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Found 88 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm a student and I have to do a project for school. I decided to do a Guitar Hero coded with the Phaser framework in JS. But I have a problem : I can't manage to code the line where balls are validated and increase scores. I got a git : Can you help ! I'm stuck and I have 5 weeks to finish this. Thanks in advance for your help ! Have a good day !
  2. Hi, I've always enjoyed open world games, rpgs and adventures, and I always thought that a open world game using real world locations would be a great idea, mainly because I love to spend time with google maps just looking at how different places look. After some years thinking about it I finally have something I'm more or less happy with: real world locations, missions, turn-based fights and informal dialogues. I've reached a point where I need feedback about what I've coded until now, I think it is a good idea but I don't know what others think. I would be happy to hear any feedback you have about the game or what you think it would need to be implemented so it could be considered a game is worth investing time on it. It is fully playable using a web browser, responsive to mobile / tablet / desktop, just HTML and JS, no backend yet. You can play the game in, the game's website is its github page, it is coded as an engine on top of google maps JS APIs and Phaser that allow different stories, sharing the fights and points of interest systems. The game I've linked to is a story I thought would be catchy to start with. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  3. Hi, I have been going through a tutorial on recreating FruitNinja (unimportant maybe). I am a beginner in JS with experiance in Java. I need some help or reference where to get it - I have 2 states like this: var FruitNinja = FruitNinja || {}; FruitNinja.JSONLevelState = function () { "use strict";; }; FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.State.prototype); FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype.constructor = FruitNinja.JSONLevelState; (...) FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype.create = function () { this.create_prefab(prefab_name, this.level_data.prefabs[prefab_name]); }; FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype.create_prefab = function (prefab_name, prefab_data) { if (this.prefab_classes.hasOwnProperty(prefab_data.type)) { do stuff... }; (...) and var FruitNinja = FruitNinja || {}; FruitNinja.LevelState = function () { "use strict";; this.prefab_classes = { "background": FruitNinja.Prefab.prototype.constructor, (...) }; }; FruitNinja.LevelState.prototype = Object.create(FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype); FruitNinja.LevelState.prototype.constructor = FruitNinja.LevelState; FruitNinja.LevelState.prototype.create = function () { "use strict";; (...) } Somehow JSONLevelState can access LevelState this.prefab_classe object. I don't understand how. Can I somehow print it to chrome console? Or can someone explain it or point me to some external reference ? I have watched couple of videos on youtube on inheritance in JS but I still don't get it. Please help, Ok Solved. ";" allows dunc from JSONLevelState be called in LevelState object (having access to its variables. Watch for a complete explanation.
  4. Hi folks, Babylon.js/game dev n00b here. I've started attempting to make a real-time strategy game, similar to Red Alert or Starcraft. So far, I have a bunch of blocks you can create and move around a flat map. I'm just posting this here so I could get your feedback, or suggestions, am I doing anything obviously wrong? Cheers, Ewan
  5. Hello, I would like to know the number of live sprites I have on a game on a given time ? Is it possible? Thanx!
  6. Hello, I'm a web programmer with 3 years of experience (currently a senior developer). I've always been a fan of videogames and now I'm starting learning game development just for fun. Like in any type of development , you always face problems and learn of those. Sharing is the strongest tool to learn, you help other people to prevent/fix mistakes and they help you. What am I looking for?: People like me that is learning to develop games and want to meet other people to make games with them, share experiences, ask&answer questions. How will we organize? I have experience managing large Telegram groups and also creating bots for groups. It is a good starting point since most of the people always carry the phone everywhere and also has a web/desktop application, also Telegram offers us a direct communication without compromising your privacy (you don't need to give real info or phone number to the rest of the group). If we start growing, we can just move to another platform you want (Discord, Slack, whatever is of your preference). Do you have any project scheduled? Yes, I want to build a fun roguelike, here is my current roadmap of the game: I am an artist, can I join? Sure! I'm sure you can learn from us and we can learn from you, Keep in mind that sound artists, level designers, programmers.. work together and they need to understand all the other positions to work properly. Of course this is a flexible diagram, I don't do this as my job and I don't have any deadlines, creating a roadmap just helps me with organization so I don't start wrongly (which with end even worse :P). Have in mind that my only goal is just learning, I'm not in a rush to make money or finding a job Just feel free to contact me if you want to join or if you doesn't like something of my post.
  7. Hi guys may I ask a quick question? I'm working with Phaser and I'm using the module pattern, creating a module that has a prototype of Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype) and creating an instance of that in the main module. The problem is the sprite seems to be created in the main module in the create function but the image of the sprite is not loading and i cant find the problem or set the image. Thanks so much!!
