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Found 311 results

  1. I am using Blender 2.79 version and Blender2Babylon-5.4 exporter. I am getting error while exporting it to .babylon scene Attaching the blend file as well as the log file. Please help. -Ashish pump_oil_blendswap.blend pump_oil_blendswap.log
  2. Dear, All experts I want to create a character creation system like Saint Row game. The Saint Row system allow me to adjust size of each part of the body, such as chest size, arm muscle, legs and arms length. I did some research and the internet said about "Morph" technique. but I still don't understand about what this technique is about, how to do it? how to apply to be used in Babylon? Some said I have to use Blender or 3ds. The information that I got seem to be overwhelming ,but it is like a jigsaw that I don't know where should i begin first. ***Sorry,if i post in the wrong forum or category Thank you in advance
  3. hi guys, Is there a way to load 2D-resources as spritesheet in BABYLON, and I can take the frame I want by alias(frame_1.png or frame_2.png)? or if I need to do it myself, where can I set the attributes like clipX, clipY get the part of image I want {"frames": { "frame_1.png": { "frame": {"x":1,"y":1417,"w":93,"h":102}, "rotated": false, "trimmed": true, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":5,"y":0,"w":93,"h":102}, "sourceSize": {"w":98,"h":102} }, "frame_2.png": { "frame": {"x":311,"y":1187,"w":84,"h":102}, "rotated": false, "trimmed": true, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":13,"y":0,"w":84,"h":102}, "sourceSize": {"w":98,"h":102} }}, "meta": { "app": "", "version": "1.0", "image": "sprite_sheet.png", "format": "RGBA8888", "size": {"w":1922,"h":1555}, "scale": "1", "smartupdate": } }
  4. Hello community, i am new here, because i have any questions about blender + babylon.js I want to create a game (oh, really ? :D), write the logic in JavaScript and the design stuff in blender. Now i am an point i dont know how to group objects in blender, so in can use them in babylon.js I am great in Webdevelopment but terrible in blender (no experience) I am able to add stuff like tubes, cubes, etc. but not shure about how to group them so babylon.js can create meshes out of the groups. It seems to babylon.js create for every item (cubes, tubes, ...) i add in blender a new mesh. I want that when i group things, that only for the group are meshes created. (See screenshot) BTW i export every thing as *.obj And (for this point not necessary), how can in group, groups to an whole "item", like an building, car, or something else ? Thanks guys!
  5. Merge Two Grounds.

    Hi All, I am using Babylonjs to create map these days. Basically, I have two layers, one layer is tiledmap, which is a png image, another is semantic map, which is a svg file. The size of two map is almost same. So I just create two grounds whose materials are created by the png image and the svg file and put them at the same position. If I make them locate at different heights, one ground will hide another. If I make them locate at the same heights, they cannot merge perfectly, at some angle you can see svg materials clearly, and png materials at some other. My problem is how to merge these two grounds perfectly?
  6. Hello, A new upcoming startup is looking for a freelancer developer (for a really cool job). Skills: 3D graphics (Three.js / Babylon.js or any other alternative) Extras: React Node.js TypeScript ES6/ES7 Redux or any other alternative or PM for details
  7. Hello all, I'm working on a personal project and im facing a small problem with canvas resizing, Here the initial state: You can see that the scene is well centered, the problem happens when i close a panel (the right or the left panels) then the canvas will be scaled and the scene will be like here: Please note that im creating the canvas like the following: <canvas id="renderCanvas" style="width:100%;height:100%;" touch-action="none"></canvas> Any help will be appreciated Thxs in advance guys Regards DarkLight
  8. Hey guys, Has anyone had any luck packaging up a Babylon scene inside a Cordova app? The problem I'm having is apparently path related: I get the error message "Error status: 0 - Unable to load..". Everything works fine on the webserver though.
  9. Hi, Is it normal that declaring a second AdvancedDynamicTexture disable the isPointerBlocker on the controls of the first one ? Playground here Thanks
  10. Hello everyone I am trying to use Unity Lightmaps with babylon via the Babylon Unity exporter I use Unity v5.6.3p2 and the BabylonJS Toolkit v 1.0 with Babylon 2.5 For now it's a nightmare, i've tried a lot of combinations with different shader/configuration and nothing works I do my test with a simple fbx and 2 materials/textures, someone have some informations about that? Any help appreciated
  11. Hi, I try to lock the pointer without the PointerLock API. I want to do it with "engine.isPointerLock". I have created a PG If you press "Q" the camera will turn in the direction of the mouse movement. Now the questions. 1) How can I fix the Pointer arrow in the center of the scene after pressing "Q"? 2) Is it possible to hide the standard cursor after pressing "Q"? I would really appreciate your help.
