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Found 13 results

  1. Direct link to game: (free to play) I've been working on MotorSpeedway for the last couple of days. It's a 2D top-down racing game. You can race on different tracks and win money to upgrade your car. If you're interested in getting development updates, please check me out on twitter or facebook I'll post as I add more tracks and features. Art is from Kenney It's controlled using the arrow keys, so it'll only work on a computer, not mobile. Please let me know if you have any issues. Feedback is much appreciated! Thanks, Darkwall
  2. The main reason for the playground is to produce an example for the guide on BJS that I am writing to show how translate, rotate, parent and setPivot can be used. After various struggles due to mistakes and lack of knowledge I have come up with this where you steer(?) the car (which has a set forward speed) with keys A and D Issues are : The response to the keys only happens if after clicking on run the canvas is clicked on immediately afterwards ( and sometimes you have to do this again before it works) While a key is pressed down it interferes with the rendering (too much going on?) If you think too much is going on then have a look back at earlier versions #10 for example. It would be nice to have solutions to these problems but if not then as I can show the parts of the code I wanted to without the key control I will probably just go for a predetermined path for the car to follow.
  3. I have found this example of the straight road . However, I would like to check with you guys about the best way to implement straight road game with tileSprite in Phaser. Any fiddler would be appreciated. Thanks you in advance for helping.
  4. Okay, so I'm playing around with some vehicle-rigs, and the ones I found on the forum/the playground use spheres as wheels, where as I'm trying ti use the more traditional cylinders instead. Here I have created cylinders instead of spheres: I have commented out the cylinder imposter, and went with the sphere one, as it doesn't make much of a difference at this point. What I'm trying to achieve, is making the rotation of the cylinder more in the likes of a wheel, but no matter how and where I try to rotate the wheels, they just don't seem to do as I command them to. Based on the cylinder imposter, the shapes are all right, but it's a very weird ride, since, as you can see, the wheels behave in a noticably different way than they are supposed to. The playground code is based on this: In which there are quite some versions of on the playground. All with spheres, though. Another example is this, using Oimo.js, and again some code I found on the forum/playground: (Based on the 18 versions before it). I, again, switched the spheres with cylinders, and changed the imposters accordingly. Same problem. How do I rotate the wheels/axis in the right position? And on a side note, has anyone played with the Energy.js engine? In this thread: RaananW mentions that: But it isn't present in plugin form? Maybe I should get to know at least the basics of One first, but, this one just seemed perfect for vehicular physics.
  5. Try my game, mini car drifting game Title : Drift MadnessDescription : Burn tires on the asphalt, drift through endless corners & be the best DRIFTER & Suggestion welcome Happy Drifting
  6. I want to come up with a way to render my own car into the scene and it needs to look similar to the demo here in this link. I looked into the github repo of this project, I mean, where do I start? And whats a babylonmeshdata and babylonbinarymeshdata and how do we get that?
  7. I just bought the Box2d Premium Plugin and am happy with it. I definitely has some good examples including Top Down Car, which will make my life easier to getting my project going. I was wondering if anyone had a more advanced Top Down Car model that accounts for the wheels turning and making things more realistic? I found a great example already using Box2d online at... ...but it does not use Phaser, just Box2d and something for web (?flash?). Can someone help me to make sense of the non-Phaser Box2d code and how to "convert it" or provide some example of how to make a top down car game with Phaser and Box2d that is more advanced than the one that comes with the Premium examples. I think it has to do with making the car body, 4 wheels, joint, and Killing the Orthogonal velocity (applies a "friction" in a direction orthogonal to the body's axis)
  8. So, i'm trying to make a top-view car game prototype using the P2 physics engine and i've faced some weird bug? with the RevoluteConstraints. The idea is simple: create a car body sprite, create two tires and attach them to the car body, then apply car physics simulation on those tires and let the body follow. And the problem is that when tires are joint to the car, they are positioned wrong (which is weird) + the car starts rotating and the reason for that i just can't understand as: tires are positioned symmetrically + both RevoluteConstraints have the same forces that should be applied to constrain the bodies. May be i'm getting something wrong? I wouldn't make this topic if there were more advanced examples covering the P2 physics or at least examples in the docs/source code (yep, i've already googled for a solution). Here's a picture And here's the code (also available here
  9. Hi my friends, Someone has created a method for generating racetracks in Phaser? PD: I think the hardest thing to do is put the car slow if it leaves the road... I don't have idea Example: Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, I'm wondering how one would implement a racing game in babylon.js or how one would implement car physics. I found a link to a demo (, but it seems like he's using cannon.js as the physics engine directly and not through the babylon.js wrapper which is instead just used as the renderer. Is there also a way through the babylon.js framework instead of interacting with cannon.js directly? Thank you for helpful answers, Turakar
  11. Hey guys, I'm not sure if it is still allowed to post non flappy bird clones, but here is my latest game: Fast. It's kind of a work in progress, as I'm trying to polish it as much as possible, but the game is pretty much done. I made Fast for's Got Game HTML5 competition. I was really proud of my game from last year, even though I didn't win anything, so I decided that this might be the occasion to create a new cool game. All you have to do is to drive as long as possible without destroying your car, but I still tried to make it a little bit more than a simple scoring game (though I love these). You can play 4 game modes at the moment: Free: basic endless scoring mode. The only goal is to go as far as possible.Time attack: same thing, but with a two-minute limit.No crash: in this mode, you have to go as far as possible without a single scratch on your car. Hit one single obstacle, and the game is over.Challenge: this mode is a little different. Everytime you play, you are given three challenges. You can only complete these objectives. Once you complete one of them, it is replaced by a new one If you guys have any feedback (good or bad), I'd be happy to read it and try to improve on (even on the graphics). You can play the game at Have fun
  12. I'm building an old school top down racer but I can't get my car to drift when cornering. Can anyone share any code / tips / maths on how I could get a bit more 'fun' out of my car?
  13. Hi, How can i play right with the acceleration of the velocity? In this tutorial (really well done), but it only change the velocity. How can i accelerate it the way a race game works? I want to accelerate it from 0 to a maximum number, or it's current value to a maximum number. How can i do this? What's the best way to handle it and create a maximum speed? Thank you very much guys