  8. Hey, I am making a program; I made a simple BabylonJS 3D thing to test, in chrome it opens fine, but adding "web browser" in visual studio gives like 10 script errors then loops back, and pressing no a bunch of times just loads the default blue background. Help me please :/
  9. Hi all! Lucky Kat is an award winning mobile-first game studio based in the Netherlands. We have a mission to deliver fun game experiences with a pop-culture twist. We are the creators of mobile hits such as Nom Cat, Sky Chasers, Combo Critters and Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever. Our games have been featured worldwide by Apple and Google. Be at the heart of Lucky Kat’s development process creating fun and engaging (mobile) game experiences to users all around the world. We use our own proprietary game engine “Bento” which is based on HTML5 /JavaScript. As a Game Developer you will be dedicated to build games from beginning (prototyping) to the end (launch), while working together with artists and product managers. You create high quality and high performance code, and have a passion for game design. Delivering an outstanding user experience is your top priority. For more info, please go to: or send your CV and portfolio to jobs[at]
  10. Hello. The question is: how to make a window appears when you press the button? P.S. Strongly do not throw slippers, English I have a bad :)
  11. Still working on the Phaser, making your first Phaser game tutorial. I am not familiar with js so the question might be easy. I added 5 baddies as a group after the tutorial and I was trying to make it move and change direction every 1 sec. I used a Direction function to determine the direction for 1 baddie. However, I tried to put the time.event.loop function in my loop of creating baddies, only 1 baddie will move around. Others had a velocity of 0. There's my code.
  12. I am new to Phase and js, I had some problems when doing some additional works after finishing the Making your first Phaser game tutorial. I tried to add 5 baddies in the game, I did it using the same way adding stars in the tutorial. However, I failed to Collide the baddies with the platforms the debugger shows that TypeError: game.physics.arcade is undefined. The player is not collide with the baddies as well I was confused that if I did anything wrong when adding the baddies. The physics system seems doesn't work correctly. Thank you for ur help!
  13. I was developing a phaser game that is remade from the Zenva Phaser Tutorial. I did some work on it last night, checked it was working and went to bed. Now this morning it isn't working! Instead of me having to explain, my game is no input is working and he no longer collides with floor, in the way I set it up! Please help me. Code is here: Any help appreciated!
  14. Hello. I was looking for someone to work with me in creating a web-game. I am not that experienced but I am a fast learner. My favourite engine is phaser. I have tryed some others... Well it is a way to get some experience and still meet some cool game developers I guess. Anyone?
  15. I am an experienced developer with 10 years of experience. Now I have to develop system based on graph theory and category theory, allowing use in any environment any application complex semantic/semantic legal interaction. With this system i can spread rights as properties on graph structures and to maintain the integrity of any changes. It has now reached the state when I want to use it somewhere. Now we are working on using the system for fast and dynamic management of crm/cms/lms systems. The work is free for me and my friends. Ultimately, we hope to launch many services, games and apps and provide more than half of the functionality in the OpenSource. I want to create a game which would qualify the statement: Strategic (civ, eu4...) Tactic (construction, mining, buttle, minecraft, heroes of the storm...) Open world Generated in real-time environment map and combinations of elements (aka technology) Cross-platform and cross-browser Online Embedded systems to organize tasks and communications, management of teams and hierarchies of subordinates. and more... I know a huge amount of development. I am looking for anyone who would be interested in. I'm looking for those who would like to make the perfect modern, minimalist, material design of map generation, units.. I'm looking for those who would like to develop ideas and to create the mechanics. We are looking for friends for this undertaking. It's free. However, the participation has to some bonuses. I am willing to share all the technology I possess. I am ready to teach if need be.
  16. Hi, what are the best frameworks, technologies for creating online multiplayer strategy games like Imperia online? What is better to use in backend part? js fw or php or something else? I am not familiar with js frameworks so I will be grateful for any advice.
  17. Hi fellow game-devs, here's my latest game DUBIDUH. It's a 2d-puzzler, inspired by Snakebird and the panels on The Witness. Since I do this for fun in my spare-time, I like to keep the scope small, so it's a short game. It should run in any modern browser and works for touch and keyboard/mouse-input. I did all the Code and GFX myself (except for Phaser of course); the sounds I licensed from Made with Phaser and Webpack. Feedback is very appreciated, thanks for playing! -antonio
  18. Hi all, I'm using Spine and for that matter I'm using spine-runtime, their own JS library (phaser plugins were clearly not as complete / up-to-date). To use this lib I had to create a custom object (a SpineObject), and to implement its _renderCanvas and _renderWebgl methods. For the canvas, I managed to properly render the animation. Works like a charm. For WebGL, however, I'm struggling a lot. I don't know WebGL, which doesn't help. What happens is that I can't manage to make both renderers (Phaser and Spine) coexist. I can display my SpineObject OR the Phaser scene. Do you guys have any tips for coding such features? Any good advice on how to use two WebGL renderers, what to do and what to avoid? Thanks a lot
  19. Hello! In begin I want to apologize for my English. I am using mesh.attachToBone for mount my pistol with character hand. All works fine. But when I am using bone.updateMatrix for rotate character torso var mat = this.torso.getLocalMatrix(); mat = mat.multiply(BABYLON.Matrix.RotationX(r)); this.torso.updateMatrix(mat); Torso rotates correctly, but my pistol still in place. On left screen you can see how work pistol.attachToBone, on right screen it is when I am changed torso rotation, but pistol did not move.
