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Found 34 results

  1. Hi- I have worked on games for over ten years- from flash to triple A to tabletop-- I most interested in HTML5 and Mobile development. Pricing competitive, exact prices depends on the project. Matthew Moss / Touch Touch Studio Portfolio A few samples:
  2. I try something pretty easy (I think) but I cant make it work. The want that the faces are aligned in their direction between two world space Vector3. The position on the screenshot is not correct but that's not the problem. I tried it with lookAt for the mesh and also played a bit around with RotationFromAxis from this example But its always not correct rotated, correct would it be when they are aligned along the edge between the two vertices where currently the feces are placed. Any suggestions?
  3. Free Open Source Game Art App & Editor

    Greetings all - I've been working on an SVG editor and variations generator for some time, and I finally launched the beta this week - we have some really beautiful game art - over 500 of the CC0 pieces from, and 400 of the best Glitch game art pieces - and more. The editor has over 33,000 graphics including a bunch of icons and emojis - and right now I'm offering a free upgrade to pro for game developers - the upgrade URL is - with the code betauser I would love any feedback or suggestions about how to make this app BETTER for game developers! I am a long time flash dev who morphed to JS about 5 years ago, and spent a while working on my first all gamified app using Pixijs last year. I've tried to add ways to edit SVGs as painlessly as possible, as working in Illustrator for hours on end tends to make my hand hurt! But there are many fixes and upgrades I plan to make to the app, so please realize it's just a beta.
  4. In unity they have transform.forward, right and up. The docs for unity say the forward is : 'The blue axis of the transform in world space.' using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public float thrust; public Rigidbody rb; void Start() { rb = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); } void Update() { rb.AddForce(transform.forward * thrust); } } How would I do this in Babylon.... Yo @Deltakosh or ANYBODY How do we get the forward vector in Babylon... Would this work: /** The blue axis of the transform in world space. */ public static GetForwardVector(mesh:AbstractMesh, force?:boolean):BABYLON.Vector3 { var matrix:BABYLON.Matrix = mesh.computeWorldMatrix(force); return BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(BABYLON.Vector3.Forward(), matrix); } /** The red axis of the transform in world space. */ public static GetRightVector(mesh:AbstractMesh, force?:boolean):BABYLON.Vector3 { var matrix:BABYLON.Matrix = mesh.computeWorldMatrix(force); return BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(BABYLON.Vector3.Right(), matrix); } /** The green axis of the transform in world space. */ public static GetUpVector(mesh:AbstractMesh, force?:boolean):BABYLON.Vector3 { var matrix:BABYLON.Matrix = mesh.computeWorldMatrix(force); return BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(BABYLON.Vector3.Up(), matrix); } Also I saw some c++ code for getting forward vector using the quaternion, could I use this in babylon or SHOULD I even try use in Babylon ... Is there something already in Babylon for this: Vector3 Quaternion::GetForwardVector() const { return Vector3( 2 * (x * z + w * y), 2 * (y * x - w * x), 1 - 2 * (x * x + y * y)); } Vector3 Quaternion::GetUpVector() const { return Vector3( 2 * (x * y - w * z), 1 - 2 * (x * x + z * z), 2 * (y * z + w * x)); } Vector3 Quaternion::GetRightVector() const { return Vector3( 1 - 2 * (y * y + z * z), 2 * (x * y + w * z), 2 * (x * z - w * y)); } Or am I way off
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to make 2D-shapes / 2D-sprites in my Canvas2D (ScreenSpaceCanvas) follow some sprites which are placed in my 3d world. For this, I'm using the BABYLON.Vector3.Project function as followed: However, this is the result: I've checked each of the arguments and they all contain valid values at the time of being called. I've also stumbled across this topic, which uses another 4th argument in the call, but I've had no luck trying it with that one either. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Indie game art services. Affordable, professional. Professional game artwork and animation for indie prices. Experience with every 2D art style, from pixel art, vector art all the way to digitally painted work. Hundreds of extremely happy clients, multiple ongoing long & short-term projects. Working for individuals and companies, small and large tasks. Constant contact with you until you are 100% satisfied, happy to make adjustments to work. Email - Full portfolio -
  7. Likely a very simple question for the veterans Is it possible to convert a Vector3 given in world space coords to the local space of a mesh? Example:
  8. Hello, I am a 2D traditional animator. I can provide you with raster(.PNG) and vector(.SVG) files. I charge $15/Hr and am available 6 days a week for work. Here is my portfolio. Contact: Thanks for reading: -Dom
  9. Karate Burger | Salt Chef

    My new Phaser game Karate Burger | Salt Chef. Tap around character to control him. same Phaser game in webview, generated in Android Studio with Firebase addons
  10. Server-side Hit Detection?

