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Found 17 results

  1. Bootstrap And PHP Template

    Hello, I wanted to create a responsive website to provide online tools like file converters, calculators etc. Is there any bootstrap template where I can easily add more tools with php. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, nice to see you. This is my first game I made. Thank you for feedback and advices! One (or more) screenshot Please see the attached screen shot. A short description of your game This is a slot machine game made with html5, css3 and javascript. The link to the game (Regular Version) Additional information My intention behind is to make a business concept for monetization. I chose slot machine as the subject of game development this time because it has a lot of simple but interesting elements of game. Payout rates of the current version (as of writing on 19 Feb 2016) is around 92~96% (when 100,000 games are played). Try spin simulation by 1) open console of your browser and copy & paste & run Backbone.mediator.trigger( 'simulateSpins' , 100000 ); Sound track (re-mix version) is available at soundcloud. This web app game does not work fast enough on mobile devices. For this reason I tried making the same game with phaser JS from scratch all over again, but I could not make it run any faster. Please read this blog post. I am afraid that my javascript skill has a lot to do with the poor performance on mobile devices. I plan to release this slot machine program as an open source on gitHub soon in a few months. (I like to write a grunt JS script for the source code before releasing it to public.) About me I develop wordress theme most of the time. I made game because it seems to be fun. I do not do gambling though I might visit casino to play slot machines just for fun.
  3. CSS3 Game - Magic Swap

    Hi, I build a Mind Game with jQuery and CSS3 - heavily using of CSS3 features like animations and transitions and styling-stuff, so no pictures included (except for the background) I don't know why animations have a better performance than transitions (testet on my tablet). I tried to put into an app with Intel XDK but it's very slow, that disappoints me.... Now i would like to see it published somewhere, has someone suggestions? So feel free to comment! Here the Link Magic Swap
  4. Hello, So I was wondering could you add my game to the Made With Pixi page that would be so cool. Anyways the game is about a top down shooter you go around and collect coins. You can save progress, load, there is a new random map loaded every time you go to exit I upgrade each week, it has android app.
  5. I've created a Board game using only HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript (some JQuery). It's in playable stage but definitely not optimized for different browsers or mobile. So i would like to collaborate with developers(you) and finish this game and release it. here's the game. Check it out: If you have any interest to be part of this project. Please mail me and we'll discuss. Here's my mail:
  6. Email Games

    Hey everyone! I've been wondering lately if I could use html5, inline-css, and media queries to make a point-and-click game in webkit-supported email clients? It SEEMS feasible as webkit allows for the use of vector css such as: @-webkit-keyframes rotateIn { 0% { -webkit-transform-origin: center center; transform-origin: center center; -webkit-transform: rotate(-360deg); transform: rotate(-360deg); } 100% { -webkit-transform-origin: center center; transform-origin: center center; -webkit-transform: rotate(0); transform: rotate(0); } } I understand that there isn't much "graceful degradation" in this when it comes to older clients like Outlook or non-webkit supported clients like Gmail, but I'm optimistic for the future of email. Any advice or help with understanding the rules for something like this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! P.S.- I've looked everywhere for documentation or even a thread on this, but have come up short.
  7. WeAreDigital have a great opportunity for a talented HTML5 developer who is passionate about creating beautiful, playful interactive content. We are currently seeking a highly experienced HTML5 Developer to develop a mobile site for a high profile global fashion client. Responsibilities include:• Build interactive and compelling web experiences using Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5• Create swish page effects and transitions • Write clean, readable, reusable code• Be involved in project from brainstorm to delivery Job Requirements• Computer science degree or equivalent experience• Experience in developing highly interactive web applications that work across desktop and mobile browsers• Expert knowledge of HTML5, Javascript & CSS3 • Ability to program and design interactive animations. Great eye for motion, design, typography• Experience coding for mobile web using responsive web technologies• Extensive design and mobile website development experience• Strong debugging and optimization abilities • Strong English written and verbal communication skills
  8. Hi, Revolver Gaming is growing rapidly and we seeking an experienced HTML5 game developer to join our NW. London team. Please see full job spec here: If interested please send CV and cover letter to jobs(at) revolvergaming(dot) com. or call me on +44 (0)208 202 9594. Look forward to hearing from you. Best, Ryan
  9. New game development book

    Hi all, My geeky publisher in San Francisco has just published a new book called Build an HTML5 Game. I thought some of you might like to check it out. I'd love to hear your feedback too! In this developer's guide, author Karl Bunyan shows readers how to create browser-based games by walking them through a full-length, in-depth tutorial on building a classic favorite, the bubble shooter. By focusing on HTML5 as a game building platform together with CSS3, JavaScript, and Canvas, developers learn how to craft game mechanics, add animation and sound, optimize games to improve performance, and more. We're also looking for reviewers. If this interests you, drop me a line at Please include details of where your review would be posted. Cheers, Marlon
  10. Super Bola and Tasilany

    Hi, these are our first html5 game "Super Bola", is a classic game (ball and paddle), with 9 levels. It has build using html5, canvas element and css for the background and positioning of the canvas. We use arquitecture of Sprite, ImageArtist, SpriteSheetArtist and Behaviors used in IBM developers works tutorial., link "Juegos". It is about 950kb in total Our second game uses the same tools, arquitecture. It is Tasilany, is a simple classic game to find an equals par of block, but it has other features and misteries that become more interesting. It is about 600kb in total., link "Juegos". Sorry for my english please, we appreciate recomendations and opinions. thanks.
  11. Performance in HTML5 Games

