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Found 43 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I've decided to open source the Mars Explorer game I've been working on in the hopes that some might learn from it or even contribute to its development. the source code is available here on github. I'd love to hear some constructive feedback from the community and contributions to the project would be more than welcome. This is my first attempt at a game using phaser so go easy on me if I've made any rookie mistakes 😊 Its loosely based on the Phaser 2 tanks demo but instead using Phaser 3 and matter.js physics.


    Here's a multiplayer pk/deathmatch game I've had on the back burner for awhile. There is still more that needs to be done. The project will probably continue to evolve. Thanks for checking it out. PLAYERKILLERS.EXCHANGE
  3. zeke_chan

    WeChat Mini Game WIP

    It's my first WeChat mini game project and I thought I would just like to share it here. So far I've completed basic gameplay and finally figured out how to use audio (since Phaser audio does not work on the platform). Pretty exciting to see things progressing and being able to test it on my phone 😀 Only thing that's left is the sharing/viral feature and leaderboard. You can watch the WIP video here.
  4. xtreemze


    Hi everyone, Been away for a while but I've kept practicing with Babylon. This is at a prototype phase with no 3d/sound/artwork. Just pure javascript code for now. Trying to get the mechanics working properly first. One question I have is how the projectile rotationQuaternion is cloned. It seems to follow the lookAt() quaternion from the origin tower even after the quaternion is cloned. How can I ensure that the rotationQuaternion is not linked to the original quaternion it is taken from? This causes problems when a tower shoots a projectile and then rotates to target another enemy. The previously mentioned projectile rotates in midair still copying the rotation of the tower. Here's the relevant code taken from line 53 of const clonedRotation = originMesh.rotationQuaternion.clone(); clonedRotation.normalize(); projectile.rotationQuaternion.copyFrom(clonedRotation); Comments, questions are welcome! The project is hosted here with open source: View the project here:
  5. Corey Van Hoosen

    Monarchies of Wax and Honey Take on the role of a queen honey bee looking to build a hive. She can start and build a colony by birthing workers and setting their tasks. Workers can forage flowers for nectar and pollen, nurse the brood, build new hive cells, and defend the hive from wasps and other players. How to Play Press and hold where you want to go , and the queen bee will head there. Place a hive with the 'new hive' button to place new hive cells. Press a nearby hive cell to select it. Place eggs there with the 'lay egg' button. Press one of your own workers to select them. Choose their job from the buttons below them. Foragers gather pollen and bring it to empty hive cells. Nurses bring collected pollen to your larvae ( which then become pupae before finally birthing as new workers ), and builders eat honey and build new hive cells. Press 'attack' to toggle alarm pheromones in your workers. They will attack wasps, the nearest enemy bees, and player queens. Work In Progress The game is still in active development, bugs continue to be found and patched, and feedback on ways to improve the game is very welcome. Planned Features In-game tutorial Social logins and player accounts. Earn honey to unlock new bees and abilities. Sound & music Skeletal animation Where to Play Download the game through the Play Store, or on
  6. NicoA

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    Hello! I want to show the first 5 lvls of my second phaser game (v2.6.2), here is a picture of it: And the link: It work in PC and cell phones. It is a little laggy in some android devices. I will be great if you can test it and tell my what you think. Thanks!
  7. I would like to show you my topdown 2d multiplayer shooter. It currently uses a pretty basic placeholder map, I just suck at graphics So consider this a WIP TechDemo. I used Phaser as the engine, Primus for the socket layer, Node as a server. Behind the scenes this does entity interpolation and prediction to give a smooth ride and good experience and to keep things exciting a visibility polygon will give you the ability to hide behind cover so your enemy can't see you. But they can hear you due to positional audio if you fire your gun. Controls: Mouselook - It will ask for a lock on your mouse, accept it and you can control the direction of your character like you would in a FPS shooter. It might be twitchy, I like minimal mouse movement, sorry. WASD/Arrows - move and strafe Left mouse - shoot to kill TAB - show score (weird numbered name means someone connected, but still in character selection or name entry) Click below to play: Enjoy
  8. ThreeDancingFlies


