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Found 179 results

  1. Does anyone know if there's a reason why spatial audio doesn't work when animating a camera towards a mesh that has an audio source either attached or placed in the same position? My project has an Arc Camera parented to a mesh, which is then animated around a scene. I've set up end points where the camera parent will animate to, with the idea being as soon as it approaches the centre of the target position the spatial audio will kick in. However, in practice this doesn't appear to ever happen and in fact the only way I seem able to get it to work at all is if I manually zoom or move the arc camera past these audio zones. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Audio on Mobile

    Hello, Any idea if there is a problem on loading .ogg files on chrome mobile? Im trying : PIXI.loader.add('menu', "assets/audio/menu.ogg"); PIXI.loader.load(function (loader, resources) { console.log(resources) resources['menu'] }) It works perfect on PC but on Mobile (CHROME IPHONE) its doesnt reach the console.log line. Any Idea?. Thanks
  3. Cannot STOP sounds...

    I have an array with a list of sounds and then I loop barely like this to add them to the game: for (var i=0;i<=aSounds.length-1;i++) window[aSounds[i].name+'_snd'] =[i].name); To play the sound at the desired points of my code I just do: window['_snd'].play() // works fine However I am not managing to STOP the sound with: window['_snd'].stop(); // instead to stop the sound it just restarts What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. Audio middleware company CRI Middleware recently announced that their flagship product ADX2, which is already powering the audio of more than 4000 games is now available for HTML5. ADX2 provides all the features necessary for fully interactive audio (randomization, complex sound effect behaviors, real-time parameter control, auto-ducking, DSP effects and more…) with a DAW-like intuitive interface and a highly-optimized sound engine. For more information about ADX2, you can check the CRIWARE web site: CRIWARE also offers ADX2UP, a plug-in version of ADX2 for Unity, available to all developers for US $99:
  5. Hello, Possible Bug in Assets Manager Audio. QUESTIONS: Is this a bug, is it related to M64 and M65, does anyone have any insight on M64 and M65? STEPS: 1) Run the Audio test ( from these docs ( and no audio. Reproduced in Dev environment. Along with interesting deprecation messages in the console. below... (maybe not related?): [Deprecation] GainNode.gain.value setter smoothing is deprecated and will be removed in M64, around January 2018. Please use setTargetAtTime() instead if smoothing is needed. See [Deprecation] AudioParam value setter will become equivalent to AudioParam.setValueAtTime() in M65, around March 2018 See for more details. Interesting. NOTE: Possible bug behavior seems limited to AssetsManager, as I can still use direct load sound and it works. QUESTIONS: Is this a bug, is it related to M64 and M65, does anyone have any insight on M64 and M65? ping @davrous ... : ) Thanks,
  6. Hello, my name is Esteban Tamashiro. I am a freelance composer with experience in several kind of games. I am particulary interested in RPG and Visual Novels. I have a Degree in Music Composition, and I am Piano Teacher Grade 5 from the Yamaha Music System. You can listen to my music here: Memory Trees OST (RPG): Dawn Drop OST (Visual Novel): More of my work here: Contact:
  7. Menu state audio issue

    I have an issue with the audio when first start the game in the menu state. The audio doesn't play. But after I start playing the game from another state and return to the menu state it works fine. When i test in android phone it doesn't work properly, but when I test emulator it seems to work fine. I use phonegap to build the app. Below is the code to my menu state var menuAudio = null; var menuState = { create: function () { this.menuAudio ='cheering'); this.menuAudio.loop = false; this.menuAudio.volume = 1;; var favButton =,780,"favFolder",this.favMovies,this); favButton.anchor.setTo(0.5,0.5); }, favMovies: function(){ if (this.menuAudio != null) { this.menuAudio.destroy(); } game.state.start("difficulty"); } }
  8. Looking for a cinematic theme for your game? Listen to a preview of some of my latest music: Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1
  9. Hello, I'm able to attach spatial audio to an object in my scene. But as I'm now creating many objects and pushing them to an array, I cannot assign the audio to the mesh in the array. Here's the basic code: for (let b = 0; b <= 20; b++) { boxRotArray = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox("box_rot" + b, {size:0.1}, scene); } const bgm = new BABYLON.Sound('backgroundMusic', './Demos/sounds/WubbaWubbaSound.mp3', scene, null, { spatial: true, maxDistance: 20, loop: true, autoplay: true }); bgm.attachToMesh(boxRotArray[0]); I've tried using the name of the object in the array, and I've also tried to assign a new variable to equal boxRotArray[0]. when I console.log(boxRotArray[0]); it is a mesh and I'm using this in many different other assignments. Any thoughts? Thanks, DB
  10. sound.isPlaying always return true

