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Found 31 results

  1. Hi guys, I have an idea of a simple game that would fit great your collection of demo applications. I think it requires a very basic set of knowledge and it would benefit kids. I have a 4 year old daughter and I'd love to give her an app to learn alphabet. Having a kid exposes to the speed they learn with and their attention span. They would switch in 45 seconds. I am not sure if true alphabet learning can be made fun. At the end of the day a basic learning through repetition while tracing letter is one of the best. My daughter has an iPad, but I think it would work with other tablets. It has to work in full screen or it she will click outside of work area or will keep asking about it. It is hard to pick the size of the letter. My 3 year old would tend to use a full screen size for one letter. The 4 year old can fit 3 rows of letters on horizontal iPad if she draws with a pencil equivalent. The training app starts with the page where parent enters letter or a word and chooses the size. One way would be to size to fit N rows on the screen. Visual sizing. Then parent clicks on "Start" and we are on the practice screen, which is maximized to remove distractions and accidents of going of the screen. Trap 1: An unchecked option to provide eraser tool for the practice screen. I personally do not think eraser is always welcome as kid might enter into a perfection loop that ends in frustration. I'd rather the kid to finish his task in attention span time frame, until next time. I think it is a mistake to do that. Trap 2: Erase all button on practice screen. Hmm... Might be too risky as well. The letter is drawn in the top left corner. Then an outline of the letter is drawn on the top row. Dashed line of the letter on the 2nd raw (single dashed line as opposed to border outline). And the bottom raw is left empty. It would be nice to provide some visualization in which order to draw the letter, but that can be done by the parent as well. And that is it. Parent would need to go back to enter another letter or word. If I was to do this, I'd have very little free time and learning curve from zero. Someone who knows what he or she is doing could probably do that in less than 4 hours. It does not need to be fancy. Thank you. I would appreciate it.
  2. Demo sourecode

    Hello evryone, i try to better understand collisions & mehs interactions. I found this demo on the babylon.js 101 docs:,_mesh_collisions_and_gravity Is it possible to get the source code ?
  3. Hello, i played with the car demo on playground. But im not able to apply collisions to the car. Can anyone tell what i do wrong ? Playground I added: scene.collisionsEnabled = true; // Line 6 carBody.checkCollisions = true; // Line 104 // Also to the wheels wheelFI.checkCollisions = true; // Line 96 wheelRO.checkCollisions = true; // Line 92 wheelRI.checkCollisions = true; // Line 87 wheelFO.checkCollisions = true; // Line 82 // Cubes on ground boxes.checkCollisions = true; // Line 138 But dosnt work, i dont know why.
  4. Check out my latest Space Shooter Demo Has html gui, multiple levels or waves, score count, hazard count, restart by keyboard or gamepad button and ENEMIES For Those who want take a look at the project details, all the code and assets... You gotta love the Unity Project Packaging. So here you go: Space Shooter Project Source
  5. Starfield demo broken

    Looks like starfield demo is broken Uncaught ReferenceError: __extends is not defined at babylon.starfieldProceduralTexture.min.js:1 at BABYLON (babylon.starfieldProceduralTexture.min.js:1) at babylon.starfieldProceduralTexture.min.js:1 loaderCustoms.js:29 Uncaught TypeError: BABYLON.Engine is not a constructor at loaderCustoms.js:29
  6. Demo Error

    Good afternoon, I was following the example of canvas 2d and I'm stuck with some demos that have problems (with the Babylon.js) and I came to report it. Section All demos have the same fault, for example: The simplest starting point would be created a ScreenSpace Canvas2D with a "Hello World!" text, here we go: See it live in this playground - Uncaught TypeError: e.Tools.getClassName is not a function at o.get [as modelKey] (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:4) at o.n._createModelRenderCache (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:7) at o.n._prepareRenderPre (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:6) at o.r._prepareRender (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:5) at n._prepareGroupRender (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:7) at n._updateCanvasState (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:11) at n._render (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:11) at e.callback (babylon.canvas2d.min.js:10) at e.notifyObservers (babylon.js:2) at r.render (babylon.js:10)
  7. Hi everyone, We made a simple runner demo with Phaser that works as a base for all our future projects. We are using node modules to make our development easier. We shared it on github so more people can use it and learn from it: You can try it here: It works great on every device we tested but some people reported that it is running slow on Ipad mini 1gen. We don't have that platform to test so it is hard for us to know how to improve it. Can someone give us tips on how we can improve performance for this demo on that platform? Thanks!
  8. Phaser JS Roulette demo script

    Hi everyone! I uploaded a sample Phaser JS script of roulette with a hope that someone will find it useful. This Phaser JS script demonstartes a solution to show roulette that rotates and stops at a random position. Needle ticks with animation and sound as the roulette spins. The script itself could be rewritten into a really simple code and should be able to be integrate into any game at ease. You could use it for a simple game, a small lottery in your game, board games etc. (The code is totally a mess. Pardon my lousy coding manner.) Thank you for reading!
  9. SIMD.js features demo crashes

