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Found 41 results

  1. Hello everyone, Recently i finished my first medium-sized HTML5 game - Medieval Defense Z. I came from flash background and developing for HTML5 presented with some new challenges. So i would like to share what worked and what didn't. This is more like review/tutorial type of thing, so hopefully someone will find something useful. • Goals: • 60fps. • Smooth gameplay and animations. • Quality comparable to flash games. • Tools: • Language: Haxe. Strictly typed programming language, similar to ActionScript 3.0. Compiles to all major languages, including javascript. • Editing: HaxeDevelop IDE. Freeware, great code completion and very fast compared to everything i tried. • Debugging: Chrome. Has console, debugger and profiler. • Rendering library: Pixi.js. Uses display list concept like flash. Works well. • Sound library: Howler. Good enough, the id system is a bit weird though. • Bitmap font exporter: Free and web-based. • Sprite Sheet Packer: Freeware and very simple. • Graphics: • Scaling will look ugly if you use many small png files for textures. • If you want nice scaling, fast load times and fast rendering - pack everything to 2048x2048 spritesheets (include bitmap fonts too). • Resolution of assets: 1024x768, background can extend to 1382x768, so it covers most aspect ratios in horizontal orientation. • To get proper native resolution in mobile browsers i scaled up renderer and scaled down canvas by window.devicePixelRatio. • Sounds: • Library: Howler. • Sound formats: ogg for Chrome and Firefox, m4a for Safari and Internet Explorer (note: mp3 has licensing issues with play count). • ffmpeg: because of licensing issues and whatnot can't convert to m4a, unless you recompile ffmpeg with m4a, which is a pain to setup. • I used MediaHuman Audio Converter (freeware) to convert from wav to ogg and m4a (64 bit). • iOS Safari: keep in mind that before any sound could be played, user must first tap on the screen. • Mouse Events: • Used pixi.js API to open links. • iOS Safari: under "touchstart" event won't open links in new tabs, use "tap" event instead. • sprite.on("mousedown", callback) for desktop. • sprite.on("tap", callback) for mobile. • Performance: • Reuse frequently used sprites. • Avoid creating too many objects every frame. • I would recommend looking up data-oriented programming to get more juice out of Javascript. • Record timeline with Chrome profiler to find performance bottlenecks. • Masks are slow. Use trim if you only need a simple cut. • Game Debugging: • Simple CSS + DOM side menu. • Basic field view/edit. • Simple buttons with callbacks. • How to debug html5 game on android (mobile) with desktop chrome (PC): 1. Upload game to your website. 2. Go to (desktop) chrome: chrome://inspect 3. Connect Android device with USB and run your game on android chrome (your android device must be enabled for development). 4. Open Command Prompt and enter: adb devices (must have Android Debug Bridge installed). 5. To quit debugging enter: adb kill-server • Conclusions: • Programming in Haxe instead of pure Javascript probably saved hours and hours of debugging. • Pixi.js is great, but i wouldn't recommend doing very complex scenes. • Would have liked more automated solution for spritesheet and sound stuff. • Poor performance bites sooner or later, so be prepared to do extensive profiling. • Stable 60fps is very hard to achieve, even if you keep your code below 1-2ms per frame. • Overall i am happy with the results, however it took longer than expected to make this game. Any feedback is appreciated. The game is not yet released, but here is gif trailer:
  2. Hi I would like to use Adobe Animate (the old Adobe Flash) to create sprite sheets and use them into Phaser. I think it's better option for us than Texture Packer because you can select quickly which elements add or not and export movieclips that follow paths. All works fine except I can't see how to set the spriteSourceSize and sourceSize with the same dimensions as frame. With Texture Packer I don't have that problem. The result is a Phaser.Sprite with width and height properties with the same values of the entire sprite sheet. This generates problems when we want to set the sprite in a specific x,y point. Is there any posibility to change it into Adobe Animate or adjust Phaser to get the fame values? Thank you
  3. Job posting: Studio FOW Position: Senior Game Software Developer We are looking for a game senior game software developer who can deliver web based, HTML5 game applications. The role includes overseeing the full development life cycle including identifying the correct technology, architecting the application, security, testing and deploying. This is not a project management role, you will be solely responsible for implementation. The candidate must have a proven track record in developing web based game applications using WebGL and JavaScript. We expect the developer to be able to deliver a modular, scalable and testable application. You will also be working to integrate existing pre-rendered video content into the game which forms an integral part of the player experience. Experience in enterprise grade applications would be necessary so the design could address high availability requirements (i.e. load balancing and clustering). Experience in WebSockets and relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL are required. Experience in ECMAScript, NodeJS and node-webkit would be a plus. Knowledge of other programming languages (Python, C++) is also a plus. Please note that this game will be of the adult (18+) variety and therefore anyone uncomfortable with such content need not apply. A portfolio and references will be required during the interview process.
