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  2. Hello, Actually, this isn't a script, it's a handmade site. I am a web designer and developer and created it since 2013, with some regular updates, it finally became as you see now.
  3. Yeah, you guessed the problem right. Many people ask for an advice, implement the stuff for their game, and dont publish article That's my submission: , but it does downscale stuff, its not 1:1. When I do 1:1 its for games that can take any zoom with any aspect ratio. Its surprising unless you realize how many issues exists in such a general lib as pixijs that is managed by only a handful of core team members and a hundred or so contributors. One guy was surprised by appearance of z-Index in pixi-v5 in this subforum not so long ago The other aspect is that while you are doing those basic things, you understand the library much better. Better to train on shallow water than in the ocean of unknown problems of big apps.
  4. Hallo Deltakosh, 

    I am working on  a project for my company on 3D model and im using BabylonJS.

    I am completely new to Babylonjs. I would like to create json file or .babylon file which contains vertices , x axis, y axis, z axis , colors, width ,length , materials all under single ID as this ID will be fetched or imported by other json file for the webserver and will be displayed on frontend application.

    Can you please do give me an example of .babylon file which could be generated by giving the values manually without using blender.

    Thanks in advance

  5. How do I load cached images when using Loader.resources? When I load the app the second time i get warnings that the Texture already have en entry:"Texture added to the cache with an id [images/circle24.png] that already had an entry" I can see the image is already present in the texture Cahe, but when using Loader i would like to get the texture from Loader.resources, but that one is empty if i dont load the image again...? More on the case here: /thanks
  6. No. That might be the way... But whats the purpose of the cache if I have to clear it all the time? Seem like I can only load cached images when using fromImage() ... In other words, how do I load cached images when using Loader.resources ? let texture = PIXI.loader.resources["image"].texture; // does not look in TextureCache
  7. Hi, Here is a our new high graphics driving game to publish on your website: Game Name: Dirt Car Race Offroad Game URL: Game Thumbnail: Description: Dirt Car Race Offroad is a racing game where you choose your car and take part in the races in different cool environments such as greenfield, desert and snow. Play the game with high quality realistic graphics. Career mode have total of 40 amazing levels to play. Instruction: Arrow Keys/ASDW - Drive the car. Spacebar - Brake C - Change Camera
  8. for v4, this works: Also: But for PIXI v5, there is no PIXI.Graphics().graphicsData (it is undefined). Does someone know how to update line style using PIXI v5? Best and cheers, R.
  9. this does not work for PIXI v5. Does anyone know how to update line style with PIXI v5?
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  11. Thanks a lot! "app.stage.scale.set(number)" fixed it for me. I've had a lot of trouble looking for documentation, guides, examples and tutorials on scaling the game to fit the screen. For such a common use case, I was surprised I couldn't find much about it. The only guide that addressed this the closest was HTML5 Game Scaling { William Malone }, but it did not address the blurriness issue. I may contribute with a tutorial if needed.
  12. The limit is 16384 because indices are 16-bit. We are working on the fix for that. I'll look after vacation, im on ibiza now and I have a big queue of things to do in pixi plugins. I'll also send you invite to pixijs team when i'll be ready to talk about that thing Currently i'm trying to make , it should help with porting pixi-projection and some other plugins.
  13. 1 should work, you can just add "app.stage.scale.set(yourScale)" and change position if you want to add letterbox. Usually I position canvas itself, and scale the stage.
  14. If you use AMD in order to reference your modules, you should configure your rollup config in order to let it know you do this way. Here in this github issue is discussed a little bit, there are some solutions to this problems that I am sure will help you. Although, If you can, I would recommend you to stop using require and use ES6 modules (import/export) that is an accepted standard. PD: If you are developing on browser environment, checkout this quickstart-pixijs project, it can maybe help you too! It uses Parcel under the hood. Also, if you want to make some kind of library (as it seems in your example) is pretty easy to configure, just let me know!
