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Found 67 results

  1. Hi! This is a prototype for a 3D space platformer game that is in the design phase. You can play it here: We were able to develop this in a matter of days. Some features: Developed using PlayCanvas. p2.js is used for physics, planets create gravity fields that push objects that enter it, into orbit. solar system is an accurate representation of the real one, using the orbital elements from NASA. Planets were scaled up to help with game play. additional star systems can be added easily from the editor, just by inserting new (real or imaginary) orbital elements. orbits and gravity fields are rendered using "lines" to help the player navigate around. Touch controls are partially implemented, for the moment only to navigate around with the top down camera. This isn't an easy game, nor does it make much "sense" right now! But we are loving how easily it turns out to prototype in PlayCanvas. Stay tuned for feature updates: Thanks for playing!
  2. Super Asteroid Battle

    Join the Super Asteroid Battle! Bring your friends to fight the asteroids, collect ore, upgrade your spaceship, and shoot for the high score in this now multiplayer version of the classic Asteroids game. Built as a collaboration between Elisabeth Seite and Jackson Sui. We used the framework and for multiplayer. We think the game turned out very well and hope you enjoy it! Try playing it here! Github Link
  3. Hello everyone, in late 2013 I started experimenting with what is possible using JavaScript/WebGL (coming from a computer engineering - C++/Java university background). Over time it grew into a game engine and then this game, as I worked on it in my free time next to full time jobs and more recently, contracting work. So it is entirely custom code (the only library used is RequireJS to load the JS files themselves), and I made all the assets as well (models, textures, music, sound effects (using some free CC licensed sound samples as a base) - you can find details in the "About" page in the game. As a result, the engine features and asset quality are rather modest. It is still heavily work in progress as the title suggests, but it has become quite playable recently, so I decided to share it here. About the game My goal is to create a fully fledged 3D space sim with procedurally generated missions that can be played on any computer with a modern browser. I am going for more of a softcore sim feel rather than an arcade one (there are many arcade options these days, but I prefer the more serious, elaborate controls of sims, without the time/hardware investment needed for something like Elite: Dangerous - which also doesn't run on my linux machine) Check out the facebook page, where I post updates and you can also find a recent gameplay teaser video. Game features (so far): full 3D, 6 degrees of freedom gameplay Newtonian physics (with flight assist) basic combat mechanics (primary weapons, shields, flight modes, targeting) 11 simple, authored missions (+3 training missions) against AI in-game database with info about the ships detailed, persistent graphics and control settings graphics settings automatically lowered if default settings are not supported by the hardware (high FPS is not ensured, only that it runs) joystick support an editor to mod the game (even more WIP/unstable than the game) Planned (missing :)) features: procedural missions, with ship upgrades in-between advanced combat mechanics (missiles, jamming, boosting, communication with wingmen) more content (ships, weapons, more detailed environments....) multiplayer Also a lot of polish, HUD changes, performance optimizations etc are planned. You can get a general idea by checking out the issues page of the game's github. Please note! The download size for the game can be significant (tens of MBs - depends on graphics settings and the mission being loaded), so I do not recommend trying it with a plan where you pay based on the amount of data! Play it here Let me know what you think! Technical info You can check out the code at Feel free to fork it - since it is 100% client side code, you can just throw it into the public HTML folder of your server (e.g. Apache) and it should work locally right away. Then you can use the built-in editor in the tools folder (localhost/the_folder_you_put_the_game/tools) to see how the game data files are organized, play with them (to apply the changes just hit export and then overwrite the original with the exported file in the data folder). Note that you cannot create or export missions or edit config/settings from the editor (as of now) Since this is a long project and I regularly revisit and update parts of the codebase that I might have not touched for a year or so, I try to keep it organized and nicely commented even if just for myself. However, this is not the number one priority, so there are parts of the codebase (which at this point grew above 60,000 lines) which are in terrible, terrible shape. I believe the best example of this currently is the code for the HUD.
  4. Arrows - Move Ship Space - Fire Weapon A, S, D - Change Weapon 3 Power Ups : - Slow Time - Speed - Shield
  5. Mission 13 - Lost in Space

    Mission 13 - Lost in Space Check out our newest game, Mission 13! We spent the last few weeks developing it for the JS13K Games competition hosted by Andrzej Mazur at Enclave Games. As most of you probably know, the idea of this competition is to fit a whole game in a zip file less than 13kb. We managed this with our entry, and here is the end result! Also, feel free to plaster it across social media, trust me, we won't mind Some technical features of this game, for all you nerds out there include: Custome image generation. (For stars, planets, and asteroids) Audio synthesizer using JSFXR. Support for both mobile and desktop with fullscreen resizing capabilities. Random terrain generation. And most importantly, love.
  6. Space 2