  20. Hello all, I apologize in advance if this question has been asked and answered N times already, but I have searched through the forums, and slogged through the vastness that is Google, and haven't quite come up with an opinionated-enough answer that influences my desires. My (simple) question is this: What is my best option for implementing UI elements in a Babylon.js-based web game? My (more complex) question is: Given that I want to provide (1) performant (2) support for responsiveness (handheld, tablet, computer) in a user interface which (3) allows for things like multiply-layered (e.g. controls over render-texture over background) UI widgets, (4) text rendering similar to DOM capabilities, that (5) integrates well with Babylon.js, and (6) is currently supported/actively developed, what are my actual options? (1) my options are DOM (slow), canvas (better) and WebGL (best) (2) can be influenced by media query-alikes in order to support different devices (3) not sure, this sounds like custom witchcraft (4) why not just use DOM?? (5) bGUI :-) (6) Not bGUI :-( I've built a UI library in the past, so the concepts are not foreign to me. But since I'm in the research phase for my own project, I figured I would reach out to the BJS community, and perhaps spark an A vs. B flame war. (Kidding!) Any thoughts are welcome, so please fire at will
  21. Hi guys I am new here and so far i was using GUI game engines to create games.From all back-end testings so far that i done on various programming languages and scripting languages i realised that html5 is best solution for my game development.Now i decided to ditch game engines and learn actual coding in some of the frameworks so my code could be much more cleaner,run faster,have better optimization and quality of the games would overall be better.But this is not just for games,but also for personal reasons because i like to be properly educated instead of using most convenient tools. Now i am interested in learning some js framework that has good community support and tutorials,that is easy and fast on learning and performance and if possible to implement in Ubuntu SDK. Also i am mainly using GNU/linux and one of the reasons why i would like to use js is to be mobile and OS independent.but from all OS so far Ubuntu SDK seems like a decent solution for cordova runtime,i tried to use it with phaser but i did not succeed to render cordova runtime instead it was in plain web view. Now overall it does not have to be Ubuntu SDK,but i am interested in HTML5 framework that i can port(wrap) to desktop mainly(mobile would be good to). Any ideas what's the best and why,please write down below,it would help me a lot. Regards
  22. Hi, can anybody teach us or help resolve Levrage? How should I resolve that horizontal green bar will rotate around his origin point (origin point is in center of green bar) and push tile on the other side? So that ball push green bar on his side and than bar should push Tile on the other side. Can anybody complete code in playground and teach us how to do this? I decide to prepare more playgrounds (simple models) like tutorials for learning. Here is plaground I'm not such good in physics but I really would like to learn new things. greetings Ian
  23. I've been reading a bunch on how to make Phaser games, and it looks like a fantastic framework for making 2D games. Is the future 3D games, and along with that - Babylon? I was wondering if I should be reading up on Babylon instead of Phaser. I believe WebGL became ubiquitous with iOS8, and now is supported on all the major platforms. Do these game portals that license games, license WebGL games - or is it too early? Or will 2D always be around, due to the minimal hardware requirements? For example, instead of making a Match3 game in Phaser, maybe I should be making a Match3-3D game in Babylon. Or am I jumping the gun while trying to get in early on something new?
  24. Hello everyone, I'm developing an AI-focused book for Phaser similar to this one, but a shorter (more like a Handbook, instead). However, some of the techniques and patterns that Phaser makes me use have given me the idea of probably expanding and improving these ideas and convert them into a Plug-in, or work directly on the Phaser repository in order to have a basic AI module similar to arcade physics in terms of scope (keep things really simple, yet functional and friendly to developers). Would you be interested in supporting this work via IndieGoGo? If so, would you rather have the book, the component, both? I was thinking in working on the Phaser AI module as a stretch goal from the book, so later the whole community can benefit from it. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  25. I am creating an HTML, JS ,CSS game for android. Can someone write an example for a pause button. PS:I have a timer and it need to be stoped when button is presst.