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getProgram' of undefined at n.enableEffect (babylon.js:5) at r.t._preBind (babylon.js:17) at r.render (babylon.js:14) at t.render (babylon.js:15) at t.renderUnsorted (babylon.js:11) at t.render (babylon.js:11) at t.render (babylon.js:11) at i.renderToTarget (babylon.js:16) at i.render (babylon.js:16) at r._renderForCamera (babylon.js:13) This used to work. Tried with Chrome and FF, basically same thing. Scene loads, you get a glimpse of the character and then the magic stops.
  10. Me - The Game

    Hi guys, this is my metaphorical platform game:online demoThank you in advance for your attention, feedback always very appreciated!!
  11. StarGate with Iris Demo

    After the playground failed me on my last try I did a local version and ported it back to the playground: (can't let that little playground defeat me ). No imported meshes, just the textures for the ground. The geometry is all build with native babylon tools. Push the button to open close the gate. That's all there is to it Edit: updated playground, added fancy button animation I thought about playing around and creating a scene wir PBR materials, but I stopped here since I already liked it and I have no clue about PBR yet... but one day I will use PBR for sure! By the way: I actually wanted to use starfieldProceduralTexture, but it didn't work. I left it in there anyway and reported it in the bugs section.
  12. Hello, You will find a small demo made with Babylon here: and a car configurator: And some other projects at this address: Thanks Babylon.js
  13. StarFighter PG

    shameless auto-promotion, because I know that people coming to the Q&A section don't usually go to the Demo section A playable PG here :
  14. Star Fighter

    Hi beloved Babylonians, Well, I'm not that young compared to many of you and I'm coming straight from the 8-bit era. During this wonderful (to me) period, I spend so many hours playing on Atari Star Raiders and so many money on Star Wars arcade game (note that I could now pilot any space fighter after so much time in learning ). So I wanted to code a playabe BJS demo as a tribute to these fantastic old video games with some constraints : - must be runable in the PG : so the less external assets and only one createScene() method with plenty of comments - must run near 60 FPS on most of the computers - must be playable Although ever improvable, it's almost done. Stay tuned [EDIT] WIP here :
  15. I'm working on a sequel to my first game with Captain Rogers as a main character. It was called Asteroid Belt of Sirius and was created in the prehistoric times of May 2013. It's high time to do some proper battle as Rogers finally learned how to shoot! I did the coding and Blackmoondev did the graphics, again. Play the demo: There's a short blog post about it too if you're interested. The full version will have more everything: worlds (backgrounds), weapons, bonuses, enemies and bosses. I'd love to have feedback from you, thanks!
  16. Surge Rescue Game Demo Really impressed with the Phaser engine, took me just under a week to build this: Game Here It's pretty much ready to go, just looking for some more feedback and testers to improve and polish it a little more before uploading the live version. All suggestions welcome, and any critiques, feel free to be as brutally honest as necessary. Controls: Mouse Only. Player will follow the mouse and click to use his attack. Keep your follower alive. For those that can't play it, for whatever reason, here's a short screen capture:
  17. Hello ! little Question. How i create the Water effect with the white foam on top? You can see the effect here: Someone with a sample? Thanks, Terra
  18. DNA chain

    Hi guys. Check my little demo - Pseudo-DNA Visualisation. It uses instances concept. (Normal) (Cube edition) ---- Sources:
  19. TERIABLE I will be pushing updates to this github quite often. Features Soon to be implemented : - More Noise Types - Natural Filters for Erosion and Coastlines ect... - Procedural Shades with Editable base textures - Built in Image Editor and Paint program for texture creation and 3d painting Layers. - Infinite Mode - Spherical Mode - Export (the Region as a fixed object, or as a Dynamic one) I am only two days into development so yeah stay tuned... *** UPDATES *** I added the ability to delete and move the item nodes in the filter stack... this is only a temporary way to process the noises and filters. Soon I will be adding a "Node" drag and drop system where you will be able to make linkages between different process. Example:
  20. Hi All, I'm a web/graphic designer and an a hobbyist developer from India. It's been a couple of weeks since I started with BabylonJs. I was looking for different 3D frameworks for my pet project and stumbled upon babylonjs. Initially I was amazed by the demos/projects made using threejs, but I read somewhere that there is an exporter for Blender for Babylonjs and it caught my attention. Blender is my favourite 3d package, I have used Max and Maya a fair amount but Blender still stands out (I'm biased towards open source ). You can take a look at a video I made using Blender some three years ago not so much but something. Coming back to the project, it is in it's final stages. The idea is to have a collection of vintage items. Initially there will be 6 items(Coffee Maker, Television, Radio, BubbleGum Machine, Telephone, Typewriter) and models will be added on regular intervals. People can view the models and there will be a link to read more about them online and they can download a wallpaper of the item in different resolutions. I have all the functionalities working including a function where they will be able to apply instagram like filters to the scene/model and download that as a wallpaper. This is the demo link, please do not share the link outside of the forum as it will be taken down once it is hosted in the main site. The main site will be I'm kinda stuck now, you can find the close to final design of the site in the attached image. I need help from somebody who can populate a couple of ui elements in the sample source that I have attached. I tried to add it myself with no luck, right now the camera goes far outside the scene and shows weird stuff as soon as I add the GUI. Apparently threejs also has a Blender exporter. I think the Universe led me here. Lol. Cheers.
  21. Hi, I created a course Babylon in French on OpenClassRooms is an online editor just as Eyrolles (for those who know) and I created this course to show how to create a game from start to finish using engine functionalities. This game, I wish also to share Babylon also because I think it can be a good source of inspiration for those who want to create RPG games. I use a lot of trees, shadows, and other collisions and result: 60 FPS. This game shows that on an island on which the character must light a fire to be saved from the island. Here the functionality used in this small game: Optimisation: Octree for collision, selection and dynamicContent WorkerCollision activated for optimized the collision LOD + instances for the forest sceneOptimizer to keep proper FPS Subdivide ground Scene: Ground + elevation + multi-material Water with reflexion and refraction Texture procedural for the fire Particle for the smoke Sprites for the clouds Lens flare for the sun Shadows Collisions and gravity Sun, skybox and lens flare Mucic for the scene (for all browser: ogg and mp3) Sound for the fire (for all browser ogg and mp3) Post-process FXAA ImportMesh to load the objects in the scene Language system with cookie (FR and EN) Extention CastorGUI Interaction: Picking for pick Key and match box Actions with condition for start fire and doors Show/hide DebugLayer with CTRL + F12 Animation player (walk, run, pick) mode RPG with ZQSD (French) or WASD (Englich) : Z or W + MAJ for run Name Game: SURVIVAL Link of game: Screenshot:
  22. [DEMO] Interstellar Quest

