levels so far. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. My Litle Testing project of a tower defense game : This is my first experience with pixijs and to do a game .. http://js.aapvp.com/ In this project you have colision detection .. Path finding with https://github.com/qiao/PathFinding.js/ Its in 2d Bird View Well comment is welcome Feel Free to use code if needed !!
  13. Play Tower Storm I'm trying a new take on the Tower Defense genre, making an easily accessible TD game you can play with friends either versus bots or each other. The game is made for 3 vs 3 games but less is fine too. You build and upgrade towers as normal. Then you also send minions at your opponents defenses. You gain more income for every minion you send. There are smaller castles on the map on the way to your opponents base with 10 health each, when you destroy them your minions gain more health and speed (click on each castle to see how much). It currently works in all modern
  14. Hey, I just uploaded my latest game. It's a tower defense where you have to build a maze in order to survive. 6 different creeps, 5 different upgradeable towers, 2 maps, 2 difficulty modes. It's a OneGameAMonth entry so it's pretty basic, but I'm happy about it. What do you think? Play it here: http://doobdargent.com/1GAM/GSTD/ Cheers!
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