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Found 20 results

  1. My name is Yu Cheng, and I'm a product manager from Nixi Technology. We are interested in buying games from studios or individuals. The game type we are looking for is "Endless Runner" which means "it require the player to navigate a character through gaps in walls, and require very little else, scoring mainly by how far the player can go before an inevitable crash as the player character automatically scrolls through the game". If you have this kind of games and would like to sell your games (licenses) and do a little bit modification for us, then please contact me either with this sites' internal message or you can email me at:
  2. [Phaser] Neon Dunk is here

    Hello! I'm glad to present you my new game Neon Dunk: Both exclusive and non-exclusive licenses are available for now.
  3. Hello! I'm glad to present you my new game Real Soccer Pro: . The game is ready for licensing, so if you are interested please contact me via PM
  4. Hello! Winter is coming. And for most of us winter is associated with Christmas. That's why I am glad to present you my brand new match3 HTML5 game "Christmas gifts". - All assets including sounds and graphics were made from the scratch; - Branding options are provided; - Less than 3 mb; - Both types of licenses (exclusive and non-exclusive) are available at the time of the creation of the post; PM me for details. Link to the game:
  5. Hi! I've got a new HTML5 Game for sale called Ninja Surudo. Check it out: Contact me to discuss on the type of license, price and other details. You can e-mail met at : [[[ jtdispagma {at) gmail (dot} com ]]] You can also PM me if you want.
  6. HelloweenParty game is available for licencing in next few days. you can play it here:
  7. Hello, Helloween Madness highscore based game is available for licensing. It was never published before, so exclusive license is also available. PM me for details.
  8. Hi, I’m a game developer looking for non-exclusive and exclusive sponsorships for my 3 newest html5 games and non-exclusive sponsorships for my past 4 html5 games making 7 total. If you want to license more than one game, a better deal can be made. They work on all devices (mobile included) and span across many genres. Wherever you see my RetroBolt Logo, it will be replaced with your websites logo or banner or removed entirely. One license can be used for all your websites. Play Here- These are games that I personally believe are a fun and enjoyable. If needed, changes can be made any of the games you choose. If you're interested, PM me or email me at I can also use some advice on what I could improve. Thank you
  9. Hi, I've made four original Html5 games, all of which work on all platforms. Web, Mobile, so on. They are all currently available for non-exclusive sponsorships and exclusive licenses. They all can be played here- If you are interested in any of them, please let me know at the e-mail below. E-mail- Thank you
  10. [Phaser] Feed The Bob

    Hi Everyone, My team - PiGames have recently finished Feed The Bob, a simple game about keeping proper nutrition style. The idea for the game came from a hackathon, which goal was to help solving the problem of civillization diseases. Live version here: Game is available for licensing, for more info, contact me: I'd love to here your feedback about this game! We are still learning how to make great games, so every honest feedback will be very appreciated.
  11. Hi, I'd like to showcase our latest HTML5 Logic Games to you: A Lot Of Dots [ Play A Lot Of Dots ] Hexmatch [ Play Hexmatch ] Both games are available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing! I have also reskinned versions available or can reskin/brand it according your needs.
  12. Frozen Maze

    Frozen Maze is a simple sliding puzzle game where you slide an ice cube around the screen to reach the end of the level, collecting crystals along the way! The game is designed for mobile devices, however it can be played on PC using the mouse. This game is also available for licensing! If interested, feel free to send me an email at Any feedback or advice is appreciated! Click here to play
  13. Galactic Upgrade

    Galactic Upgrade is a journey throughout the Galaxy, with you and your chosen rocket. travel around, upgrade satellites, defend against asteroids and UFO's and the most important part have fun! This game is Available for Licensing. Contact Us for licensing purpose or just PM us,- Any Feedback about, gameplay, design, quality are all welcome. Click here to play>>
  14. Hi! We’ve recently finished working on our new puzzle/match3 game Tabby Island. It’s the game from our Fuzzy Island series. Tabby Island is based on fun (I hope ) and unique game mechanic; player need to launch fluffy kittens to score points and complete various missions. Looking forward for any feedback, especially about intuitiveness. In addition, the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Feel free to contact me: Skype: andriy.vinchkovskiy E-mail: You may test game by any of these urls: Thanks!
  15. Introducing Famobi