  15. There is somes ways to implement a camera system. This will vary depending on your type of project and need. However I am not successful at understanding your codePen sorry, it look like a video player ?. On my side i use this ways. App=>stage=>camera=>scene=>sprites... The camera are controlled by .pivot and the scene position are fixed. Also camera are not the reel name in english, i think you look for the keyword `viewport` This is a good example of a camera view-port. Hope this can help you edit: App control listener, tikers and master app stage control container and loader and display stuff. camera control rendering. scene control sprite and stuff.
  16. Getting error while using rollup with pixijs. rollup.config.js default export { input: 'js/game.js', output: { format: 'amd', file: 'dist/game.js' } } //game.js let PIXI = require('pixi.js'); PIXI.utils.sayHello(); Getting define not found error in console.
  17. I have updated the pixi tilemap renderer. However it seems that the the .addFrame function has some sort of limit, as it displays at a certain point only a specific amount of tiles. Ivan, can you check the renderer, if I am not wrong please. Fully working renderer:
  18. Hello, How to scale the Pixi.js view without making the game blurry? I have tried resizing the view with CSS using: = nvw + "px"; = nvh + "px"; -- where nvw is the new with of the viewport and nvh is the height of the viewport. However, this makes the game blurry. I have tried: Using app.renderer#resize to set the new width and height for the game, but that does not scale the game's contents - only makes the screen bigger. Initialized the PIXI.Application with the antialias option set to false. In my specific situation, what I need is a way to scale the game window to fit in the browser, while keeping aspect ratio and letterboxing if necessary, without blurring the game contents. Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time.
  19. Just curiosity... what type of server side rendering are you trying to achieve? I mean, you want to render some kind of content and send for example images/video to the client? Or you need to render on server side because the state logic calculations cannot be possible made without rendering? Another use case? Just curious, maybe if you provide some information we can help:)
  20. did you clear before ? PIXI.utils.clearTextureCache();
  21. From the blog given below you can get to know about a lot of dynamics involved in making mobile game development popular among both avid and casual gamers across the globe. Read here:
  22. Hi everyone, Here’s a brand new music track for you: On my City/Urban page: ON THE PROWL WITH CAPED CRUSADER CAT – Wandering the midnight streets, searching for wrong-doers. I’m also working to build up the ambience section of my site…so here are some cool new ambiences on my AMB - Sci-Fi Ambience page: MACHINE DREAMS – I wonder what it’s dreaming about? This might sound nice to create an eerie, weird-feeling environment or situation. MYSTERIOUS AMBIENCE – This one might work for an alien underwater environment…or perhaps something else. If you find my work helpful, please consider making a donation to my website. The synthesizers I use to create the music and sounds that I share with everyone are very expensive…so expensive, in fact, that I have to make monthly payments on them…and donations really help me a lot to pay for them. Thanks in advance…and please feel free to share your projects…I love to see how creative people are using my work!
  23. Hi, I have read pretty much a majority of the google result of "pixi js camera player" and manage to make this : Basicly I would want to simulate a camera which turns the world with it, so what is in front of the player is always what is in front of the camera, but I get weird results. If someone could help that would be very nice. Thanks in advance for your help.
  24. Hi. I load a bunch of image files into my app with Loader: let loader = new PIXI.Loader(); loader.reset(); loader .add(pinImagePath) .add(whiteCircle24Path) .add(whiteCircle64Path) .add("images/crosshair.png"); loader.load(setup) The PIXI app is part of a larger HTML application and it may get initiatet and destroyed multiple times. My problem is when i load the app the second time i get warnings that the Texture already have en entry: "Texture added to the cache with an id [images/circle24.png] that already had an entry" I can see the image is already present in the texture Cahe PIXI.utils.TextureCache[images/circle24.png] But using Loader i would like to get the texture from Loader.resources[], but that one is empty if i dont load it again...?
  25. Hmm, if the x & y scale are the same, then the aspect should be identical to the basetexture. There seems to be two problems that cause the issue in the example. You need to use the texture.width instead of sprite.width as the sprite.width has scale calculated into it. Second problem is with filter. Having it on makes the image strected, taking if off makes the image look proper. Not really sure what goes wrong in the shader.
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