    Good morning everyones! I'm using Phaser 2.6.2. I'm working to play a sound sequence, I've didn't find a queue option in Phaser sound manager, so I've tried to build a basic one by myself. I've 1 to 5 sounds to play one after one to make a single sound if the player has reached 1 to 5 goals. I'v all the sounds preloaded in an array. When I call: console.log(sound[i].isPlaying); is always true. When I call: console.log(sound[i].currentTime); is always 0. Why? How can I make it works?
  11. Preloading audio from JSON

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to preloading my audio from the same JSON where I preload the images. This is my JSON file: { "preloading": [ { "type": "image", "key": "image1", "url": "Images/image1.png", "overwrite": false }, { "type": "audio", "key": "audio1", "urls": [ "Audio/audio1.wav" ], "autoDecode": true } ], "meta": { "generated": "1401380327373", "app": "Phaser Asset Packer", "url": "", "version": "1.0", "copyright": "Photon Storm Ltd. 2014" } } This is where I read the file: function preload(): void { game.load.removeAll(); game.load.pack('preloading', 'myjson.json', null, this);'audioN', 'Audio/audioN.wav', true); } function startOnClick() { audio ='audioN'); } If I launch my game, images are preloaded succesfully as audioN.wav, the audio in JSON give me this error: phaser.js:72849 Phaser.Loader: No URL given for file type: audio key: audio1 for all the audio file on my JSON file. The JSON file, the images folder and the audio folder are located in the root of the project. The audioN is a test that I've added to see if the problem was a type error in JSON or not, it doesn't change anything if I kick away it from my code. Any idea why I receive this error? Maybe @Arian Fornaris or anyone else could let me understand where my code is wrong? And, partial OT, why I cannot change the meta tags (except for "copyright")? If I do so it doesn't load nothing anymore.
  12. I'm trying to port my game to mobile using ludei's cocoonjs. When playing my game in a browser, (in chrome, Edge, FF), the audio in the game works fine. Opening the game in the Cocoon Developer App (using the Cavas+ option), none of audio is found. I get errorr such as: Phaser.Cache.getSound: Key "Orcs" not found in Cache. All the audio files are in my preload state i.e."Orcs", ["assets/sounds/Orcs.mp3"]); And again, all the audio works fine in a regular browser. Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution? One more note - the audio does work when using the Webview option in the Cocoon Dev App. However, I'd rather use the Canvas+ since everything I read said that's the better option for html5 games all contained within a canvas. Thanks!
  13. I'm trying to port my game to mobile using ludei's cocoonjs. When playing my game in a browser, (in chrome, or Edge), the audio in the game works fine. Opening the game in the Cocoon Developer App (using the Cavas+ option), none of audio is found. I get errorr such as: Phaser.Cache.getSound: Key "Orcs" not found in Cache. All the audio files are in my preload state i.e."Orcs", ["assets/sounds/Orcs.mp3"]); And again, all the audio works fine in a regular browser. Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution? Thanks!
  14. Playing .m4a files

