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What are your plans for 2015?


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With a day left until the New Year I was just wondering what plans any of you have for 2015? They can be personal or game dev related, up to you!


Here's a few of mine to kick things off:


  • This year we'll release Phaser 3. It's going to be a significant rewrite, future proofing it for ES6 adoption.
  • I'll release more books :) The two I did in 2014 were great fun, I've another about 60% ready and then more!
  • Going to try and enter at least one or two game jams (GBJam, maybe SpeccyJam)
  • Will finally, finally release the new Phaser web site!
  • Going to try and cut down on commercial / client based work to focus more on Phaser (easier said than done, but will try hard to turn stuff down for a change)
  • Maybe do some more conferences. I turned down every conference offered to me in 2014 after a mental 2013. So now I plan to pick them more carefully but definitely do a few.
  • Play more games :) I still firmly believe you can't be a good game developer unless you actively play games. I bought myself a Vita to help with this and have been loving TxK, SAO and Tearaway.


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For 2015


i want to stop develop html5 games only for desktop and start focus on html5 games for mobile/cross device.

in additional i want to setup n register my small company in my local town. (in my country register a company is much more difficult then other countries ) so it's will be a big step for us).

no more plan to change the country, at least in 2015.

Develop as many html5 games for mobile will be our main mission at 2015.

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Great topic, for me it will be:

  • Continue improving the Booty5 game maker
  • Write Booty5 loaders for the popular HTML5 game engines (got to learn them first :))
  • Write a couple of e-books outlining how to create games using Booty5 game maker
  • Write a couple of games using Booty5 and monetise them
  • Integrate CocoonJS functionality into Booty5
  • Make a couple of games in Unity just for fun
  • Get my toons to level 100 in WoW :)
  • Learn to become a better LoL player :)
  • Spend less time on Facebook and Twitter!
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2015 ?




Well, let's say reality is a railroad that is 2014 stuck in a loop, with a clear blue sky, flowers and rainbows all around.

Not a downward spiral leading straight to global war and financial apocalypse.


Let's be positive for a second here.



I'll try to be nice and open minded toward my fellow man as much as I can, for a start.

I'll keep on helping those asking for help, charge free.



And pray.

I think I'll start to pray, whatever is available.











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Well 2015 is a very important year for me,


This year I plan to make more and more HTML5 games and participate in many game jams as I get time. Also I'm very excited to see new Phaser. This year i'll also focus on developing websites along with making games.

I just hope to get little more time so I can make more games and I can play more games,   

as Rich, even I believe that 'you can't be a good game developer unless you actively play games.'  :) 


Happy New Year!!!!! :)

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Finding an HTML 5 Game engine with simple attack animations (similar to treasure arena) for my RPG web browser game.  Everything is server side protected, stat points, inventory, items, marketplace, monsters, etc. Just missing one thing: COMBAT BABY! Hopefully in 2015 I can find this! If not, I'll have to use socket.io with simple clicking animations (QQ :( )

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- make 10 posts at html5gamedevs.com to be allowed to see the sponsors area ;)

- get my online arcade site html5-fit and running

- make various html5-games and probably port them as mobile apps

- reduce freelance work without starving

- stay healthy

- watch my son growing up

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I've heard somewhere that no matter what your goal is, stating it openly reduces your chance of achieving it :)


It seems that your words dissuaded the rest of users from sharing their goals :D

You can hear it once again at ted.com (Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself). But I think that this statement is true only for short term goals and then sharing your goals with others makes the whole process of reaching goals significantly longer. For long term projects this time when you feel pleasure caused by other people's applause and you're less motivated to act is relatively short. So I would say that it matters what your goal is and stating it openly can only extend the time of achieving it :)

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My goals are very ambitious, you can read more about my resons here - Ozdy 2015 Goals


1.) Create 16 HTML5 games (for non-exclusive licensing).

2.) Get 25K daily unique visitors to my site.

3.) Get 2.5 million downloads total to my mobile games (iTunes, Google Play, and maybe Windows Phone).

4.) Make 10K console game sales (plans are to target Ouya and FireTV, could add more platforms later).

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- Learn more about HTML5 Sponsorships

- Learn more about Marketing and pray I can make a game go viral

- Figure out how to keep a correct aspect ratio on all mobile devices..

- Transition from full-time employment to full-time game dev. Living the dream!

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I've been programming prototypes and half finishing games for two years. So this is going to be the year I sit down and get through the tough stuff:

 - Finish and release my first game

 - Learn at least one new framework I currently don't know

 - Meet some more people in the gamedev community

 - Start blogging about the work I'm doing

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