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Found 65 results

  1. Hello, This is more like a general question, but during the last years many things has changed, somewhere syntax, somewhere architecture. Blender has changed, babylon.js too. I would like to know what is a recommended workflow today (in 2017/2018 and future) for creation a complete and complex game scene - with all lights, shadows, camera, collisions, sounds, textures, locations, different meshes etc. ? Lets say we don't use any physics plugins, because most important things are already built-in. Also the priority is a resulting performance. Is it enough and efficient to use Blender only? I see in some examples people still do "ImportMesh" and then in a loop "meshes.forEach..." to configure imported meshes. Also some tutorials are too old because Blender has changed and I haven't found out how to enable babylon's camera-to-mesh collisions. So.. your thoughts? Everything in Blender (other tool) or import meshes one by one and continue with a plain JavaScript?
  2. How do you create specific Ribbon or Path shapes? Has any one created "Mesh Editing" within Babylon? UPDATE: this caused a deeper dive into collisions.... a lot like falling down stairs. @Wingnut had a good idea providing this link, I think I'll give it a try. -> Adding pick points and rudimentary key commands to move a vertex in 6 directions... Any Ideas on "Mesh Editing", or other previous vertex picking (position vertex with ui) attempts? Thx...
  3. - I had a Babylon scene, which was opening fine through very basic scene code with basic camera and light setting. - I opened the scene in Babylon editor ( and added a reflection probe named "New Reflection Probe", attached to a mesh, added meshes to its render list and finally set ReflectionTexture in a PBR material properties for a mesh to this "New Reflection Probe" from the drop-down. - Everything is fine. The mesh was showing reflection as expected. - Now I exported Babylon scene. Copied the JSON content that shows up in the export popup. Replaced the content of my .babylon file with that content. And tried reloading the page. It showed errors like below in browser console: BJS - [16:08:16]: Babylon.js engine (v3.1-beta-6) launched babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:17]: CannonJS is not available. Please make sure you included the js file. @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:17]: Physics Engine CannonJSPlugin cannot be found. Please make sure it is included. @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 /models/interior/New%20Reflection%20Probe_px.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /models/interior/New%20Reflection%20Probe_py.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /models/interior/New%20Reflection%20Probe_pz.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /models/interior/New%20Reflection%20Probe_nx.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /models/interior/New%20Reflection%20Probe_ny.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /models/interior/New%20Reflection%20Probe_nz.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:20]: Error while trying to load image: ../../models/interior/New Reflection Probe_px.jpg @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:20]: Error while trying to load image: ../../models/interior/New Reflection Probe_py.jpg @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:20]: Error while trying to load image: ../../models/interior/New Reflection Probe_pz.jpg @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:20]: Error while trying to load image: ../../models/interior/New Reflection Probe_nx.jpg @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:20]: Error while trying to load image: ../../models/interior/New Reflection Probe_ny.jpg @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 BJS - [16:08:20]: Error while trying to load image: ../../models/interior/New Reflection Probe_nz.jpg @ babylon.3.1.beta.max.js:6692 If I understand Probes well, they are runtime generated and are in-memory. Why them Babylon is looking for texture files? PS: I don't understand the reason behind showing Babylon JSON in a popup for Babylon Export in Babylon Editor. Especially prettified/maxified JSON. After saving the exported JSON output it was 16 MB. I literally tried 5-6 plugins of Notepad++, Sublime, and VS Code, none worked. I tried online minifier but browser, of course, became irresponsive. I tried 2-3 node packages too but it didn't work. Ideally, the export option should simply download the .babylon file automatically. Not sure who would use prettified/maxified JSON for what purpose.
  4. TileMaster

