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Found 16 results

  1. I developed a puzzle game (my first one) mostly for fun & for learning new things (I am just a web dev). But sadly I am struggling to find players to enjoy my game, so for this reason, I am giving 100€ to the first user to complete it! Here is the link of the game: https://www.puzzleastronauts.app/ Also here is the link of the original post on reddit, where I explain the rules of the contest and what you have to do to complete it (I would really appreciate some up votes on that post that now has less than 0): If someone has some thoughts or something about the contest, I will happily listen to them:) Good luck to everyone that tries it!
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking to license some erotic/adult games in flash/html5 for a company I work for. If we come up with an agreement, payment will be issued by Paypal to protect both parties. This is a great opportunity to make some money to sustain your game development. If anyone of you is interested or might know someone who would be just hit me up for more details. Talk to you soon!
  3. I am new to html5 games. I wanna know what LACKS in HTML5 games in terms of revenue ? Can you monetize html5 games with banners and interestitial ads as ANDROID GAMES DOES ? Is there a possibility of implementing IAP or rewarded videos like ANDROID ? Do u thing that using webview that host an HTML5 game in ANDROID and use all these forms of ads above is a good idea ?
  4. I am curious of how much money anyone here make from google and apple stores?
  5. Hello, Sorry for the stupid question, but can someone please tell me how do the sites that buy your games work? I've read about exclusive, non-exclusive contracts, I've searched on Google for companies that will buy your games, read True Valhalla's blog, but I would really appreciate to hear about how these things work from people who have had success selling their games to these sites. Stuff like: 1) do you really just make a game, send them to a company and they pay you whatever they think is okay? 2) can someone please tell me about how much money can you expect per game? I know that it depends on what game it is, polish, and other stuff, but an average figure would make me very happy. what type of game does it have to be to expect something like $100 a day? I would be sooooo happy with something between $50 to $100 a day, lol. 3) I don't remember where I saw this, but is it true that, in some cases, they pay you on a monthly basis for your game (something like $100 a month)? 4) do these companies respond to requests or not so much, do you need to be an established name? I would have other questions, but maybe some other time. Sorry if the questions seem stupid, but I know that things aren't usually as easy as they seem and I would really appreciate some help with these questions. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I know that it's not very cool to make my first topic asking questions, but I'm pretty new and don't have much to add, yet.
  6. Is it allowed to monetize a Phaser based game for the web ( not mobile) trough Google AdSense ads ?
  7. Hello! I'm quite new into game dev, just finished my first game for latest Ludum dare, now my goal is to earn 1$ in 2 weeks. 2 weeks for making a game from scratch and then make at least 1 dollar out of it. I see there is a lot of people that make thousands on this forum. My question is, whats the best approach? put it on the sites like itch.io and put price as 1$, make it free with donation proposition, ads? What's the quickest and most solid way of earning the first dollar from browser game? thanks
  8. Hello everybody I am in need for some guidance and advices so if any of you knows of any way to help, everything is appreciated We will soon start developing casino-style games for a client of ours. So imagine very simple to play games such as slots, flipping cards, etc. User will make a single "Play/Spin/Draw" action and be presented with the outcome of the game. The games will be available on their website and need to be accessible to people through their web browsers on their computers and cellphones. The only "trick" is - the games will be linked to players' real accounts and real money will be both lost and won in those games. Now, the first and most important question is, what approaches to take to make the game tamper-proof and as secure as possible? I couldn't find very much material online, or maybe I just didn't know where/how to look. What I did manage to find out is what is pretty much known to me already - the server is the king. So, when the user is playing a game and makes a roll of the dice or the slots, the request is sent to the server, a result is generated, stored in the database and returned. "That way the user has absolutely no way to do any harm and we can always keep everything in control" -> is safe to make such an assumption, or is it too ignorant/naive? If the user modifies the sent value (for example bet amount), it will still be validated on the server anyway? If the user modifies the return value (for example game outcome/win amount), it still won't matter because the server has already saved the valid outcome and while it might bring joy to the user to see fake winnings, he still won't be doing us harm? Of course, we would still love to minimise (or eliminate, if possible) such events rather than let everyone have a go at trying to modify the game behaviour. Regarding the implementation of the game, security aside, it seems to me that the obvious approach to take would be one of the available HTML5/JS/CSS game engines. But isn't there the problem that with that kind of game the source is always visible and accessible? I am aware there are "uglification" methods which make the code harder to read, but is that enough to keep hobby "hackers" (or even more determined ones) away? Should I worry about the "ease" with which someone can gain access to the client side code when we use this approach, or should we focus on other elements? Also, regarding the client-server communication, how to handle it to ensure maximum security? Are sockets the way to go or something else? I saw on some other sites which host that kind of games that they use Flash, is there any security reason for that? Anyway it isn't really an option as first, we don't have any real experience with it, and second, we have to keep all mobile devices in mind. Any advices, experiences, links to existing articles/documentation/tutorials etc. which deal with the whole matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and Kind regards Darko ---- EDIT Just noticed this thread might fit better under "Coding and Game Design" so if a Mod would be kind enough to move it, I'd appreciate it
  9. Is it possible to get payed for my games even though my company isn't registered yet. See, I'm currently a foreigner in the country I'm currently living in and so I can't open a business (sole proprietorship). So if anyone has any advice or experience with getting payed without actually having a business name, I would like to here your opinion.