    This is my current setup: .Player presses the Mouse button .A Ray is fired using Babylon and the players camera The intersection point (vector3) is sent to the server The server uses Cannon to do it's own intersection testing (Using the player's head hitbox(Same location as the camera client-side) as the origin point, and the vector3 from the client as the target point. Now, if I wanted the server to be a bit more authoritative when it comes to hit detection, I shouldn't send the point from Babylon, but rather a 'fire' command, and, somehow, calculate a point that Cannon can use for it's own testing. The server is aware of the position of the origin vector, and has the rotation of the player's physics body. Now, my math is worse than bad, so: Would it be possible to calculate a point, a fixed distance away, using only the origin vector and the direction in which the point should be placed? I've seen various posts and discussions about it, but I really don't quite get it. Oh. And I know aimbotting isn't impossible to prevent, but I feel like the above method, that I already use, makes a bit too easy to achieve.
  11. The Grim Panda Design team is currently accepting new art and design projects. We have a team of experienced and seasoned 2D & 3D artists and animators who have provided assets for many of the best-selling mobile game companies on the market today. We work with any budget, large or small, and can quote prices on a project level, per-diem, or hourly. With the ability to work in vector, concept, and realistic styles, our team is dedicated to making your project come to life. The quality of your assets will be precise, clean, and look brilliant in your mobile IP. We pride ourselves on bringing your player into the world you have envisioned. Due to legal obligations with many of our clients, we cannot publicly post our complete portfolio. Please contact me at for samples. Thank you, and we look forward to bringing your creative design to the next level.
  12. Vector Sprites in Phaser

    I have some vector art stuff, and i was wondering if anyone know any form to load vector art into phaser? I found some post like this :, but that post doesn't really answer my question. Thanks!!!!!
  13. Hi, I’m Rob Hayes, a full time freelance game artist. With over 4 years of experience within the games industry I’ve worked in many areas of the 2D game development life cycle and have a love for exploring new styles and techniques to make the games I work on really stand out. From creating new styles and direction, to working with existing assets I can fit in well within your project. If you would like a quote or have any questions about my work or me, please get in touch at You can find my portfolio at
  14. Vector2 JS Object

    I was writing up a tutorial and ended up making a vector library for it while explaining hit detection... There are prolly tons of Vec2 Libs out there, but here is mine.
  15. Hello I got a 3dModel of an elevator. I trigger a button for it's position with the following code: myMesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.InterpolateValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger, myMesh,"position.y",-2.6, 1000)) //down .then(new BABYLON.InterpolateValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger, myMesh,"position.y",0.001, 1000)); //up Witch works great! Accept when my char wants to get up again, he is falling through the ground, - the mesh. Few workarounds that come into my head, like check the state of the "event" an apply new gravity or new cam position. What's the easiest one? Any suggestions are highly appreciated! Best
  16. How to draw a round rectangle?

    I have a game in flash that uses vector rectangles with different colors and sizes. The rectangles have round corners and white outline stroke of 4 pixels. What is the best way to implement these rectangles in a Phaser game? I might have to use 6 different colors and 10 different sizes (both horizontal and vertical). Is there anything like 9-Slice-Scaling, that we have in Adobe Flash? In case I'm not clear in explaining the round rectangle, I'm talking about the shape you get by using this css style in html: div { width:300px; height:100px; background:#00CC00; border:3px solid #FFF; border-radius:20px; }
  17. vector or arrays

    is there a way to create an array like: x = [ w,e,r,t]; in phaser?
  18. thanks for Your time
  19. Hi, I have been working on Ninja Ball, Ninja Escape and Arson video games made with HTML5. I was interested to find an artist for an upcoming point and click game who is willing to do unpaid art. (If the game sells, I will normally split depending how well the artist performed and how much time did he spend) It will be a point and click mobile / online game. Your name will be in the credits and the game will be played on several websites around the web. These are the things that need to be done in this game: - 4 to 6 vector backgrounds. - GUI. - Several sprites. (Keys, gems, doors, etc) You are totally free to make the backgrounds as you please, as long as it has to do with point and click games. The game is projected to showcase on Match 1st if everything goes according to plan. The engine will be a modification of my previous engine. Kind regards!
  20. Hi there, I've got an issue, and I guess "it's not a bug it's a feature", but when applying scaling to an object and setting an other object's parent as the aforementioned object, the scaling of both objects becomes the same, even if parenting is set up after applying scale on the parent. Here is a Playground to demonstrate the issue : Playground link Here you can see that the sphere's scaling should be (1, 1, 1), the default scaling, but instead it has the same scaling as its parent (2, 3, 5), even if the scaling has been set up before linking those objects. I guess that Babylon sets the scaling matrix of the parent to be the same as its childs (I'll investigate the source code to confirm that), but it shouldn't, every child should have their own scaling matrix, and change their scaling vector relatively according to their parent. That's how I would do it anyway... Thanks in advance for your answers
  21. Steering, Rotation, PVector.heading2D()