    Hi, I'm trying to play a simple .m4a file when the user collides with an object. I create it like this:"dot0", "sounds/dot0.m4a"); sfxDot ="dot0"); Then later, try to play it like this:; But I get the following error: Cannot read property 'createBufferSource' of null at (phaser.min.js:3) at Object.collectDot ( The sfxDot object seems like a valid sound, from the F12 console: c.Sound {game: c.Game, name: "dot0", key: "dot0", loop: false, markers: {…}, … I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, this is my first attempt to get a sound to play so I'm probably just missing out on a setup call or something. Also, I'm not even sure that .m4a files are supported, but they were listed in the docs. I looked through the audio samples but couldn't really find a sample that wanted to do exactly what I'm doing here (open a .m4a and play it.)
  15. Hi! You can call me Kit. I make music, hence this being a music station. I've been composing for about two years for a project I've been working on with a couple friends. I realized I could raise some extra money for it by composing for other people, so hopefully we can work something out. You can see my portfolio here: It's right here! It's got an extremely heavy focus on electronic, jazzy stuff, but I will gleefully do whatever you want me to do. Do you want a country style bluegrass jam over a screaming acid house bassline? Can do. Do you want a bombastic orchestral arrangement but where every instrument is a bike horn? Glad to oblige. Do you want to go avant-garde and make your game's OST completely silent? Works for me. If this sounds good to you, let's start talking about prices. PRICING: You can pay in two different ways. I either work for $10 an hour (rounded to the nearest hour), or $20 per minute of music (rounded to the nearest thirty seconds). If you want to pay per minute, keep in mind that revisions cost extra. If you give me a good idea of what you want, I can crank something out for you lasting about two minutes in about three to five hours. Basically, paying per minute of music or per hour of work will come out to about the same price, so it's really up to you. BUDGETING: I'm admittedly new to this, so if you need to figure out whether you can pay for me or how my prices compare to other people, I'm happy to give you an estimate if you give me a budget, a tracklist, and a general style. Youtube links as references are a good idea - these help a lot when it comes to figuring out what I can do for you. I'm also down to give you a quick snippet of music lasting between thirty to forty five seconds if you want to know what to expect when you work with me. Keep in mind that it won't be a complete track, but it'll probably help us reach an understanding regarding workflow, communication, etc. If this sounds good to you, feel free to drop me a line at I'll be waiting for you. Cheers!
  16. I have a game I am working on and want to bring audio into the background. One of the key features of my game is that it is based on live data. One of these live data components is live audio. I have the ability to receive live audio on my server (it is a server written in C by the way) encode it how I see fit (to MP3 for example), and then package it and send it somewhere. Where I am totally lost is exactly how I am supposed to package and send this audio data to the browser. I do know that there are at least three protocols - HTTP, RTMP, and and RTSP. I think I want to stick with HTTP. Suppose I create an <audio> element on the browser. What does this element want in terms of "here is the live stream for you to connect to"? And how is my sever supposed to deliver this audio data? Do I need to open up a web socket? Does the audio file need to be saved to a disk (like a spool or scratch file)? I am pretty lost here after many days of research...
  17. Audio blobURL broken in v3

    Hello Friends, I recently upgraded to the RC version of BJS 3 and am now seeing an error that isn't present in v2. I am creating an audio file and setting the src to a blob URL that I have just created with getUserMedia (it's a wave): var newUrl = (window.URL || window.webkitURL).createObjectURL(blob); var audioEl = new Audio(); audioEl.controls = true; audioEl.src = newUrl; document.getElementById('curTrackContainer').appendChild(audioEl); audioObj[i].sound.dispose(); audioObj[i].sound = new BABYLON.Sound(newName+i, newUrl, scene, null, { loop: false, autoplay: false }); The audio file plays okay from the audio element, but when I try to have babylon play it, I get this error: BJS - [21:52:42]: Error while trying to play audio: Sampled15010375539220, TypeMismatchError babylon.customRC.js (6025,13) This method works fine in version 2.5 but breaks in 3.0. Any help would be appreciated, if we know what has changed in that space. Thanks, Jeff
  18. Audio loop duplicating - Bug?