    I just finished a game for KenneyJam called Space 2. You can play it for free. Now that the jam is over, I'm looking to polish and refine it. Looking forward to some constructive feedback on gameplay. Game Play Description Earn experience points for destroying enemy ships and asteroids. Use that experience to upgrade your ship. You can upgrade your max health, regenerations speed, reload speed, ship speed, shot damage, and weapon speed. Fly around the universe and try to stay alive, see how many rounds of enemy ships you can defend. Controls Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character around and the spacebar or left mouse button to shoot. Click on the abilities to increase them once you have ability points.
  7. Hi guys, I'm trying to make 2D-shapes / 2D-sprites in my Canvas2D (ScreenSpaceCanvas) follow some sprites which are placed in my 3d world. For this, I'm using the BABYLON.Vector3.Project function as followed: However, this is the result: I've checked each of the arguments and they all contain valid values at the time of being called. I've also stumbled across this topic, which uses another 4th argument in the call, but I've had no luck trying it with that one either. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  8. [Phaser] Color Stars

    Hello devs! I want to share with you the first demo of Color Stars, It's a color puzzle flat game with an educational component. The game will be available on web and mobile (cocoon) Play here: I appreciate your feedback and comments Thanks UPDATE Add some "modifiers or traps" Speed fixed New planets added The game is almost ready, thanks to people who helped me testing it.
  9. A small simple multiplayer game There is also book that I have just published showing the steps to take to create such a game Preview:
  10. I am building space game with big distances. To avoid glitches I use `material.useLogarithmicDepth = true;` And I found that all materials on scene need to be set to useLogarithmicDepth = true. I using Sprite and got problem: mesh with logarithmic material renders in front of sprites. - Here a tree is on position in front of cube, but looks like this tree inside the cube. Is this a way to bypass this behaviour? P.s. I can not disable useLogarithmicDepth
  11. Hi guys! I wanted to show you a game I made (full html5+css+javascript) that is basically a strategic incremental space game. The core mechanic of the game is to set up the production of several resources (raw and refined) that will be used to construct ships to conquer other planets to boost your production. Planets are different in bonuses they got and in buildings available, so you have to make decisions on which resource to produce locally and which to send/receive via shipments to and from a other planets in order to optimize your production and have the maximum profit possible. Another way to boost your production and thus progressing faster in the game, are Researches (upgrades) which will unlock new features and mechanics. The game is playable here: I feel like I need to implement quite something more to the game (I'm still actively developing it) like sound, story, quests and diplomacy between alien civilizations so that the world could feel more alive and less static. Also, the UI could feel messy and confusing sometimes, so I will also need to rework that. Besides these, I need feedback and suggestions about the game from another point of view, so please, feel free to suggest and critique the game! And of course if you have questions of any kind, just ask!
  12. Spaceix

    Spaceix is a simple and addictive endless runner game. Control the little rockets gliding through a beautiful exotic world. Collect coins and unlock cool in game rockets. Relaxed in the calm, zen-like background music. Hold and release so that the rockets takes off. Move away from the obstacles and pick up as many coins as you can.You get a score by traveling through the rings.The coins you pick up you can use in the game to buy rockets. Collect all the 40+ rockets. Be careful not to hit any obstacle or you will have to start again the game. Download on google play for free: .
  13. AstroColonist

    Hey guys, I started a new project recently and so wanted to put an old one to bed. Today I released Astro Colonist on Kongregate and look forward to hearing what people think. The project is not going to be developed further unless of course there is a need for it since I wasn't going to release it; but I didn't want to leave this just hiding in my games folder. The game lets you colonise multiple planets and build different things to help you progress. Aliens come in after a few hundred years and start trying to colonise planets too, if you don't eradicate them then all your planets will be consumed by them. You can play it now here at: Thanks for checking it out guys! Jammy.
  14. Hello. I'm excited to share my first HTML5 game - Trade Wars: It's a space mining and trading game built for Tablets (mainly), though you can play on the Desktop and on some phones (barely). It was made primarily using jQuery, featherlight (for lightbox menus), and Move.js. On the backend it's powered by Ruby on Rails 5 using the new Action Cable framework for some more interactive click responses w/o having to do full roundtrips to the server via xhr. The Premise Tap to mine one of three space resources randomly: Carbonite, Platinum or Ultimatium. Each resource has a different rarity level. Once you've maxed out your first ship's cargo capacity, you can upgrade your ship using the Navigator -> Upgrade Ship menu option. This gives you a mining multiplier boost and more cargo storage. Then you can create a Trade Outpost. This will transfer your ships' cargo to the outpost, where it can be bought and sold by other players (and AI bots). You can only mine on a planet so long before Space Pirates come along and threaten your space booty. There's a Leaderboard in the Navigator to see how you stack up against other players. I like the idea of how Hearthstone resets its rankings at the end of each month, so that's the plan for Trade Wars. On the 1st of every month, stats will be reset, ships are set back to starting levels, trade outposts demolished, and players start from scratch. Eventually I want to have the option of the player viewing ads for bonuses, or offer a PRO membership option to bypass ads entirely and receive some bonuses. What do you guys think? As I mentioned, it's my first HTML5 game, so please be gentle, but I'd appreciate your feedback.
  15. Gravity Melee