    Hello guys! Well i'm a Web Developer front-end based, and i'm starting to learn more javascript to start dev my first HTML5 Game, and i have this Question about performance in mind: ~Native Apps can use hardware acceleration because they have more access to device, can use video card or something else, the graphic/performance quality of ipad games are an example We can get some hardware acceleration developing an HTML5 Game? we can dev some game like Eternity Warriors 2 of ipad or something with sprites like King Of Fighters series using HTML5/JS/CSS3?~ I'm really interested, someone can talk a bit about this?
  12. Hi All, I am in need of multiple HTML5 Games Developers to work for a global organisation based in the Midlands. 2x HTML5 Team Leaders 6x Senior HTML5 Developers Both positions are available on a contract/permanent basis, with flexible and very lucrative rates of pay. The role will be working on browser based games to run on mobile platforms. We do also offer a great referral scheme, for those of you who are currently unavailable but have colleagues who may be interested. Experience with the following would be beneficial; HTML5 (I know, surprising) JavascriptCSS/3Knowledge of mobile technologyFull Software Life-cycle (Any methodology)As to stand out from a typical 'run of the mill advert' offering 'competitive' salaries, I can divulge the daily rate can reach up to £375 per day, and the permanent positions can reach up to £50,000 per annum. Hope that can twist a few arms. Thanks for reading all, look forward to your applications, and happy developing! - Josh, ECS Consulting "To the person who stole my Microsoft Office... I will hunt you down, you have my Word."
  13. Problem with Examples : newbie

    Hello all, Im an ios Developer trying to explore phaser. I am having problems getting started with the examples. I understand that it is a silly one. Please help me out. I am able to setup everything. I even executed the HelloParser which was there in the Docs folder. I am using apache tomcat as the server and I installed php5 on my Ubuntu system. Then, I copied the examples folder to my www folder of my server and this is what I got (Pic attached): But nothing is happening when I click on any of the buttons. For e.g: If i select sprite 1, a blank page is displayed. Please help. I want to catch up on HTML5 and developing web based games using Phaser. Thanks, Kiran Kulkarni
  14. An exciting stealth mobile game startup is looking for a highly talented game/app engineer to work out of our brand new Mountain View office. The successful candidate will be working on an exciting narrative-themed next gen learning product--with the goal to revolutionize education. The ability to work quickly and efficiently as part of a high octane startup team and kick butt under pressure is crucial. We are looking for an experienced mobile game/app developer to join our brand new learning games studio as a founding team member--with the opportunity to lead our mobile initiative across multiple platforms. Based in the exciting startup scene of Castro Street in Mountain View, we’re offering: Competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package Fun, passionate and creative studio on a mission to revolutionize education Challenging and rewarding work on the frontier of cross-platform HTML 5 game development QUALIFICATIONS Expertise in HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript is essential Experience working with javascript libraries like jQuery, Pixi, CreateJS, or similar. Experience with mobile game dev across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS (phones, tablets, and browser) Ability to develop dynamic, compelling gamified user experiences in mobile (that kids will absolutely love) Ability to ramp up quickly on new mobile languages Commercial mobile game dev experience with multiple titles shipped Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, related discipline, or equivalent experience KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Act as the primary interface with mobile dev team from a technical perspective driving the delivery of compelling mobile game experiences Maintain robust code quality across multiple mobile game dev environments Bring passion, energy, and commitment to professional quality cross-platform mobile development REQUIREMENTS Awesome communication, collaboration, and management skills Strong coding, problem-solving, and debugging skills Passion for mobile games and an interest is disrupting education!
  15. Am looking for qualified online tools programmer for permanent position in Coventry, UK. Key Attributes Highly proficient C# programmer In-depth knowledge of multiple areas from the following ◦ WCF, ◦ SQL Databases – Entity Framework, ◦ ASP .Net MVC ◦ HTML 5 – CSS3 – JavaScript ◦ WPF - Prism ◦ Asynchronous programming, Rx – Reactive Extensions ◦ Cloud based data processing, application hosting and server programming using Windows Azure, Amazon AWS or other cloud services provider. At least 3 years of programming experience in the games industry or a similar leading-edge software industry such social media, internet content providers or search engines. Experience in a variety of programming languages, scripting languages & technologies, suited to developing tools applications in an effective manner Positive and outgoing personality Excellent creative problem solving abilities Experience of breaking down large tasks into a comprehensive set of sub-tasks, and estimating how long the tasks will take Excellent organisational abilities Excellent written and verbal communication skills Excellent bug finding & fixing skills Excellent User-Interface design skills Have a passion for developing high-quality software CVs and more info @
  16. I recently came across Christian Heilmann’s Five things you can do to make HTML5 perform better article, where point number three is to use CSS Transforms instead of position and top/left when moving elements across a page. It is a practice increasingly championed, such as in the noted Paul Irish video, Why Moving Elements With Translate() Is Better Than Pos:abs Top/left. The central point is when animating you’ll achieve higher frame rates using this transform code:
  17. FlipIt

    Hi all, i wanted to show you some of my games: Some are in Beta, but i think they work as they should ^^ I use only self-written engines, so the games are completely my own work. My actually "best" game is FlipIt: Here you have to click on the buttons until the complete field is illuminated with buttons. The buttons behave some kind of special Then there is "Metrogame": Here you are an underground-planner, who has to rearrange existing parts of rails until the new timetables can be used successfully. "Blueprints": The goal is to arrange all lines on the screen with only changing your mouseposition until the lines fit together and create a blueprint of a thing You can find all those games at: If you like my games, please support them by giving a like on facebook FlipIt: Metrogame: Blueprints: