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Found 46 results

  1. Distorting textured objects - ideas required

    Hello, although I don't have enough spare time to create games at the moment, I'm playing a bit around with code to understand game mechanics. At the moment I'm teaching myself soft body dynamics. I can create an entity consisting just of cordinates (say a sphere) and play around with their shape, wobbling, squishing etc. But I'm at a loss at how to bind a texture to them that actually distorts according to the coord changes; preferrably in a way performant enough to use it in a game, and most preferrably done in Pixijs. Maybe I'll have to cut the texture into a mesh, bind UV coordinates to them and then use something like three.js to render it? I see that e.g. Dragonbone has some way to add meshes to characters - plus it can be used from pixi. Will it distort textures properly when I modify mesh coordinates, or is this information only used when exporting animations? What other approaches can you think of?
  2. Rack'Em

    Rack'Em is an online multiplayer 8 ball pool game created with React.js, Three.js and Node.js Sink all of your balls before your opponent to win the game. Play here:
  3. [WIP] AI City Planner

    AI City Planner Hello! This game still has a ways to go (e.g. I still have to put in win conditions...), but I wanted to share it here to get any immediate reactions/thoughts people had. The game is called AI City Planner, and the idea is to help your fellow robots reach the singularity by replacing the human buildings with AI cubes. I'm building the game with Three.js, Howler.js, and Rollup.js and (currently, anyway) deploying it to via If you give the game a try, please let me know what you think! Thank you!
  4. Hi, I tried upload add my old model into three.js but I have a problem. I've got this error: THREE.MultiMaterial has been removed. Use an Array instead I read than MultiMaterials was deleted in last threejs version, but what can I do to run my model in latest version of three.js It's to much work to delete MultiMaterial in my model and I wouldn't like to use older version :/ Thanks
  5. BeFive Smart Ball

    This game is now open source: Title: BeFive Smart Ball Platforms: Browser with WebGL enabled. Game Link: Instruction Card: Description: This is a 3D video game version of an old game machines based on pinball. Press start button to dispense balls. Click on the white button and hold until the button turns to green. If you release the button when the green light is on, a ball is launched. Please try using SPACE BAR to shoot balls which is easier than using mouse button. When your balls fall in any of those holes, you are rewarded with a certain number of balls. Game tips: Exchange a number of balls at a time, then keep on shooting as fast as possible to increase your chance of winning balls. Keyboard shortcuts. SPACE BAR: shoot a ball. P: Payout. S: Start. F: Full screen. C: Reset camera position. T: toggle control panel. Additional notes: This game uses Oimo.js (for physics engine) and Three.js (3D rendering). This is my 4th html5 game to publish and is the first I made in 3d. Please feel free to leave feedbacks. Thank you in advance for checking the game out.
  6. Hy guys my first post here: Is it possible in threejs to start a rigged model animation with a function like playAnimation(from frame 1, to frame 4, loop, etc)
  7. Desktop - Online 3D Golf Game Simulation

    Hi all, this is the latest build of our online golf simulation. it runs on chrome and ff based on threejs/webgl game is in very early stage but you could play at least 3 different courses.
  8. In the process of building something with ThreeJS. When trying to find stock models for us with our WebVR project, most of them (especially office or apartment interior models - obj files) seem to be really huge and we do not want to use them for this web project. But, BabylonJS seems to have some demos which are rather rich, yet the model sizes are under 15MB mostly. Like this one for instance - Absolute Newbie to webGL and 3D modeling in general. If we want an apartment or office interior model, and we want to optimize for file download size for our users via browser, what sort of formats should we look for and are there special settings that need to be made when designing the models themselves to yield them in a light weight manner for web use? Appreciate some gyaan here.
  9. Hi there. Thanks a lot for stopping by. We are working on the online football management game and looking for a game developer who could help us to develop the live match simulation with babylonjs or threejs or any other similar 3d game engine with WebGL support. You will be working closely with the back-end developer on live match simulation based on the generated data you will get from the database (player skills, team skills, weather and other factors). We offer you a revenue share. If you are interested in the project, you can read the overview here: Get in touch with me if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, i am trying to subdivide a mesh, after load it by OBJLoader on BabylonJS, but i don't understand how do something like this (ThreeJS). var geometry = new THREE.Geometry().fromBufferGeometry( mesh_.geometry ); var modifier = new THREE.SubdivisionModifier( 3 ); modifier.modify( geometry ); geometry.mergeVertices() mesh_.geometry = geometry But on Babylon JS, i could not found documentation about how subdivide polygons after load mesh by OBJLoader
  11. Threejs panorama background

    Total threejs/3D noob here. I currently have a static background in a photoshop document. I want to bring it into a threejs scene and have it move around a little with perspective as you mouse around. Basically what they're doing on this site, but with an image instead of video: I assume this is more than just a flat plane as the image kind of warps as it goes off the side of the screen. I understand the basics of adding materials to objects but I'm not sure what kind of object I need for this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Firefighter "Krause"

    Welcome to firefighter "Krause"! It's a simple Jump’n’Run with currently 3 easy levels. You can play it with your keyboard or on your mobile with touch/gyro. The game is decided for my 5 years old daughter, because she is really a big fan of the firefighters. "Krause" is the name of a firefighter of her first children's book of the fire-department. On the other side I'm a big fan of "Nikki & the robots" and this brought up the idea for this game. If you want, you can see this like a small tribute to Nikki. Play Firefighter "Krause" Here some infos: Frameworks: threejs for graphics/webgl Sound with Web Audio API (runs well on IOS) Change the volume by touching in the top-right corner Collision: first it will check the rect of an object. If it hits, it will calculate a pixel-collision in a hidden canvas. Missing: fullscreen on mobile, a good solution for visibility (stop playing music) I had much fun to create this game and I know that 3 levels are really not enough. There are still some ideas of moving platforms or deadly smoke in buildings ... any ideas?? I'm looking forward to get some feedback from you. How you or maybe your children like this game? I you have any questions I will answer! Have much fun! Stephan
  13. Get 10 3d puzzle

    In the game you can rotate 3D cube and view it from different sides. So if you like puzzle games such as 2048, you will definitely like this game too. Game is using webGL / ThreeJS and converted to android app via cocoonJS from ludei. You can download it from for your android device Or play online here - Thx for your attention, I hope, you'll like it
  14. Hello friends, I am developing a simple browser game called Next.Land. I would like to ask for some feedback here. I’m looking for inspiration and new ideas. There is a playable demo available so you can try the game right now (very limited gameplay). Links: Project website: Playable demo: Some in-game videos: YouTube channel Basic features: Property tycoon. Free to play. Browser game. MMO. Simple and casual. Business simulation game. Real world elements and 3D terrain. Description: Next.Land is a property tycoon browser game. It is based on Three.js (WebGL javascript framework), OpenStreetMap - OSM (map data for real world elements like buildings, roads, forests, ...) and SRTM (elevation data for a real 3D terrain). The gameplay is simple and easy. Buy and sell properties, manage your finances and grow your empire. Play in the actual world locations with an accurate 3D terrain. I think this is a very attractive feature. You can play in the area you like the most. Next.Land is quite similar to one older game called MonopolyCityStreets. Of course, I want to keep developing this game after the initial release. I want to provide regular expansions with new game features (microeconimcs, enhanced trading, various in-game events etc). It is too early to be more specific, the game needs to be finished first Feedback: I have created a short priority list of topics that interest me the most. Do you like the game idea? Do you think this game has potential? Do you think that the gameplay might be fun? Do you prefer casual or hardcore gameplay? My intention is to create a casual game. Fun for few minutes a day. I don't like the idea that you will play this game for hours a day. Would you like to see tablet/smartphone versions? It is difficult to create the same design for every device. The game is designed for desktops right now. Smaller devices have lower performance and the gameplay, user interface and graphics need to be reduced. Everything else. Any others ideas are welcome. Other: There is an active crowdfunding campaign for the project right now. I think you should know about this. I don't want to provide the link. It is just my another attempt to get more feedback from people. I am very grateful for any feedback. Thank you very much!
  15. [Tutorial] Pacman

    Hello, here is a new classic game remade with a complete tutorial description, it use the Superpowers game editor (built on Threejs). You can address in this tutorial post your problems, propose change and ask for tutorial clarity. Or if you feel comfortable with that, you can open an issue on github or even can improve the tutorial directly by submitting pull requests for the markdown files in the github repository. You can also directly discuss about technical aspect of tutorial in the original post here. Thank you :-) SUPERPOWERS TUTORIAL #5 Super Pacman read gitbook tutorial --- play the game --- source assets --- source project Note : you can download fast zip for sources here.
  16. ThreeJS animation

    Hi guys. I have to implement a fbx animation file with threejs. I convert fbx to dae, and try to implement, but it seems to not work. And trust me, I tried autodesk dae, opencollada dae, json from I don't know what to do more. First it say that not find skeleton. I found a similar issue and there say to add manual in dae the skeleton. But now it say "could not find joint Joint1".... Animation is made with mixamo. Please help me. I'm not familiar with maya or 3ds max, and I don't know where is the problem. Thank you. walking.fbx
  17. My friend and I have been developing a 3D multi-player eat-em-up game called It's a WebGL game written in three.js. We would love any feedback you could give us. Game Info: Game: Multi-player eat-em-up, eat food to get bigger and eat other spheres to become the biggest Sphere Currently in Alpha Development Looking for feedback on: Abilities, we have a lot of ideas about what kind of abilities to add but knowing what are the right abilities to add is hard Multi-player performance specifically with dealing with lag with websockets How to improve jitter we are using lerp to smooth out the sphere positions but sometimes other clients lag and jump around, trying to figure out why. Any other feedback. Thank you so much for taking a look!
  18. Quality BabylonJs Demos

    Hi All, I'm a fan of opensource technologies and softwares. I have been using BabylonJs for 3-4 weeks now and it's an awesome framework and nothing short of any other webgl frameworks out there. I have just released the alpha version of my site, it's not much but it is something. You can take a look at the attached screenshots from the site below. I'm a Designer, Art Director and Creative Director from India, I also do a little bit of programming. I always wanted to give back to the open source community (after having enjoyed open source softwares for over 5-6 years : ) ), but I'm limited by my programming knowledge. I can contribute in terms of creating demos for BabylonJs but I will still be limited by my development experience, I will need someone who is good at programming to create quality demos which we can add to BabylonJs's showcase and make it more desirable than other frameworks like "threejs". As far as my experience goes, any new potential user of Webgl will start looking for frameworks as Babylon and threejs. Even though threejs is old (no offense) and not as fast as babylon most of them if not all will end up choosing threejs over BabylonJs because the kinda demos they have at threejs site is kickass and highly polished. When I look at the demos in BabylonJs's site in comparison with the demo's at threejs the quality of BabylonJs demos are far far less polished (no offense again). This doesn't mean that there are no quality demos in the site, there are great demos like The Dino Hunt, Sponza, SPS. But we are easily outnumbered by more than a 50 demos at "threejs". I think the first step to fix anything is to acknowledge that there is a problem and I think we do need at least a dozen quality demos to showcase at the home page of BabylonJs, the rest will follow as the users favour Babylon over other frameworks looking at the demos we create. But I can't do this without help from a good developer who is willing to contribute in their free time just like our friends developing BabylonJs, it's a great way to return the favor. What do you get in-return? You will have a set of polished demos to add to your portfolio and also I'm sure this will be a tremendous opportunity to learn from each other. You can take a look at my works in the links below if you would like to know more about me and my work. Portfolio: Dribbble: And it definitely is gonna take time to create those dozen demos, atleast 8-10 months or so if it is only a 2-3 of us are going to work on it. We can take simple ideas which can be done in like 4-5 weeks of time and launch them. @Deltakosh : Let me know what you think, I will most definitely need your help in getting help from developers to get these demos done. If you are already working on any demos already, I can contribute in terms of modeling and user interface design for the demos. Cheers Guys
  19. Dodge: Zombies

    Truly the most basic game of all, don't touch anything. Post your score. Dodge: Zombies
  20. 3D 2048

    This ismy version of 3d 2048. Made with threejs and tweenjs. It is not perfect but I hope you will enjoy. link : github :
  21. Freeciv-web WebGL 3D engine competition