    Hello Everybody!! I present to you, the BEST multiplayer casual space shooter game on the Internet today! -->WHAT IS IT ABOUT?? 1. It is a 2 dimensions multiplayer space game that is gravity based. 2. Your spaceship has stats that you can improve by either collecting items in space or by destroying other player's ship. 3. Everything in the game has mass, and newtonian physics has influence over everything. Entities are attracted to each other according to roughly (mass1*mass2)/distance^2. 4. Your ship has two basic stats that determine its defense, its armor amount and shield amount 5. Shield recharges according to the amount of shield you have left, you can add to your total shield amount by acquiring the right item floating in space. 6. Armor do not recharge, every unit of armor you add to your ship add a certain amount of mass to your ship. Your ranking is determined by your total MASS! 7. You can repair your armor if you have enough unit of "armor repairer". Can be found floating in space. 8. The force of your propulsion system can be modified by item you find in space. The bigger you get, the more propulsion power you need to accelerate. 9. The rate of fire (RoF) can also be increased by item found in space, as well as the damage that each of your projectile !! //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// 1. 28/11/2016 ---> Addition of the Flash Bomb, uses shield and deals damage to surrounding area according to how much shield you had when you fired it. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// VISIT AT !!!----> Feel free to ask any question!!!!!!!! <----!!! --> IS THIS GAME HTML5?? - yes, the front end is mostly an html5 canvas and javascript, the back-end is node.js.
  16. Rotate sprite axis Y

    Hello guys, I am using the sprite for a shot from a gun effect. How I can rotate Y axis of a sprite? I need somthing like on screenshot. My sprite: It screen I did in the photoshop to give an opportunity to understand what I need
  17. Exit Isol8

    So, just released, my new game Exit Isol8. It's an iso puzzler with a retro theme. Player here Game design & code by me, art by 0Hayes
  18. playable prototype

    Hi all, I have decided to place a playable prototype desktop browser, to fire missiles with "space" rocket with "x", to canon fire and move with mouse, it's graphics programmer; if you can play it with headphones you will be better. Appreciate your feedback
  19. space game defender earth

    Any suggestions will be heard gladly.
  20. Recently started working on a space sandbox game called Diggerly. You will be able to build space stations/settlements and attack other players. Currently, only a very basic single player tech demo is available and it does not work on mobile devices. I release updates usually everyday and mining is up next. Multiplayer and space travel will be available in the next few days. Still have lots of bug fixes, optimizations, and designing to do. Controls are arrow keys/wasd and space bar to jump. The m key can be used to zoom out and show the whole planet. A playable demo is available here:
  21. Hi all, I want to share my first HTML5 game with you - It is an easy to play, online multiplayer space shooter where you destroy everything you see, upgrade your spaceship and cooperate with other players. Here is a youtube link: There are currently game servers in Germany and USA, next thing I want to do is automatic location detection. I would like to get some feedback from you on what can be added or changed in the game. Many thanks!
  22. Hey guys, I'd like get feedback on the game I'm working on; Infinity Sector (working title). I'm using Construct 2. It's a RTS space game that has a tactical pause to plan out attacks. There's also a slow motion mode. It's highly inspired by the game Distant Star Revenant Fleet. Right now I have the bare minimum on the game made, but I wanted to get some feedback on what I have now before I start adding other things. There's only 1 playable ship and only have 3 enemies ships so far. The weapons and ship upgrades are limited to 4 currently. Info about the game: The game is endless and each level is randomly generated (will have more stuff later on), you start off with some 'stores' you need to capture to get credits and supplies to level up your weapons and ship and then get to the exit for a boss fight. You can get to the exit without capturing any stores but you will be weaker to fight the boss. The enemies and boss get harder each level. I'd love to hear opinions on game balancing / game mechanics etc and any other comments you may have! Please keep in mind this is really early and a lot of art are still placeholder and there's no sounds besides the main menu. There's also a few known bugs like the game doesn't pause when you click the menu button while ingame, you need to pause before clicking it. I attached some images. Here's a link to the game: Infinity Sector Pre-Pre Alpha Thanks in advance! updated 5/31/2016 - Fixed the no pause while the menu is open bug, but I took out the slow mode for now. - Fixed bug where the player ship went off on it own.
  23. My project in development

    youtube Please feel free to give your opinions, questions or suggestions, thanks. 2D game 2 resolutions stereo sound without frameworks with IA (not yet) 60 levels inn-app purchases to: android, IO's, Windows and web
  24. "Touch event" movement

    Hi, Im trying to make a space shooter game. I saw on google play FA Galaxy Shooter and tried to imitate controls but I just cant think of a way to do that correctly. Its movement is similar to drag, but without actually needing to press the sprite. Lets say I want to move my ship (player sprite) to the left, in that game its done by moving your finger from right to left anywhere on the screen, there is no need of touching a sprite like in a drag event. Now the biggest problem for me is that, lets say you want to move it from right to left and then suddenly make a circle movement with the sprite, you would go again from right to left and then just do a circle shape with a finger without lifting it and by so, doing another touch event. Maybe I missed an example for doing that but I cant find anything on that type of movement.