    Hi devs! Finally after sweat and fun (I fear the blood will come trying to make it mobile-friendly...), the demo of Interstellar Quest project is up and running! Lost in the deep space, can you find the way home? Collect credits, avoid dangers and find wormholes to reach the safety of your planet, but beware! Your fickle ship will not be easy to pilot, and something other than asteroids would endanger your journey. Interstellar Quest is a side-scrolling avoid&collect game. The objective is reach the home planet. The peculiar feature is that the ship will never hold the position: it will always go up or down, and the player can just invert hit. He can hold the position for a limited time, but after the ability will need time to recharge. In the full version, wormholes will separate different areas with different difficult and income levels, and act as checkpoint with the proper upgrade. You can try it at Feel free, in fact please share comments and tips. I'm interested especially about the art (that I've done myself) and the audio (that I've take from My primary concern is that the game feels good as a whole, and that the various assets stick well together. EDIT: I choosed to improve this little demo with your best tips, alongside the main develop of IQ. Here a list of the small changes: 1) Difficult lowered. Cause also demo have the right to be enjoyed! 2) Small graphical edits, down you can found the new screeshots 3) Improved tutorial Now stop loafing around and let's collect some credits!
  23. Hi Everybody, I recently started a dev blog about a new game I am working on, I will be posting to it at least once a week. First playable alpha is available on the blog, enjoy! Check it out:
  24. Isometric Demo in Tululoo

    Project: Put together an isometric example in Tululoo (HTML5/Canvas). This is a playable game - but without any polish - e.g alerts() for intro+Credits, and Win/Loss message. I provide all source here: I do plan on using this to put together a proper game (in fact a series of short games). You can play it here: I really need to introduce a Texture Atlas to load the images (the one major thing missing from Tululoo that I can't easily fix by creating an extension) as this would dramatically increase the load times. (since it is currently loading 300+ tiny sprite images from the server. i.e 300+ server requests. But I am not going to do that as a part of the isometric demo (might be one of the things I work on soon though).
  25. 2 years ago we released the TechDemo for CrossCode and today is the day. The day we proudly release the first real Demo! It’s demo time. CrossCode demo time! Find the demo here: You can play CrossCode in your browser or download a standalone version for windows and play it offline! Trailer Features CrossCode combines features of the Action-Adventure and RPG genre, delivering both, a great variety of puzzles and an engaging, fast-paced combat system with plenty of options for character growth. Here's a quick overview of the features: 16-bit, SNES-style 2D graphics with detailed animationsA soundtrack inspired by old SNES and Playstation JRPGsA unique ball throwing mechanic with charging functionality and ricocheting balls, used for combat and puzzlesA fast-paced combat system featuring close and ranged attacks, guarding, dashing and great variety of special attacks.A complete RPG system with leveling, equipment, consumable items and skill treesA detailed movement system with auto-jumping and precise collisionStory You follow a player called Lea as she logs into CrossWorlds - a fictional MMO of the far future. Lea is quite the strange player: she can't speak and she doesn't remember anything about herself. Yet still, Lea starts exploring CrossWorlds, meets other players and overcomes a multitude of challenges all along the official track of the game. That is, until the past catches up with her. Screenshots Soundtrack If you just want to listen to the soundtrack, check out Intero's Soundcloud Page. Crowdfunding CrossCode is on IndieGogo right now to rise funds! Go check it out: Have fun playing the game! And yes, this is all done with web technologies! Cheers!