    Ok, so things are starting to come together with a system I have been working on. I have most of the things figured out, Im just putting together tools to make editing the assest/levels easier. I have the prototype/alpha of the tileAtlas Sheet editor almost done, the only thing to add is speed settings for the animations and to export the SHEET object for later use in a PROJECT file. The editor lets you select a tile, and choose the animation type which the frame progressions are explained here: This is all very early in the development but all the dots are being connected and soon this will be a full fledged 2.5D Scene editor extension for bjs. Here is the Sheet editor prototype: Arrows scroll the sheet around Select a Tile and an animation type to see the preview. This is all in preparation for the final editor, where you will be able to edit your assets and levels all under one roof visually then export as a single TILEMASTER file that will later be load the project into a DOM with a single function. The tileAtlas shader features 4 layers per plane, of course Animations, Paralax effects, and Mode7 like transforms. I will be adding more features later (like plans for LightMapping and pixel perfect shadows) Here is a really shotty demo showing the animations and layers working: Here is a bad demo of the Paralax effect: I have been trudging away at this and have a ton of features that I have already figured out I just have to deploy now. Plans are to eventually include my fishsticks library as well to handle the 2D physics. Ill keep posting updates on this as they come available! Questions, Comments, Concerns, Criticism is appreciated.
  5. Spritesheet Editor in web Create spritesheets by placing images in cells, set up sizes and offsets of your columns and rows. Download generated JSON file with coordinates of each of your sprite and PNG spritesheet image. Autosave of your progress, sharing, collaboration work; Development of spritesheet is not easiest in terms of 20 or 100 sprites. In case of WebGL games it's quite necessary to have one spritesheet instead of using separated images each iteration of rendering. Tool is useful for designers and developers who are interested in development 2D, 2.5D games. I'm seeking for React developers to build this app for community for free. The project consists of 3 phases. First one gives you main functionality for generating PNG and JSON. Next one will be about keeping information on server-side in database with social network authorization, it will be premium functionality for really cheap 3$/month subscription per account. Last phase will introduce collaboration mode, invite by link and multiply spritesheets management. Please, leave your comments about features you want to have, development already started. Thanks, cheers!
  6. Particle Editor for Particlestorm

    Hi Everybody! I want to present you my Particle Editor I created in Electron using Phaser and the Particlestorm Plugin. On a Project I'm currently working, I want to have some Particle Effects for my Level Design, but tweaking the Emitter Settings in the Editor, starting/reloading the Page to see the result, felt really cumbersome. So I decided to brush up my Electron Skills (which I also need on the Project ;)) and create my own Tools. The Particle Editor is the first Tool I will share with you, but a Physics Editor will follow (Collision Shapes with Box2D and such). Enter the Particle Editor: Download from my Webpage Currently available for Mac and Windows. (If you need help, please ask) Please remember! The Software is Version is 0.8.2a, so many Features are planned. So please tell me what you think, what you miss and what Ideas you might have for it's development. I'm always interested to see what you create with my Stuff, so feel free to share Hope you like it! Hafgandil
  7. Hi everybody: We're trying to use the BJS Editor in order to have PBR materials, as the Exporter (from Blender) doesn´t let use them. Our problem is that the resulting .babylon file generated by BJS Editor seems to include the textures as embedded ("base64String" property), resulting so in a huge .babylon file. In parallel, a clever reusing of textures (as .dds) is not possible, as they are all embedded time after time, with each scene. Is there any alternative to this workflow? Thanks for your time. Best regards. Addendum (real .babylon file excerpt): . . . { "tags": "added", "directIntensity": 1, "emissiveIntensity": 1, "environmentIntensity": 1, "specularIntensity": 1, "disableBumpMap": false, "albedoTexture": { "tags": null, "url": "tubo_basecolor.png", "uOffset": 0, "vOffset": 0, "uScale": 1, "vScale": 1, "uAng": 0, "vAng": 0, "wAng": 0, "isBlocking": true, "name": "tubo_basecolor.png", "hasAlpha": false, "getAlphaFromRGB": false, "level": 1, "coordinatesIndex": 0, "coordinatesMode": 0, "wrapU": 1, "wrapV": 1, "anisotropicFilteringLevel": 4, "isCube": false, "gammaSpace": true, "invertZ": false, "lodLevelInAlpha": false, "lodGenerationOffset": 0, "lodGenerationScale": 0.8, "isRenderTarget": false, "animations": [], "base64String": " . . ." }, . . .
  8. Phaser Particle Editor