    Hello! I want to introduce you my game, on its development i am working now “11vs21”© Its short plot: At the end of the 21 century people reclaimed travelling through time using special gates to any time point. This technique is used for tourists tine voyagers. Voyagers are unsafe enough but time travelling is especial one, so tourists are equipped with special weapon to defence from any kind of weapon. In the 11 century near the castle of norman knight “William I de Persy” the gate from 21 century are opened, and aborigines meet the tourists as demons,who want to capture their castle. The player takes the role of “William I” to defend his native castle from invaders using very specific types of weapons. Mini-game "suicidal sheep" is added to rest from the main game. Screenshots: Genre set: Жанр: Castle defence + visual video novel Platforms: Windows,Linux,OS X. Implements: Инструментарий: Blender, Gimp, Construct 2 70% made at the moment. I will answer any questions!)) Video: Battle,Castle market,Map: Minigame1:
  9. Hi All!, I want to introduce my first game in html5 (Phaser), and, as you can see, I love to start with one of the most difficult of all the games!. First a picture of the game: And off course, a link to play it: As you can see the game is RPG like, and have the following features: · Multiplayer game (all the players in the same map for now!), · You can chat with other players (press enter, type message and then enter again), · Level up as you kill monsters, · Items drop with different attributes (more than 20 items types), · 5 types of monster that appears as you level up, · 6 spells. The game is yet in alpha, we are showing a concept of how it will looks like when it is finished J. The objective right now is to kill the cosmic monster, it is this one (it appears when you are lvl 5): To kill him, you will need really good items!, so try to equip as good as you can or engaged him with some other friends!. I would like to thanks the two persons that help me do this game: · Leonardo: That make the tiles for the game and the side bar! (and help me to test it a lot!), · Julian: That make all the draws, specially the cosmic monster and the principal character!. We are a team of people that love to play games, and love more to make them. What we use to make this game? All of this: · Phaser C.E 2.7.5 (so great framework!!). · Node.js for the server. · Server and Client write in Typescript (much better than plane javascript, it help a lot to debug the game). · Some pictures and sounds were taken from · JS Signals by Miller Medeiros for the server. · TileMap to do the map of the game. If you like the game please give us some feedback and ideas to continue the development of the game!. Hope you enjoy it!.
  10. Hey! I'm working on a 3d multiplayer browser game where you and up to around 1500 (I say around because I'm still experimenting with the performance) other players explore and grow in a fantasy world. I'm still developing the game, but so far I've built in chat, some basic combat, the beginnings of a leveling system, movement, the ability to wield things, as well as a bunch of other things. I've been writing my own game engine as I go, but thankfully a lot of it is in place so these days I'm finally focusing on creating the content and trying to make something fun. Most fun aspect of development so far: So far my favorite moment has been plopping a few animals into the game and trying out combat against them. That came after months of implementing a skeletal animation system, so it was great to finally see it work in the game. Biggest Challenge so far: I've had to learn a lot of math and 3d concepts while making the engine, so those were each challenges in their own right. The biggest challenge right now though is the art. I'm completely new to making art so, to be frank, everything that I'm churning out is complete garbage! My hope is that as I make more and more of the art I'll get better and better, and then be able to double back and clean up all of the awful art that I've made thus far.. We'll see how that goes.. Advice that I'd love to get from you: - When should I focus on building a player base? Right now I'm mainly writing the core gameplay and trying to churn out 3d models / animations. How far does one need to get into a multiplayer RPG before it's good enough to have a consistent player base? I'm definitely still experimenting with building something that's truly fun, but I sure don't want to be in a position where I'm trying to improve the game forever without getting players. - Would you play a multiplayer RPG on your mobile device? All throughout development I've had a goal of maintaining 60 FPS on mobile devices, and having controls that are just as fun on mobile as they are on desktop. One thing here is that I'm not entirely sure if people would play a casual browser RPG on their mobile device, vs. just their desktops. My assumption is that they would, but I'm curious about your thoughts here? Should I continue to focus on this? Check it out: You can play the game all throughout development at on the Lighthouse Tale website. I also blog about development and 3d game programming concepts on my person site, so always feel free to let me know anything that you'd like to read or learn about!
  11. Lately I've been working on a game, without any sort of engine. I am using pure JS, HTML canvas, and Jquery. The name is not final but the features currently in are as follows: -Melee Combat -Multiple enemies with different stats and AI A* pathfinding aggression if they see you. -Loot and loot tables -Random dungeon generation with an exit that leads to another randomly generated dungeon, with the dungeon generating differently (more enemies and few other features) the higher you go. -FOV -Minimap -Basic inventory functionality -Autosave function -Saving/loading function to and from unlimited number of slots -Fully functional log with timestamp The planned features are as follows: -Magic and Ranged combat -Health bars above enemies and the player -Improved UI -5 Bosses -After each boss is defeated, the dungeon has a visual change along with more difficult enemies and obstacles -Traps (they generate, yet there's no art or function yet) -Merchants and random NPCs scattered around to explain the lore, story, and mystery -Basic crafting and alchemy -Randomly generated items to loot -Level and XP system -Pet system (pet that follows you and aids in combat) -Multiple starting classes -10 to 30 hours of gameplay through multiple playthroughs -Sounds and music -Mystery type story I am sixteen years old and this is my first major project. I'm doing the entirety of programming by myself and in my own created engine, I am also doing all the art. Upon completion I hope to port it into an .exe and put it on Steam greenlight and sell it for around $2-$4. Now, as this is my first project I'd love some criticism and feedback regarding my goals and current features, as well as any tips from people have already completed games that may be helpful to myself.
  12. Pooya72