  12. hi all. I'm wondering why scene [ i ] = CreateScene ( engine [ i ] ) in my code at : is returning undefined? This is part of assigning a completely new scene / camera / etc to each programatically created canvas. Thank you! <3 ~M
  13. Hi guys. How do I use javascript to create multiple canvases so that I can create 9 different scenes all running at the same time?
  14. Is there any reason why the back ( face ) of my leaf texture is shining with specular when I turned off specular for the leaf texture? I circled in the color black, the leaf that is shining with specular white that should be off. As you can see, the front ( face ) of the leaves are fine. Here is the Source Code : meshTask.onSuccess = function ( task ) { task.loadedMeshes [ 0 ].position = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero ( ); // Decrease specular or what is called shine in the thread // Mat 94 - Bark Texture scene.getMaterialByName ( "Mat94" ).specularColor = BABYLON.Color3.Black ( ); // Mat 910 - Leaf Texture // Disable culling or what is called seeing half the leaves in the thread scene.getMaterialByName ( "Mat910" ).backFaceCulling = false; } Thanks!
  15. I,m trying to develop something like this using Babylon.js (The example is implemented in Unity 3D): I suppose this can be implemented using a shader. The user can move a sphere with the inverted normals, and the shader will have to calculate if this sphere is painted depending on its position in the z buffer. Is it possible to do this using babylon ShaderMaterial? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, I'm fairly new to javascript/blender/babylon as a whole, and I came across this website: And I would like to mimic the setup they have, I've managed to get as far as creating an object in blender, exporting it out as a babylon file, and inserting it into a scene that shows on a web browser, however doing the next bit is completely lost to me. Is there a simple (simpler) way of doing it compared to how it's done on the above link or am I way out of my depth?
  17. We can render a scene in Babylon.JS reading values like position/scale from form fields. But does it allow to make changes in scene listening real time changes in input fields like $('input').val() var cusotm_position = $('input').val(); canvas = document.getElementById("renderCanvas"); engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); scene = createScene(); //draws a mesh at custom_position engine.runRenderLoop(function () { scene.render(); }); $("input").change(function(){ cusotm_position = $('input').val(); delete scene;scene = createScene(); //hangs website for few seconds,need its alternate }); I tried to call scene.render(); on event listener of change in input but that doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is there anything like refrest/update to change to updated variable values. Better if this can be done without removing everything and recreating fresh scene. As delete scene;scene = createScene(); does refresh everything with new variable values but it hangs the website for few seconds.
  18. Hey. I have a 20 MB babylon file on my server right now. I don't want my server to compress it every time. Instead I'd like to put a babylon.gz on my server and load the babylon file. Is that possible? I've tried to change the filename in the SceneLoader to "test.gz" instead of "test.babylon" but that didn't work..
  19. Hi, I am trying to import BABYLON, but TypeScript is complaining that it 'cannot find namespace BABYLON', As a result, I cannot compile my files with gulp. I have tried everything to get this to work, and have spent the last two days googling, to no avail. I have tried: import * as BABYLON from './babylon'; import * as BABYLON from './babylon.module'; import { BABYLON } from './babylon'; import { BABYLON } from './babylon.module'; import './babylon'; import './babylon.module'; None of them work. I have attached a screenshot of the error I am getting, and my folder setup. Hopefully someone could explain to me how to get this to work, thanks in advance!