    Hi folks! Let me introduce you phaser particle editor. This tool helps you to create phaser particle effects visually. It is of course open source and you are welcome to contribute! Editor also has plugin to help you create particles based on JSON data generated by Editor.
  9. New Photo Editor same pixlr.

    there is one Online photo editor , which i one of the best photo editor on place which you can represent as photoshop online. The amazing part is that it is similar to pixlr and have all paid feature of pixlr in it's free version. You can create GIF also and also have some ready made effect which we can directly apply on the pics. I am author of this toolpic editor which we have launch and i am trying to get some response from the developer and designers community. What i want is if you can check this editor, and let us know if you would replace this editor instead of your current editor. Your thoughts on it will make us improve this editor.
  10. Currently I am using Notepad++ to practice with Babylon.js, but there is no code hint like what Unity's MonoDevelop has. What Babylon.js' IDE should I use to get the code hints? The online visual editor ( works, but I need an offline visual editor, because I will go to a place with very weak internet connection. I tried the offline visual editor (, but it does not work like the online version. Is there other offline visual editor I can use?
  11. Editor bug with Editor camera

    When I've tried to load .babylon model to the editor, I've receive a message: "ERROR: Cannot insert node with id=EditorCamera (text: EditorCamera) because another node with the same id already exists." Then I've checked the .babylon file but haven't found any object with id "EditorCamera" office.babylon
  12. Online Body Editor Hi guys. during the development in Phaser i found out, that there is no simple online editor for Making Physics bodies for P2 physics in Phaser. So i came up with an simple idea. To do a simple online body editor to make json files for Phaser. I know its super simple and it could do much more things as other desktop body editors can do, but when you want just simple body in two minutes, i think its a good way. I took me less than two hour to do it, so dont judge it for bad appearance and not efficient solutions for the algorithm. Maybe ill do things like more bodies in one json file, or auto edge-tracer adn stuff like that, but fell free to comment and come up with your ideas to improve it for the future. So please, if have have anything to say to this, comment below, i would be pleased.
  13. NeutrinoParticles became much better for the last year. Because of workflow improvements and after Emitter Guide introduced, you can create a great effect in a few minutes from the scratch. The editor has full set of video tutorials for beginners and a lot of samples. And it is totally free for now. Canvas, WebGL and PIXI renderers are available (even C#/Unity one, but that is another story). So, what do you think? Is it good enough to be the best one?
  14. My Game Builder allows you to make games with JavaScript, Phaser, or no code at all. You can pull up your workstation from anywhere, at anytime, and work together on projects. There is real time "google docs" style collaboration. Any game you see can be viewed with full source to see exactly how every part was put together, and forked to make your own "mod" of it or to just mess around. Tutorials are included for art, programming, or whatever else you want to brush up on.
  15. Hi, we are happy to announce a new (preview) release of Phaser Editor! There are a lot this time: The so waited MacOS support! Visual prefabs (sprites and groups). Visual editor support for states and preloader states. Some TypeScript support. Assets refactorings (great for larger projects) New Project wizards with more options (like include demo assets or use TypeScript). Updated Phaser Editor demos with prefabs and multi-levels. Git UI integration. And lot of fixes and enhancements. Many of them requested by Phaser Editor users (that's great, so many thanks!) Read the release notes. Arian
  16. Howdy! I was so tired of searching free 2D physics body editor to, so I decided to create one myself. It works and it is quite accurate. Making physics bodies doesn't take that much time. The project is in early update, I was wondering if you would like to see more. I give you it in a file to download and here is my question - where should I host/share the project so everyone can see it after 1 click and can it be free (I am a poor kid)? I am always willing to answer wo997
  17. We recently released a tool for editing P2 Phyics body polygons called Loon Physics. Check it out here: Read a tutorial about P2 Physics bodies and Loon Physics here: Do you find Loon Physics useful? Do you encounter any bugs when using the tool? Any suggestions?
  18. When I start using melonsJS, I find out that integrate with Tiled make melonJS almost an editor base engine. So I want to visually place player and enemy using there tile image as entity defind. Problem is melonJS will load everything you defind, including these helper tileset. And I post my question here: Now I now how to replace these helper object in Tiled's json data , before building the map. Here is the code in coffee: convertHelperTileset = (mapJson, tilesetName)-> tempArray = [] for tileset in mapJson.tilesets if isnt tilesetName tempArray.push tileset else #now covert all objects using this tileset for layer in mapJson.layers if layer.type is "objectgroup" for obj in layer.objects if obj.gid? #object that has gid is a tile object if obj.gid>=tileset.firstgid and obj.gid<=tileset.firstgid+tileset.tilecount delete obj.gid #will recognize as a rectangle object obj.y -= obj.height #this is the pivot point diffrent between tile and rectangle mapJson.tilesets = tempArray return After map are loaded,using me.loader.getJSON(mapName) to get the map json object, and then use this function to convert all the helper tileset. That is it.
  19. Phaser Editor v1.3.0 released