  10. Hello to everybody, I wanted to share with you my first HTML5 game! The idea behind the game is very simple: collect all the coins you need in order to pass the level before the time expires. Sound simple? No it's not, it's actually very challenging and you will probably hate and love this game at the same time (but please just don't blame me if you will eventually drop your macbook pro out of the window). You can play it and/or get more informations trough this link. I'm looking forward to get some feedback from this community, please give me your suggestions. At present I'm selling it on www.fgl.com (is it a good way? I have no idea) where the game has been approved and rated with a score of 7 out of 10.
  11. I am starting a Phaser Dart team. If you like Phaser and Dart this is the team for you! https://www.dartlang.org/ and https://github.com/playif/play_phaser I tried doing art, sound and code all myself but having a team would help greatly! I can put the games on the App, Play store and gamejolt so we can make money. PM me your skype or post below if interested.
  12. Hi guys, I have been on this forum a while now and I am final ready to contribute and wow do I have a big one. My project is large in scope and requires someone with vision and skill that won't give up and will see the big picture. My goal is to create a new gaming engine that will be used to skin multiple player collectible card games. First let's talk about why I want to build this project. I have designed several games from initial idea to final completion. Some of these games had success and were able to make enough money to sustain themselves but facebook's changes pretty much killed the virality and those games died out. Here is a quick list of games I worked on: Derby Challenge (offline) - Multiplayer horse racing game where you edit your horse and race. Cartel kingdom (offline) - Farmville clone focused on selling drugs where you plan, harvest and sell drugs. Sports book boost (offline) - Sports Betting game where you bet with friends on real sports but for play money Mafia Warfare - Mafia themed multiplayer collectible card game where you collect cards, grow their strength, evolve them. Mastermind.li - Online risk clone where you play online vs up to 8 people and try to take over the world map. Webslingers.ws - Multiplayer collectible card game where you draw your own cards and try to control different cities. My role in all of these projects was to not just come up with the ideas but develop each part of the process and actually work out how to make it fun and profitable. I am looking for a new technical partner that will help realize my new project. This person should be technically sound in html5 and understand how to create multi-player synchronous games. The framework used isn't too important to me as long as its HTML5. Here is what I bring to the table: I have learned from all of my mistakes and failures, but I am dedicated to be successful ( I will create the blueprint for the project and manage the different parts I will define the core loops and how they will be used to make the fun through work / reward cycling I will define the meta game to ensure that there is a proper long term goal to the game that will push people along pre-planned tasks and goals that will always give them something to do. I will define the monetization strategy and determine how best to make money with the game I will define the email auto response campaign to promote virality and earn new players The biggest challenge when it comes to collectible card games are the following Art - I have access to over 1500 cards in 3 sizes already pre done and ready to be used for the first game Marketing - I have worked online marketing for over 10 years and know what it takes to get users for testing and grow a game through virality. users - I have a db of 105k collectible card players that can be emailed to start off the game. What about money! I know that most of your are thinking, I don't want to do this because there is no money involved. I am a believer the best projects are the ones where dedication is the most important cost. I am father of 5 children (aged 5 to 12), I work 50 hrs a week on a major website but I know that I will spend at least 40 hrs a week on this project or more for as long as it takes to get it done. Let's talk equity There will be a payoff to this project and sharing the wealth will be fun, I am offering 20% of the business to the lucky guy that decides to work with me. Here is why I am offering 20%, I am keeping 40% for me, 20% will go to the guy that owns the cards, 20% will be sold to raise money once we have a product that is decent product. Why collectible card games Collectible card games are great because they offer great ways to sell digital products, they