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Found 20 results

  1. Hyperactive Soccer 2 A fast-paced single player five-a-side retro soccer game. Whats new: Updated graphics, music and refined gameplay: Dribbling, more "responsive" to passes. A number of game parameter changes (e.g. playfield size, goal size, ball interception). This is fast. To help adjust, you can select from different speeds. Note the teams (nations) have different strengths. So you can adjust difficulty level by who you pick. In "quick" game mode you select brain and speed levels directly which apply to both teams, meaning, they always have the same strength. Direct link: (for fullscreen press button under render area) https://www.beppigames.de/play/hyperactive-soccer-2/index.html Homepage: https://www.beppigames.de/hyperactivesoccer2/index.html Controls: Keyboard only. Menu navigation: Arrow keys Selection: Return Shoot: X Move: Arrow Keys Back to title page: B In "quick" you select brain and speed levels with left/right arrow keys. There are 8 moving directions. You move in the diagonals by pressing two keys: left/right and up/down. Made with the amazing emscripten.
  2. Hi all! I made some improvements to my web games site 1 Pixel Army, now it has 4 games (all made with Phaser). I'd be happy to receive suggestions for improvement. You also have the option to place a free ad as well, to promote your game/project/whatever, you just have to sign in with your Google account. Hope you enjoy the games, and spread the word!


    PONGIS is a simple and addictive ball game that runs in mobile and desktop browsers. While graphics are held simple, the underlying behavioral "psychology" of the AI opponents creates a unique game personality. www.pongis.com
  4. Hello! I'm glad to present you my new game Real Soccer Pro: http://powerthemes.eu/realsoccer/ . The game is ready for licensing, so if you are interested please contact me via PM
  5. Hello! I'm selling my new HTML5 game "1vs1 Soccer" - http://powerthemes.eu/soccer It's a game for two. It's optimized for all devices and screen sizes and can be played using keyboard and touch screen. Contact me if you are interested. Best regards.
  6. Hello guys, this is my first completed HTML5 game The idea is to tap the ball and dont let it fall, collect the stars to unlock all balls in the game Is very simple game, I hope you enjoy it for a while Game: http://www.cruzlutor.com/games/soccer21/ Game Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kNc1IEnpD0&t=115s Feedback be appreciated Best!
  7. Hi all! I've uploaded a new game to my website, it's a shootout game called Soccer Stars. Now it's in beta version, so you're encouraged to play it and suggest Also, do you like the look and feel of the site itself? You can find it at https://1pixelarmy.com/arcade_games/soccer_stars Thanks! David
  8. I have been working on this little game for a little over a month, and I am reaching the point where I would like to test out network performance and get some feedback on the game in general. The game is a multiplayer ball game for 2-8 players. It is my first HTML5 game, I have done some flash games before but that is a while ago. The game uses THREE.js, Physijs and socket.io with uWebSockets for the network part. I hope you have some contructive criticism for me. Maybe an idea on what could make this more fun and addictive to play? If you have an opinion on what I should prioritize in development then please point it out here http://www.strawpoll.me/11305905 Thanks in advance. And I hope that I am welcome in this community even though my first post is a feedback request on a half done game... You can try it out here: http://slimecup.io
  9. Hello! On free time, I'm trying to make a Soccer (Football) game with RTS mechanics. The idea came through while I was playing Clash Royale, and I love some RTS elements like top-down / isometric view and watch the character IA change the environment interacting with each other. The project is shared here: https://github.com/alessandronunes/soccerpunch/ I know I have to adjust the velocities and make better IA, but I'm a little stuck here, so I would like to listen to some opinion: what would you do to make of this a (good) game? Thank you!
  10. Punt Hooligan is out today! The game is very simple. Kick the ball as far as you can to collect coins! You can spend the coins in the store to buy sweet hats, new balls, and even some terrain modifications to boost your distance. Aim for the highest score! Also for you pro MLG gamers out there you can press the MLG button on the bottom right to enter MLG Hardcore 1337 MODE Let the Doritos and Mountain Dew flow through your veins. Hope you enjoy! Play Here: Punt Hooligan Thanks, hope you enjoy!
  11. My 2nd game is online. It's a realtime 60FPS HTML5 game with 3D camera running at 60FPS on mobile devices (S3+ / iPhone4s+ / Lumia520+). Give it a try and let me know what you think or may want to see improved. Play it online here: http://m.spielaffe.de/Spiele/Soccertastic/197683089129
  12. Hey guys, I made this game using phaser and wanted some feedback on it our pc or laptop go to Air Console from your pc or laptop and connect using your smartphone via the Code. The aim of the game is to keep the ball in the air by moving the player across the screen via the touch gestures using your connected mobile device. You have to click CONTINUE then START to BEGIN the game! Some areas I have concerns with are :- Ball gets stuck in middle of player when colliding Audio on safari seems to be inefficient the multiple audio is played. Not sure how to combat these obstacles but any feedback is appreciated thanks
  13. Soccer for Dumbs Soccer For Dumbs, Spritted’s new game for Android based on physics. We have used Phaser 2.4.6 for the game development, the Box2d plugin for the physics, TexturePacker to create the SD and HD atlas, and the phaser-debug plugin to optimize and correct errors. In order to adapt it to Android we have used Crosswalk latest version which offers quite an acceptable efficiency. The mechanics of the game are very simple; the first one to score five goals wins, but your moves will be very limited because in Soccer for Dumbs you can only move by jumping- There are different playing fields: a snow-covered field, an indoor track, a field with giant goals… And there are also different kinds of balls: a rugby ball, a tennis ball, a bowling ball… Download it for free here
  14. Hi there, I'd like to share with you guys that we launched the first alpha version of Cube Club Soccer: http://cubeclub.gamestd.io It's a realtime soccer game, where each player is an actual soccer player. Feedbacks are very welcome! We want to make it dead simple to play and have fun instantly! Screenshot
  15. [sorry for double-posting this! I have learnt too late that I need a screenshot, even though it ws obviously stated in forum instructions. My bad!] Hi, everyone. This is our first 'serious' HTML5 game, made in Construct 2. It's a soccer penalty shooter, called...'Penalty Shooters': http://www.m.flashfooty.com/games/penalty-shooters/ Game was also published for Android, and got good result of 300,000 downloads. Any feedback is welcome.
  16. Actually I am working at a 3d gesture flick shoot like game, done completely in javascript. It includes 3D camera movements too. Actually it runs at 60FPS at a S3 (Chrome) and about 50FPS on Android stockbrowser. Still lot of finetuning to do...
  17. My first try to HTML5 is a WebRTC game. i used webrtc datachannel to build a peer to peer network between players browsers. as firefox won't let me create datachannels without audio/video streams, this game only works with google chrome. still need a little work,. i'l ltry to put on my website next week. move with Arrow keys and kick the ball with "x" key. as this game is a peer to peer game, if a player with slow network or faraway from you, join your room, it will make the game laggy and unplayable, how ever i have no idea how internet connections actualy are at other countries. in my country at least won't work. this is more like a demo of webrtc datachannel instead of a game GAME URL: http://riskygear.com/game1-html5-soccer-realtime-multiplayer
  18. Hello guys! Working at an advertising agency and am looking for a developer to produce a simple game in html5. I have some ready screens:http://stage.safari.to//clientes/novavia/game/index.html The delivery day is 11/06/14. There is someone interested in producing this job as a freelancer?
  19. Hey guys, Final game (for now ) Is there anywhere we can improve, things to fix and translations to change. Looking forward to the feedback! Hope you enjoy the game! Link - http://code-heads.co.uk/mobile/headers/
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