    Hi! We just released a new Phaser Editor version (1.3.0) Updated to the latest Eclipse version (Neon.1): Performance improvements and much more. Eclipse Marketplace Client: to install third party plugins, like EGit. We are evaluating the typescript plugins developed by the Eclipse community. Automatic Updates: all components of the editor will be updated automatically, including the latest Phaser official version (no Phaser CE support for now) Improved JS Editor: small changes in the JS type inference engine that results in a much better content assist (yet not *perfect*) Bug fixing, performance improvements and *minor* features in the scene editor, asset pack, local HTTP server, project templates and chains. New learning content: we wrote a tutorial in the GameDevAcademy blog, about how to make a platformer game with the visual scene editor. Read more in the release notes For the next release we plan to focus on: Do a research of the available Typescript plugins and write a tutorial about how to install them. Start with the implementation of the P2 Physics tools for the visual level editor. Support Phaser v3 if it is released in the next 3 months. See you soon! Arian (Scene editor: Added two new parameters to the Animations editor) (Scene editor: recovery from missing assets) (Check for Updates) (Eclipse Marketplace)
  20. Photoshop as Game Editor

    Hi my HTML5 Gamedev fellows. A few months ago I started using a very interesting workflow / toolset in developing my games. Basically I use a Photoshop Generator to automatically do magic things Automatically generates spritesheets of all sprites included in the PSD Document Automatically generate bitmap fonts of the fonts I use in the PSD Document Automatically generates a JSON-File with infos on each layer (Position, Size, Frames, State, Special Properties) Everything in realtime on the fly (without the need to save) In my (custom engine) I can load the exported files and voilá everything is in the game and I can start adding functionality to it. I've used that in every game since then and I really love it. I've also implemented that the game can connect to Photoshop Generator (in Debug Mode) - so I can update assets and GUI stuff in RealTime. I also connect the Game to Tiled (but only via file watch so far) to update level geometry/design in real time. I've put together a short video to show it to you: Here is an in-depth article I wrote: Photoshop as a game editor. Do you think this would be of interest to other devs. At the moment it only is compatible with my own engine, but I think it would be very easy to write loaders for HTML5 Frameworks/Engines.
  21. I was just checking to see if there is anyone else in the babylonjs community that would like to be able to use ALL the design time features (that you can pull useful information for serialization into the native .babylon scene file). Including: --- Built-in babylon javascript and typescript development right in the UnityEditor (Using whatever text editor you have unity configured to use) --- Integrated babylon html game preview window features, including debugging (Thanks to David for creating the original WebServer.cs) --- Node level (camera, light, mesh or simply a game object) metadata including abstract base class BabylonScriptComponent (subclass of monobehaviour) that can be attached as regular unity script components... Just like normal unity scripting, JUST FOR BABYLONJS --- Babylon.Unity.ts ... A babylonjs loader to automatically parse all scene metadata and provide a fully managed 'tickable' scene components --- Plus pretty much ANY UnityEditor design-time features --- General Asset management --- Detailed Scene Level Design --- Fully scriptable prefabs The list goes on. Now i don't know if its just me going nuts over here, playing with all the stuff i can do with Unity as my dedicated babylon js game IDE or if there are others that would like to use that kind of unity game editor features. Or even if the babylon community wants to be associated with that much BabylonJS/Unity integration I have all this code running on my machine (Working great, i might add) but i TOTALLY SUCK at gothic