    Hi all, I'm playing around with PIXI and using what I know of autonomous agents in Processing to help me along the way. I used Processing extensively about 2 years ago and integrated a lot of Craig Reynolds' work into my projects (ie autonomous agents, steering, boids etc). To learn that I used the wonderful book The Nature Of Code by Daniel Shiffman. Chapter 6 of this book is on autonomous agents and moves from steering into a boids algorithm using Processing. The section related to my question is "Example 6.1: Seeking a target" (if you can visit the page for Chapter 6 - Autonomous Agents and look at Example 6.1 as it has an embedded applet showing the intended results of what I'm trying to achieve. Note how nicely the triangle just turns to be facing the direction it is moving). I've been able to rewrite most of that example in JS/PIXI but I'm having trouble with the vehicle rotating to face the mouse. The relevant section from the full Vehicle Class code is: // Draw a triangle rotated in the direction of velocityfloat theta = velocity.heading2D() + PI/2; //this line in particularfill(127);stroke(0);strokeWeight(1);pushMatrix();translate(location.x,location.y);rotate(theta); //the Vehicle is rotated by the angle calculated by heading2D() abovebeginShape();vertex(0, -r*2);vertex(-r, r*2);vertex(r, r*2);endShape(CLOSE);popMatrix();What I cannot figure out is how to translate the float theta = velocity.heading2D( ) + PI/2; line into something usable by PIXI and then correctly rotate the triangle primitive I have drawn with PIXI.Graphics( ). My 'Vehicle' is also an object that draws the triangle and moves towards the mouse and does everything expected except rotate to always the direction it is travelling. My current line of code to attempt to replace the PVector.heading2d( ) method from Processing is this.heading = Math.atan2(this.velocity.x, this.velocity.y);Which is followed up elsewhere with graphics.rotation = this.heading;I'll admit it's a reasonably blind attempt at hoping to stumble upon a working result as I don't truly understand how to rotate a primitive (filled triangle in my case) by the angle derived from the direction it is travelling. What happens when I run my steering example with the above two lines included is exceptionally erratic rotating - alternating between two rotations so fast in fact that it gives the appearance of there being two triangles. Is someone able to help me understand how to rotate a triangle primitive to be facing the direction it travels as seen in the quoted Processing code line? float theta = velocity.heading2D() + PI/2;I need to implement whatever calculation PVector.heading2D( ) does, but that is what I can't figure out. Many thanks!
  22. The problem of physics Performance

    Recently I am doing a project, in which I have to set a constant velocity value to a ball. This game is much like PingPong. I am now using P2 physics, but when test it on mobile, there are a big performance problem. On Android, the problem could be a small problem due to different browser, but it still remain somtimes, there is a little bit stutter when I playing. Because I don't have the things like vector, so I can not get or set it's magnetic efficiently, so I have to calculate the angel and value of the velocity and set it to constant values every frame, I think this might be the main problem. And I also want to know, if it's also because the P2 physics caused too much, I know that there are a box2d plugin in phaser, it costs a bit, but I want to know if my game's performance would become better if I change to box2D, what's the difference between box2d and p2. And I also want to know if anyone could have a better solution to due with the constant velocity problem, I need it to bounce, and if it's possible I also want to constraint the angle, because I don't want the ball to bounce like parallel to the bouncing board. Thanks a lot!
  23. We have an immediate requirement for an animator/artist to repurpose a large amount of flash vector graphics and animations into bitmap animations for use in HTML5 (spritesheets/texture atlases) There’s a lot of min-games that need converting – approximately 300 (TBC). The original flash anims were authored over a period of about 10 years or so and there’s multiple authors, so styles vary a lot. The activities/games are all very simple, but because of the nature of the players they tend to have large graphics. Some things we’re particularly looking for: Essential skills:FlashPhotoshopDesirable skills:dragon bones/spriter/other skeletal animation system experienceZoeTexture PackerGit/BitbucketNice to have CreateJSPixi.jsunderstanding of HTML5 game development processesexcellent knowledge of creating artwork in Flashmust be able to create optimised sprite sheets from existing flash assets within tight specificationsknowledge of mobile and html5 restrictions
  24. Hello! I'm ah-tan, full-time freelance artist specializing in creating graphics/animation for 2D games. Check out my Portfolio / Sample Games / More / More You can contact at Thanks
  25. 2D Game Artist available for hire

    Hello, my name is Matt and I am available for any 2D game art or animation that you need. I currently create all of my game art out of my home office here in sunny Fountain Hills, Arizona. I have been an avid gamer all of my life going back to playing Atari in the early 80's. It was always my life long dream to be a Video Game Artist which I have achieved. Here are some of my successes. • Created all of the graphics for Zander's World, a mobile game developed by Hot Salsa Interactive. • Created all of the graphics and animations for a few other Hot Salsa titles, Fluffy Fluffs, Tile Tap Boom and Find What's Different, which are still in development. Please see some examples in my portfolio. • Created all of the graphics and animations for That's Cupido, a mobile game in development by Mousee Games. • Worked for several years as a Senior Game Artist at Broken Bulb Game Studios. Created Characters, animations, levels and many other graphics for their hit Facebook Game Miscrits. • Piloted the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. Oh wait that was someone else. Please take a moment to view my portfolio Feel free to contact me at so we can discuss your project.