    Dear forum members, some of you already know Famobi and know what we’re doing, but nevertheless it would be impolite to not introduce ourselves properly We’ve been participating in this forum for a while now and first of all we would love to take the opportunity to tell you, that it’s a pleasure to be among so many awesome people able and willing to push our industry further and further. It’s a lot of fun to see how HTML5 games have improved in quality over a rather short period of time. So, what do we do? Basically, Famobi is an HTML5 games affiliate service. We aggregate the best HTML5 games from developers and offer them to publishers worldwide. Developers and publishers both can earn lifetime revenue with Famobi through ads and in-game purchases. Furthermore, Famobi's aim is to connect companies worldwide that haven't got in touch with HTML5 games yet, independently from the sector or size. If needed, we even build complete whitelabel portals for publishers. We only started in November 2014 (of course with a team of very experienced casual- and online games industry professionals). In these few months we already managed to generate a monthly reach of over 30 million gameplays and more than 7 million unique users (February 2015, Source: Google Analytics). Our catalogue of free HTML5 games has grown to over 100 games as of now and is steadily increasing. As it is very important for us to have a well-balanced portfolio, we don’t focus on a specific genre but rather look for games that fit our catalogue well. At the moment we are in need of action, sports, casino and classic games. We also experience that our players like to play HTML5 versions of "trend games" that are popular in the app stores (Flappy Bird hype, for example). Just as a general guideline, quality is most important for us. That means high-quality graphics, a fun game play and sufficient game depth. The games should run smoothly cross-platform on PCs and mobile devices. For localization we prefer all text in sprite fonts. That’s the short version, since we didn’t want to write a whole novel here We’re happy to answer your questions if you want to know more about us. We’re looking forward to a great 2015 and hope that together we all can shape the HTML5 games industry in a good way. All the best, the Famobi team
  16. Easy Words

    Hey everyone Take a look at my new game Easy Words: I would really appreciate feedback Game is available for licensing. If you are interested, contact me: skype: flerokoo
  17. Hey, I have been thinking of committing seriously to html5 gamedev for the past few months. I plan on working on a portfolio over the next few months, just to refine my skills and get some work out their. While I have a good handle on the development side of things. I feel a bit lost when it comes to the business side and actually making money. I apologise if this is something that has been asking a million times before. What I would like to know is how do you guys go about getting income. I am aware of licensing games but not sure of where the best place to go for that is. On the licensing point, how do you decide how much your game is worth? Apart from licensing, is there much demand from companies looking for developers on a contract basis? Finally while I don't have a grand vision of this being my main source of income at least not initially. Is html5 game dev a viable career option? Thanks in advance
  18. A Question about Licensing

    I am thinking about creating a minified version of my project with the closure compiler ( This compiler would remove a lot of the unused babylon.js code. I don't know very much about open source licensing, is there a way to do this legally? Would I have to put a license somewhere? Oh, and also would this be possible with jQuery?
  19. Nuggeta is launching an HTML5 portal ( and is looking for HTML5 games. Developers will receive revenue share generated by advertising. We can guarantee you new income from the day one your game is published. The portal will also make you known and will bring new exposure to your game or IP. With, Nuggeta wants to become the reference for HTML5 games on web and mobile. Thanks to Nuggeta API, the portal and the games will be linked together bringing new features and social aspects such as achievements and points to earn real gifts, multiplayer synchrone or asynchrone, chat,... If interested, contact us through
  20. The Decline Of Common Sponsors

    Having been in the commercial HTML5 market since late 2011, I feel like I have developed a pretty solid overview of the market. Lately I've noticed some troubling differences in the current market compared to that of 2012 or even early 2013. With more and more new faces around here everyday, the number of developers taking an interest in HTML5 is clearly growing...but I'm not so sure the same can be said for sponsors. The list of sponsors on this forum is still prominently made up of just a few valuable names. These so-called "common" or "popular" sponsors are widely known and have been a pillar of income for many of us, especially those of us that have been doing this for a long time now. But these common sponsors are becoming much more difficult to contact and sell to. When I released my book Making Money With HTML5, which many of you have bought and read, I knew this scenario would eventually become a reality. Having introduced hundreds of serious developers to commercial HTML5 game development I do feel partially responsible for this, though of course others like Rich have also facilitated this by placing sponsor details so openly in the public domain (prior to this forum existing it was a private, invite-only community). Now I'm not saying that is a bad thing. I'm very glad to have been able to inform so many people about HTML5 and help boost the pool of developers. More developers ultimately means more sponsors in the long run. But, the problem is people are getting lazy. In 2011, there were no lists of sponsors. We had to seek them out and find them by any means possible. It was hard. These days, the masses can go through a list and send an email blast to two dozen sponsors, hoping for a reply. But will you get one? Probably not. After all, everyone is spamming the same pool of sponsors so you better stand out if you want a response (assuming the sponsor is not already overwhelmed or flooded with content). So here's some free advice for those of you struggling to make money with the common sponsors: start being proactive. Go and search for HTML5 sponsors yourself, and contact anyone and everyone who might have an interest in HTML5 games. Stop being so reliant on a list of used and abused sponsors. If you put in the effort, you'll find new clients everywhere...none of which will be listed here for your convenience.