pull request (Note: I still delete and re-fork overtime i want a clean updated babylonjs source download) I am making a short video showing some of the features... Its just that, if I'm the only one who wants to do this kinda stuff, i won't bother wasting my time packing up and making available to the rest of babylonjs community (Once i figure out how to package up my extension kinda like babylon.canvas2d... I would like to make a babylon.unity3d extension that provide all the client side typescript that uses the UnityExport metadata) Also... I add SOOO many features and re-strcutered the /Assets/Plugins/Babylon folder that i don't know if i can just do a pull request to submit back to babylon or if a should just submit as a new 'Exporter/Editor' feature to the github. Anyways... a video coming soon to see what you all think about think of dedicated babylonjs editor using unity (With ALL runtime features disabled... Just editor stuff)... Let me know
  22. CYOS Hidden Shortcuts

    I spend some time in CYOS Editor, nothing crazy some lines and circles til now. I press by accident a button and i was able to change the editor style & more. So, witch button was it? This features should be hidden.
  23. Time to reveal what is my latest project: So what is it? In short it's a 2D graphical RPG maker directly usable from your browser, which let you create multi player games. You can upload your own art (and soon your music too), change all the game rules, edit the maps, place monsters, create quests, and much more. Who can be interested? Whoever want to create his/her own 2D rpg or just even want to play one. How much will it cost? There will be a couple of options. You will be able to start without paying a cent, but some features will be disabled and available only for payed users. Can I make money with it? Yes you can, as we will introduce premium shops such that your players can spend money on your game. There will be a fee on the sales most likely but you shall get most of the money. Payment for your players and for you will be done via Paypal. Can I create a big game with it? Yes you can create really really huge games, with loads of maps and content. We doubt you will ever reach the limits of our system. Do I need to download something to start? No it's all fully working within your browser using HTML5 technologies (JS and Canvas). No need to download anything neither for you nor your players. Will my game be playable from mobile devices? Yes we do plan to make the games fully playable by mobiles, while the maker will most likely be too difficult to use from a mobile device. When shall the product be ready to be used? You can start already using our product, but we consider it currently as in beta. We plan to have a full product by the end of this year. However our own game will be released only middle next year. Can I save / export my game? We do offer backup and restore of your game data, which you can save on your PC. However we don't have a plan yet to let you export the code to run it on your computer or another server. How can my players access the game I designed? Every game created with our tool is accessible as <your_game_name> Using this URL your players access directly your game without jumping on our home site. Will you offer some content as start point? Yes we offer 2 different base content you could choose from and use for your own game creation. What about security? We do already have some cheat detection implemented but more will come later on preventing basically most of the player cheating. You can however already try to see what is already implemented and be surprised. Who participate in this project? Currently we are 2 people, an artist creating art, and working on our game, and myself working on the code. What is still missing? If you want to know if you can already use the tool then the answer is yes you can, but we still have loads planned and ongoing. You can check our roadmap for more information:
  24. Hi! The latest Phaser Editor version (1.2.1) is available for download. In this release we imporved the Arcade support and many other features. Take a look to the release notes.