  4. EDIT: somebody has been hired, sorry for not updating this!!! I need someone to convert an existing dress up game made in Animate CC, into javascript/html5 keeping it WITHIN the .fla file. If you email me with an intro and some examples of having converted or coded something similar, I'll send you the .swf to give you an idea of the complexity, and hopefully we can work out a price? This one was made with html5 in mind, so it's graphically simple. I have some older games too that are a nightmare, but if someone's down for a challenge, there's that too.... ~OLa
  5. Hey all! I have 4 game states - Splash, Tutorial, Play and GameOver. Splash and Tutorial load and render quickly, but when I go to Play, it takes a second, and it shows a black screen during that second. I want to have a more elegant state transition. So I started looking around and see lots of suggestions, which all focus on and But I can't seem to use those functions. When I try to use them in create for the any state I get "Typeerror: is not a function(…)", and same for flash. I've also tried What am I doing wrong?
  6. I wrote an article titled You already know Flash, so JavaScript is easy. One important thing I missed was how easy it is to animate things in Flash compared to JS. So might have to share what I learned there later. I'm wondering what else did I miss. I need feedback, what would you say to convert Flash developers to HTML5?
  7. LMI Technologies, recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Workplaces, is a medium-sized technology company built on a culture of openness, respect and professional excellence. At LMI our staff work passionately toward the common goal of designing and delivering innovative 3D machine vision solutions to OEMs and System Integrators working in industrial factory automation around the world. The result of this teamwork is high-performance, easy-to-implement and cost-effective 3D sensor technologies that deliver the best results in even the most challenging 3D inline inspection applications. LMI is seeking a software engineering or computer science graduate with a background in client-side web application development and a strong interest in WebGL and WebSockets. As part of LMI's agile team you will be responsible for leading design initiatives and implementing new features in an embedded web GUI using an application framework developed in-house. You will work in a multi-disciplinary engineering team (software, electrical, mechanical/optical) that develops new sensor products and supporting infrastructure (manufacturing and test equipment). Successful candidates should be professional, resourceful, and can work well autonomously yet still communicate effectively with a close-knit group of about 10 engineers. LMI's office is based in Vancouver, however we are willing to offer relocation assistance. Remote work is also an option if you'd prefer to stay where you are. Want to try out the product that you'd be working on? You can do so here: REQUIREMENTS Must be a Javascript expert. Experience with jQuery is great, but ideally you could write jQuery yourself if you had to. Successful candidates can speak at lengths about the advantages of some frameworks over others. Experience with WebGL API's including shader programs. Experience with other GL's (such as OpenGL or DirectX) is considered an asset. Experience working with source control tools such as GIT, SVN, etc Ability to work in a team and be accountable for your performance and documentation Superior English communication skills - both written and verbal Degree in Computer Science or Software/Computer Engineering SKILLS OF VALUE Experience with unit/integration testing. Ideal candidates would have experience working with web unit testing frameworks such as JsUnit ActionScript 3 and Flash Builder IDE experience is highly desirable. .Net and WPF development experience Experience working with Google Closure library and compiler, gulp, grunt, and other javascript libraries.
  8. I've been developing a Flump runtime for Pixi.js over the last 6 months for a game I am working on. I would now like to share my library with the Pixi community. For those of you unfamiliar with Flump (a seperate project), it is a Flash animation exporter that converts your nested timeline animation to sprite atlases with keyframe data. Previously no runtime existed for PixiJS. Here are two examples of exported Flash animation running in PixiJS with Pixi Flump Runtime. Dog example Monster example Flump has been an invaluable tool in my arsenal, I hope you guys find it useful! Check out the github project for the source code of the examples. Documentation will be coming soon. It has currently been tested with Haxe projects, but I would really like some feedback on your experiences using it with Javascript. Also, thank you Mathieu Anthoine for your valuable input and testing of the library! It's been immensely useful having a second set of eyes early in the development
  9. Hi guys, I use flash alot to generate assets to createjs and I was in need of a more robust game framework for html5 games. Since I'm still learning alot about Phaser I have created a Phaser Flash Asset Exporter inspired by Photon Storm jsfl script: How it works: Looks in the library for linked symbols and their dependencies and generates a spritesheet for referenced bitmaps. Generates Phaser Asset document with document properties and symbols. Supported features: Generate atlas and metadata with linked symbols and their dependencies bitmaps. Generate linked symbols and their dependecies. Generate Shapes. Generate Texts. Generate scale and rotation transformations. Not Supported features: Shape oval gradient fillColor Shape bitmap fill Timeline animations Please feel free to give some feedback about it. Github project: Regards, mmcs
  10. Hey Guys, I'm a freelance developer since 2005. I'm developed about 100 slotmachines and other gambling stuff, build some casual games and working as webdeveloper on serveral projects like (winner of the SevenVentures Pitch Day 2014). At the last weeks I worked a lot with phaser and build some HTML5-Slots with it. Now I'm searching for some new experiences. If you need a programmer for your website or a game, feel free to contact me. MySkills: HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Phaser PHP, MySQL, Symfony2, Doctrine, Twig, RedbeanPHP Flash, ActionScript 2/3 Some Demos: Arthur - Be A King HTML5 | Phaser | Slotmachine Lost City Treasures HTML5 | Phaser | Slotmachine West Wind Pirates Flash ActionScript3 | 50:50 BubbleCrusher Flash ActionScript2 | Match-3 Find the Mistakes | HTML5 | Phaser | Find Differences IdleTower | HTML5 | no game framework just jQuery + jStorage | Idle-Game BloxxClicker | Flash ActionScript3 | Idle-Game
  11. When I export sprite sheets from Adobe Animate CC (and until today, Flash CC) they don't work. I can download other people's sprite sheets and they work fine. I also exported one from another machine's Flash CC program and *that* worked fine. Does anybody know if there's a common issue with Flash/Animate that makes sprite sheets not work? I'll attach my sprite that isn't working.
  12. I think on this board are a lot of developers but publishers will have a look to so, if someone is interested in buying gambling- or casualgames let me know. I created over 100 slotmachines (just a few in HTML5, the rest in Flash) and some little casualgames (Idle, Match-3, Find-Differences). The most of the casualgames would be experimental, but some of are played since month and bring me users to my sites and revenue sharing. Games are a nice way to catch users and bind them. Here are some Screenshots: If you're interested in buying a licence just send me an email or write in the thread. Some of my games are listed in my shop ( the sites language is german if you need informations in english I'll send you by request). Don't be shy, let me know what games you need.
  13. I have an instance of a button called myBtn on stage, and an instance of a square movie clip called myContainer- all of which published from flash.Within myContainer i have a movieclip instance named mySquare which is animated via classic tween from one point of the stage to another.When the stage is loaded i use this.myBtn.on("click", startBtnOnClick) to add an event listener to the button, and the function startBtnOnClick(evt) is indeed successfully called.What i'm trying to achieve is to tell myContainer to start playing when the button is clicked, and to do so i currently need to which works, but doesn't seem to be a best practice here.What would be a more suitable approach? Perhaps i should dispatch a new event when the button is clicked and listen for it in the container?
  14. I've got a world where enemies hurt you (such is life )... When this happens, I'd like to alert the player. I can shake the world a little bit but also like to have a red colour flash over the entire world, quickly and only to about 40% opacity. Like a quick foreground fill. This fill can't interfere with the input on the sprites behind it. Almost like a camera effect. Any ideas how I can accomplish this? Thanks
  15. Hi everybody, hope you will forgive and understand my bad english (from france here) I'm a very occasional coder. Most of the time I don't know what I'm doing but never stop until it works I am currently working on a project for a digital comics I am drawing. As the main purpose is to be able to set graphic scenes, panels, pages and so on, in a visual environnement, I choose to construct my digital comic in flash pro CC which is a very simple tool for building 2D scenes with animations and sound. Then, I use the flwebgl javascript tool made by Adobe for exporting flash scenes into webgl canvases (they also use createjs sound library) and then use the flwebgl API to add some interactivity in my html5 page. But both flwebgl and its API are very basic. Especially the renderer. I miss a lot of features included in Pixi. So my question is : is there a way to use Pixi as the final renderer on another webgl library like the one used in flash pro cc ? To be honest, I have no idea how their library works. My knowledge in coding is too limited, definitely. You can have a look on flwebgl here : (absolute chinese to me ) For those interested by using flash animation with webgl I recommand to give a try at OpenFl. It seems more complete than the adobe library but very more complex too. Too much for me, I must say ... And the assembling process is too complex for a simple project like mine. But maybe there is another way to exploit swf flash animations with Pixi ?
  16. The mass exodus seems to be taking place. So basically soon will be the day when traditional portals like Armor Games, Kongregate, Newgrounds along with massive behemoths like Big Fish and Facebook will have to cease serving flash-based games. And potentially we could see the second wave of gold rush in this space, now with social and casual games. What do you think?
  17. Hi guys, I'm using Flash to create graphics, exporting to a swf file, importing into Texture Packer and then exporting to a JSONArray. If you set your Flash stage size the same as your Phaser stage size, then the workflow is potentially very efficient. I should be able to add all my different sprites to the stage and they will appear in exactly the right spot right? Well this does work, but when I try to change the anchor point I'm running into problems. If I use 'Trim' mode in TP, the anchor point is then based on the Flash stage size, rather than the bounds of the sprite, so this is no good. If I use 'Crop, keep position' mode in TP, the anchor point is now correctly based on the sprite bounds, but the spriteSourceSize values are no where to be seen in Phaser. I can still see the correct spriteSourceSize object in the json file, but it seems because "trimmed" is now set to "false", that these values don't make it into Phaser at all. So yes, I can fix the problem by changing all "trimmed" values to true, but this is not ideal. Has anyone else run into the same problem? Any ideas for how to get around this? Am I doing something stupid? Thanks! Matt.
  18. Well, well, well, hello everyone. I came here because today I decided to start learning something about HTML5. I'm familiar with HTML, although I used to pass more time with Dreamweaver. Flash was everything to me, and still is, but looks like people are hating it so much that soon it will be burried deep. So, I think I should start doing something important not to get outcast. So, I mean, what's necessary at all to do HTML5? Learning Javascript? What more? There are any programs that can help one develop anything? I heard about Construct 2 or something like that.... I'm focused more on games, but of course I'd want to learn more. Well, one more question: is it possible to do a decent animation with HTML5? I mean, fame-per-frame like flash games (and awesome like Warner Bros games, such as Scooby-Doo and Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures project). I hope it's possible to do something like that with HTML5. Well, thanks for enduring my long text.
  19. We have an immediate requirement for an animator/artist to repurpose a large amount of flash vector graphics and animations into bitmap animations for use in HTML5 (spritesheets/texture atlases) There’s a lot of min-games that need converting – approximately 300 (TBC). The original flash anims were authored over a period of about 10 years or so and there’s multiple authors, so styles vary a lot. The activities/games are all very simple, but because of the nature of the players they tend to have large graphics. Some things we’re particularly looking for: Essential skills:FlashPhotoshopDesirable skills:dragon bones/spriter/other skeletal animation system experienceZoeTexture PackerGit/BitbucketNice to have CreateJSPixi.jsunderstanding of HTML5 game development processesexcellent knowledge of creating artwork in Flashmust be able to create optimised sprite sheets from existing flash assets within tight specificationsknowledge of mobile and html5 restrictions
  20. We have two sample interactive Flash movie lessons (two of 1200) that we need to convert to HTML5 so that they can be used on Tablets (iPad, Android and Windows) as well as PCs. We are paying for the conversion and a detailed step-by-step guide to the process used. The process needs to include the ability to convert the HTML lessons to different languages (audio and text). We are also looking to greatly reduced files sizes that are often not possible with some of the ‘quick’ conversion tools. The Flash movie can viewed from the below links. Source files can be sent to you via email or dropbox (3MB) This is the rather more complex animation of the two This is the simpler one Skills required: Adobe Flash, HTML5, others Do let me know if this is something you have experience in doing and some idea of costs. Please feel free to ask any questoins that you may have. Many thanks, Chris
  21. Google and Mozilla disabled Adobe Flash... If you are interested in converting your games in HTML5 contact us! We have achieved a great experience in porting of games both casual and gambling. We have collaborated, among others, with SpilGames... but examples woth more than 1000 words, so... Take a look at some of our works! Desert Face Flash: HTML5: Receptionist’s Revenge Flash HTML5 Mahjong Alchemy Flash HTML5 For further information contact us at visit our website to know more about our company:
  22. Our extension for painting in Flash – ‘Coloric’ is absolutely free for use!
  23. We currently have a number of Flash games that run with a PHP and MySQL backend, we are looking for HTML5 game developers to work on an ongoing project by project basis to convert the current Flash games to HTML5 games and also to make new HTML5 games that work with the PHP and MySQL backend. We do not mind what frameworks are used for the HTML5 games as long as the games work on mobile and desktop devices and can be embedded into a web page template along with other content. Looking for programmers with previous gaming experience and who are willing to sign a contract. Will be working from home so must have somewhere they can work at home and be able to work independently. If your interested, please pm me and we can discuss the specifics.
  24. hi I had made a HTML5 game.... is there any way to convert HTML5 game to Flash Game.... please help me...
  25. Transblockies Addictive physics puzzle coded in Haxe+Openfl. * Optimized for Desktop and Mobile * Mind twisting 40 levels (+20 mobile) with 3 stars each * Polished visuals * Free to play without in app purchases You can try it here: HTML5, Flash, Android, IOS