are a know product and most guys now have played, pokemon, yugioh or magic. The market for collectible card games is gigantic and there is always room for a new player. Here are some examples from kickstarter - Shift - - raised $21k with a goal of $7k War of Omens - - Raised $32, goal of $30k Element Soul CCG - Raised - $938, goal of $400 HEX MMO - raised $2.2M goal of $300k SHINKUKAN - raised $20k goal $20k Eminence - Raised £52k, Goal £50k Faëria - Raised $94k, Goal $70k Moby Dick - - Raised $102k, goal $25k Alteil Horizons - Raised $59k, goal $40k Now the goal isn't to start with a kickstarter campaign right away but to develop a project that will be worthy to be financed through a kickstarter after it has reached beta. Let's finaly talk about the game the engine for that I aim to create will allow us to build a battle engine for collectible card games of all kinds. It will be divided into two parts. One the meta game, this part is what needs to be done and how the game can be won. the meta game is key to pushing players along and giving them a clear goal. Part two, the battle. The battle will be quick and done fast. In mafia warfare we developed an engine that allowed us to play through a whole battle in less than 20 seconds. We copied this system from one of Zynga's old game called warstorm. Fast battle allow us to ensure that gameplay sessions can be as short or long as the user decides. So what's your choice ? Well if you have read through all of this then most likely I have gotten your attention and you want to know more. The important part to consider is this, if you are truly interested but not decicated than I know I won't be able to work with you, I work only with those that see the goal as not a task but something to dedicate yourself to. I have been living and breathing this new project and I want my partner to also have this level of dedication. The success of this project will depend only on dedication and hard work, nothing can stop a dedicated and positive person. If you made your choice then contact me today and let's get started !
  13. LIVE PREVIEW PURCHASE ONLY FOR 11$ Beautiful and flexible HTML5 Slot Machine. Features: Realistic spinning Special sound effects Customize your winning values Customize your slot images Stunning custom graphics Customize the entire look and feel Ability to control when to win and lose from a back-end Touch and mouse input Optimized for desktop AND tablets Customizable text animations for game messages Beautiful animation Web and native app-ready
  14. TGIF to everyone! I just wanted to share our newest exclusive game with you to demonstrate what we are looking for when licensing new games at Softgames. http://games.softgames.de/jelly-picnic/ If you feel you have also a similar cool game please send it to us at "[email protected]" so we can talk about an exclusive or non-exclusive sponsorship! We also do many work for hire projects with developers! Hope you enjoy the game and looking forward to your feedback! Thanks Andre
  15. Hello everyone, sorry if am posting about something really off-topic from out forum but i tried the Payonneer community Forum and it's a lot less popular than it seems, so i hope you guys can answer my question. The thing is that i received my Payoneer Card yesterday, 2 weeks before the expected day (it is supposed to be here between 30 December and 6 January). Now the problem is that when i log into my account to activate the card, it say that am still in step2, which mean am still waiting for approval, which is very weird cause i have the email that say that am in Step3, more than that, i receive the card, and am sure that am using the same email, I tried to contact the payoneer support by mail and by phone and in their community forum but i always have no response Does anyone had the same problem before ? thank you
  16. I just joined the html5gamedevs so I'm not sure if this is the right place Hi, my names Andrew, I've been making games for about 4 years now with Game Maker. I recently purchased the html5 port for Game Maker Studio and was wondering how do you make money with html5, as I've taken a look around here and I'm seeing a "lot" of people saying they've made money with html5 but from what I'm seeing most of the games made in html5 are very simple and are usually clones of popular games. So I was wondering why so many people like to play these games and how these types of games make money. I myself enjoy making games, but having not made a penny from the games I've made is a little depressing. So what I'd like to know is where do I go once I've completed a game(some games portals for html5 games) How do I get publishers, what kind of money you can make with html5 and finally how you all got started with html5
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