    Hi there, I've stumbled across some very weird audio behavior and can't seem to avoid it. I'm trying to loop a marker of my audio file, which works well on itself. Whenever pausing and resuming the audio loop at least once however, as soon as the next loop point is reached it will not stop the currently running audio and play from the marker but just add a new layer of audio that plays from the marker instead, while the old one just continues to play. And it keeps doing that for every loop. //Create { this.sfx_music = this.sound.add("key); this.sfx_music.allowMultiple = false; this.sfx_music.addMarker('turbo', 116.8696, 7.3846, 1, true);'turbo'); } unpauseGame: function() { if( { = false; this.sfx_music.resume(); } }, pauseGame: function() { this.sfx_music.pause(); = true; } Pausing the game without pausing the music doesn't cause this problem, but It's mandatory for me to pause the music when pausing the game.. Could this be a bug in sound.pause() or sound.resume()? I'm using Chrome but I have the same behavior in firefox as well. Please help! Best Zampano
  19. Recording Audio

    Hello! I'm brand new to phaser and fairly new to programming. I'm trying to setup a basic game and I'm wondering if it's possible to record audio using phaser. I've got objects that I'm dragging around and when I place the object, I'd like to be able to record the players audio. Not sure if this is possible or how I'd even go about it. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  20. Are there any alternatives to the cordova media plugin that have already been battle tested ( ) ? It works, but I don't like how it requires so many permissions for things I am not using. I *just* need to play audio. Also, I'm fairly new with using native audio on android, but I've heard that it is actually better to just include individual audio files and release them immediately after each use or after each state instead of using an audio sprite, can anyone confirm?
  21. I am Sam Foster, a freelance indie game composer looking for work! I recently scored several indie games. I've also scored many indie films. For more info (demos, contact info, etc.), visit: If interested in custom music, contact me via email or on my website's online contact form. Rates are negotiable. Alternatively, I have a small selection of royalty-free music available on Bandcamp and AudioJungle: Bandcamp: AudioJungle:
  22. PIXI Loader & Audio (Howler etc)

    Hi all I've just started on my second prototype for a game, only this time I'm wanting to sort out a few more of the core parts to it first. Audio being the one I'm tackling at the moment. I have a basic setup atm a loader and a few sprites to test. Upon finishing the load (including a music mp3 file) it runs a startGame function which then plays the audio track. I originally tried using the pixi-audio plugin from GitHub, but could not get this one to work at all (does it still work with PixiJsV4?) so moved onto Howler Howler does work, and plays the audio file once loaded. However after trying on my server it seems the loader doesn't fully load the mp3 file before continuing as it starts to play a good 5-10 seconds later after the startGame function has run. Do mp3 files work the same as any other file with the Pixi loader? or could this be an issue with howler that I have missed? Thanks for any advice!
  23. Hi, My name is Nathan, I'm a Professional Freelance Composer and Sound Designer based in Osaka, Japan. I am currently looking for new exciting projects to work and collaborate on, I have experience with Wwise and procedural audio as well as writing a myriad of different musical genres and styles as well as creating various sound effects all of which can be found on my website. I am passionate about what I do and am always available to contact about the game development! If you would like to get in contact ASAP about getting custom, professional and personal audio for your project, just give me an add on Skype: Ncleary1 or send me an email at - You can find out more about me on my website posted down below. Thanks, Nathan Soundcloud - NCM - STORE! - Best Burger OST Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank! OST - Best Burger OST - Best Burger Big Boss Battle! (BBBBB) Best Burger OST - Let's Bring The Party! Episicava OST Mummy's Day Massacre OST Best Burger OST - Salsa Saturdays! Super Ubie Land 2 OST (WIP) Infinity PBR OST Godcaster OST Best Burger OST - Lenny's Load Up Groove - Take 1! Unity3D - Connect SFX Dove Ad Axe Ad Composition Showreel Wwise, Music and SFX Reel Infinity PBR Unity 3D - Connect Messenger SFX Phuture Funk Wwise, Music and SFX Reel
  24. Soundspring Studio is currently looking for project collaborations. Contact us here or at Soundcloud:
  25. Hello, Evaluating Web Audio API, for 3D sound, mixed HowlerJS with BJS without realizing: Oh, Babylon.Sound ... ? Whylookathat, lots of sound! : ) Thanks to answer below, with links. I will head that way. Related question is around WebAudio API AudioContext and -> compressors, oscillators, reverb, etc. with JS! +1. That should all be available through the AudioContext in Web Audio API... if there is an example. If not. I'll dig down, figure it out, and put it here.... : ) Applying 3D Sound with BABYLON.Sound. : ) Cheers.