  20. Blender sandbox

    I am working thru the Intro. to WebGl by micosoft. I can get Babylon to run with my node.js server. When I try to just use blender and the sandbox, the sandbox is black. In blender the camera persp shows something. There are two lights and a camera. I am exporting the file using export and the Babylon.js. This is the top of the .babylon file {"autoClear":true,"clearColor":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"ambientColor":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"gravity":[0.0000,-9.8100,0.0000],"cameras":[{"name":"Camera","id":"Camera","position":[12.8773,11.3313,-7.9031],"target":[-0.3240,0.8954,0.3054],"fov":0.8576,"minZ":0.1000,"maxZ":100.0000,"speed":1.0000,"inertia":0.9000,"checkCollisions":false,"applyGravity":false,"ellipsoid":[0.2000,0.9000,0.2000]}],"activeCamera":"Camera","lights":[{"name":"Area","id":"Area","type":0.0000,"data":[0.1107,8.9662,-0.2007],"intensity":1.0000,"diffuse":[1.0000,1.0000,1.0000],"specular":[1.0000,1.0000,1.0000]},{"name":"Hemi.001","id":"Hemi.001","type":0.0000,"data":[0.0159,10.6325,2.7594],"intensity":1.0000,"diffuse":[1.0000,1.0000,1.0000],"specular":[1.0000,1.0000,1.0000]}],"materials":[{"name":"Material","id":"Material","ambient":[0.8000,0.8000,0.8000],"diffuse":[0.6400,0.6400,0.6400],"specular":[0.5000,0.5000,0.5000],"specularPower":50.0000,"emissive":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"alpha":1.0000,"backFaceCulling":true},{"name":"Material.001","id":"Material.001","ambient":[0.8000,0.0371,0.0207],"diffuse":[0.6400,0.0297,0.0166],"specular":[0.4281,0.5000,0.0483],"specularPower":50.0000,"emissive":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"alpha":1.0000,"backFaceCulling":true},{"name":"Material.002","id":"Material.002","ambient":[0.8000,0.0338,0.5966],"diffuse":[0.6400,0.0271,0.4773],"specular":[0.5000,0.5000,0.5000],"specularPower":50.0000,"emissive":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"alpha":1.0000,"backFaceCulling":true},{"name":"Material.003","id":"Material.003","ambient":[0.8000,0.7543,0.0833],"diffuse":[0.6400,0.6034,0.0667],"specular":[0.5000,0.5000,0.5000],"specularPower":50.0000,"emissive":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"alpha":1.0000,"backFaceCulling":true}],"meshes":[{"name":"Cube","id":"Cube","materialId":"Material.002","position":[-0.1417,0.6998,3.2061],"rotation":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"scaling":[1.0000,1.0000,1.0000],"isVisible":true,"isEnabled":true,"checkCollisions":false,"billboardMode":0,"uvCount":0,"vertices":[-1.0000,1.0000,-1.0000,-0.5773,0.5773,-0.5773,-1.0000,-1.0000,1.0000,-0.5773,-0.5773,0.5773,-1.0000,-1.0000,-1.0000,-0.5773,-0.5773,-0.5773,-1.0000,1.0000,1.0000,-0.5773,0.5773,0.5773,1.0000,-1.0000,1.0000,0.5773,-0.5773,0.5773,1.0000,1.0000,1.0000,0.5773,0.5773,0.5773,1.0000,-1.0000,-1.0000,0.5773,-0.5773,-0.5773,1.0000,1.0000,-1.0000,0.5773,0.5773,-0.5773].... I know I am doing something stupid, please help.
  21. Hello Babylon.js people, I am trying to make a viewer for working with BIM stuff (building and all the stuff inside), so there can be quite a lot of objects and having each one in its own mesh isn't really an option. So I tried to use two SPS, a single mesh and two meshes, one mesh/sps for opaque objects and another for transparent ones (saw the idea in another post on the forum). Thing is I need to "highlight", hide and have transparent not pickable objects too. Here is what I have for now : There is a space (big transparent blue-ish), with objects in it (yellow-ish opaque ones in the front) and also transparent grey "boxes". To be able to switch objects visibility/color quickly I tried to put all objects in both meshes : opaque ones hidden in the transparent mesh transparent ones hidden in the opaque mesh Then just toggle visibility, but then this kind of thing can happen : The front box is now transparent with a red color, the other "yellow-ish" box is partly hidden with a red tint (that's correct), but the grey opaque box isn't hidden/tinted (that's not ok) at all and keeps its grey color, looking like it is closer to the camera while it is actually not. I feel like I tried quite a lot of things and combinations so I may have missed the working one. I also posted an issue trying to have a simple example to demonstrate what felt like a bug : As I wrote there, using needDepthPrePass kind of fixes it, but not really since it messes up transparent objects inside another transparent object. Alpha mode is promising but the ghost/shiny effect is too powerful : I would need the behaviour, without the side effect... Any help/suggestions is welcome, and if you have questions or need more details, feel free to ask References :
  22. Hi Team, I am merging the array of ribbon objects to create one mesh. However, edge rendering for new mesh is creating edges for individual sub meshes instead of creating for complete object. Is there a way to change this behaviour?
  23. Hi everybody, This topic is here to list known mobile apps using Babylon.js. Could you mention the one you know ? Thanks !
  24. Hi I now have two problems I have a scene to see the picture 1.On the phone side, the whole scene becomes very vague, probably because the scene and the camera is too far away, I want to solve by camera.fov, but does not work 2.On the phone side of the GUI created by the dot, will bumpy scrolling Hope to give suggestions thank you very much
  25. Babylon & Image mapping

    Can you use image mapping with babylon, I want to overcome the clickable area issue with transparent backgrounds on sprites, if anyone knows the answer please let me know! Also if anyone knows of any playgrounds or could a playground for me that would also be even better!