    Hi everyone! I could like to announce the Freeciv-web WebGL 3D engine competition to the developers with WebGL and Three.js skills in this forum. The Freeciv-web project is exploring ways to create a new 3D engine for the game, and would like suggestions about how to accomplish this goal. Would anyone here be interested in contributing a proptype for a WebGL engine which can render units, cities and terrain for a game-engine for Freeciv?
  22. The problem: In the awesome Three.js, I can't figure out how to convert an EllipseCurve into a path that I can extrude along. In the example below, if I uncomment the LineCurve3, my square extrudes along it nicely. If I run it as the EllipseCurve, there are no errors but nothing shows on screen. I have tried zooming the camera right out to make sure it's not off the screen for any reason. I know the EllipseCurve is being generated correctly as I can write it out with a line material (not shown in the code below). The code var radius = 1100; var degreesStart = 75; var degreesEnd = 30; var radiansStart = (degreesStart * Math.PI) / 180; var radiansEnd = ((degreesEnd) * Math.PI) / 180; // this won't seem to work as an extrude path, but doesn't give any errors var path = new THREE.EllipseCurve(0, 0, radius, radius, radiansStart, radiansEnd, true); // this works fine as an extrude path //var path = new THREE.LineCurve3(new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0), new THREE.Vector3(1000, 1000, 0)); var extrusionSettings = { steps: 100, bevelEnabled: false, extrudePath: path }; // draw a square to extrude along the path var sectionSize = []; sectionSize.push(new THREE.Vector2(0, 0)); sectionSize.push(new THREE.Vector2(1000, 0)); sectionSize.push(new THREE.Vector2(1000, 1000)); sectionSize.push(new THREE.Vector2(0, 1000)); var sectionShape = new THREE.Shape(sectionSize); var componentGeometry = new THREE.ExtrudeGeometry(sectionShape, extrusionSettings); var component = new THREE.Mesh(componentGeometry, material); group.add(component); scene.add(group); What I have tried: My attempts to make it work have all tried to extract the points from the curve into a path to use in the extrusion. The closest I felt I got was var ellipsePath = new THREE.CurvePath(path.getSpacedPoints(20)); // where 'path' is my EllipseCurve in the code above // (and then changed the extrusion settings to use 'ellipsePath ' instead). This gave the error "Cannot read property 'distanceTo' of null". I can't seem to get my head around how the EllipseCurve relates to points that relate to a path. Can anyone point me in the right direction please, or have code where you've come across the same problem? Many thanks.
  23. Hello, In Babylon JS, only one camera is active at a time, howver you can construct multiple cameras in a scene. How can you allow the users to swtich cameras on a button click. For example, in this Three Js scene, you can hit 1 or 2 button to switch cameras, making an active camera false or true. The only example i have seen in Babylon JS is the Train example, however there is no explanation of how to switch the cameas on button click. Thanks, Moses
  24. [THREEJS] scrolling 2d/3d noise terrain

    Hi everyone. I've been toying around with using perlin and simplex noise to generate height values for a terrain mesh with threejs. My aim is to create something visually similar to Populous. So far I have something that looks like this. At the moment I have custom plane mesh subdivided horizontally and vertically by 10. Each of the mesh's vertices y value is determined by using a noise function. This all works fine enough it seems, though I am running into issues when trying to implement a scrolling effect, again similar to Populous. First I declare and init some variables. //globalvar mesh_width = 10, mesh_height = 10;var tile_width = 1;var xpos = 0, zpos = 0;var x = xpos, z = zpos;//initialize terrain data arrayvar terrain_data = new Array(mesh_height);for(var i = 0; i < terrain_data.length; i++){ terrain_data[i] = new Array(mesh_width);}noise.seed(Math.random());I then define the terrain_data object using the noise functions. for(var j = 0; j < 10; j++){ for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++){ var value = noise.simplex3(x, z, 0); value *= quality; //console.log(Math.abs(noise.simplex2(x, z))); terrain[i][j] = Math.abs(value); x += 1; }z += 1;}EDIT: This was a mis-post. I'm sorry. It can be deleted.
  25. Control your 3D with your smartphone

    Hi everyone, I wanted to point everyone to two examples we just put online. They are part of the examples of a new free service named PlugPIN JS that we just launched. This service turns smartphones into remote controls for games, websites and apps. Here are the two links to the examples, both built with Threejs: 1. Simple Shooter 2. Remote Controls with Gyro The second example is fully documented under "onOrientationChange()" in the Docs. We hope you like it and that it sparks your creativity to make your games interactive by using your smartphone. If you have any questions concerning the examples or the JS Library, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear what you think about it and how you would like to use it. Joost @ PlugPIN