    [WIP] Match Cute Monsters

    This is a match3 Game i worked for couple of days and still working on it. Play it here : And tell me What you think.
  13. Hello friends, I am developing a simple browser game called Next.Land. I would like to ask for some feedback here. I’m looking for inspiration and new ideas. There is a playable demo available so you can try the game right now (very limited gameplay). Links: Project website: Playable demo: Some in-game videos: YouTube channel Basic features: Property tycoon. Free to play. Browser game. MMO. Simple and casual. Business simulation game. Real world elements and 3D terrain. Description: Next.Land is a property tycoon browser game. It is based on Three.js (WebGL javascript framework), OpenStreetMap - OSM (map data for real world elements like buildings, roads, forests, ...) and SRTM (elevation data for a real 3D terrain). The gameplay is simple and easy. Buy and sell properties, manage your finances and grow your empire. Play in the actual world locations with an accurate 3D terrain. I think this is a very attractive feature. You can play in the area you like the most. Next.Land is quite similar to one older game called MonopolyCityStreets. Of course, I want to keep developing this game after the initial release. I want to provide regular expansions with new game features (microeconimcs, enhanced trading, various in-game events etc). It is too early to be more specific, the game needs to be finished first Feedback: I have created a short priority list of topics that interest me the most. Do you like the game idea? Do you think this game has potential? Do you think that the gameplay might be fun? Do you prefer casual or hardcore gameplay? My intention is to create a casual game. Fun for few minutes a day. I don't like the idea that you will play this game for hours a day. Would you like to see tablet/smartphone versions? It is difficult to create the same design for every device. The game is designed for desktops right now. Smaller devices have lower performance and the gameplay, user interface and graphics need to be reduced. Everything else. Any others ideas are welcome. Other: There is an active crowdfunding campaign for the project right now. I think you should know about this. I don't want to provide the link. It is just my another attempt to get more feedback from people. I am very grateful for any feedback. Thank you very much!
  14. Hudo1979

    WIP spacewar

    I was thinking of a space combat game where you can design your own ship and give it an order (in form of AI) and put it up online so it can combat other players ship. (using Phaser) Its in really early stage, all I did for now is a graphic editor for create ingame graphics (2D vector graphics) as following Data saved as following (you can copy the string and load in the editor) {"metadata":{"id":"60884e90-0452-2ab4-4f9a-f137c5059ff7","name":"DefaultCruiser","description":"Default Cruiser","type":"1"},"shape":[{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":21,"y":0},{"x":12,"y":4},{"x":6,"y":13},{"x":8,"y":24},{"x":17,"y":31},{"x":21,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":21,"y":0},{"x":30,"y":4},{"x":36,"y":13},{"x":34,"y":24},{"x":25,"y":31},{"x":21,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":31},{"x":19,"y":53},{"x":23,"y":53},{"x":23,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":34},{"x":17,"y":39},{"x":17,"y":49},{"x":19,"y":53}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":23,"y":34},{"x":25,"y":39},{"x":25,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":53}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":17,"y":41},{"x":5,"y":46},{"x":5,"y":50},{"x":17,"y":45}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":25,"y":41},{"x":37,"y":46},{"x":37,"y":50},{"x":25,"y":45}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":2,"y":36},{"x":4,"y":36},{"x":5,"y":39},{"x":5,"y":56},{"x":4,"y":58},{"x":2,"y":58},{"x":1,"y":56},{"x":1,"y":39}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":38,"y":36},{"x":40,"y":36},{"x":41,"y":39},{"x":41,"y":56},{"x":40,"y":58},{"x":38,"y":58},{"x":37,"y":56},{"x":37,"y":39}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":41,"y":39},{"x":42,"y":41},{"x":42,"y":54},{"x":41,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":1,"y":39},{"x":0,"y":41},{"x":0,"y":54},{"x":1,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":5,"y":39},{"x":6,"y":41},{"x":6,"y":54},{"x":5,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":37,"y":39},{"x":36,"y":41},{"x":36,"y":54},{"x":37,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":17,"y":49},{"x":19,"y":55},{"x":20,"y":56},{"x":22,"y":56},{"x":23,"y":55},{"x":25,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":53},{"x":19,"y":53}]},{"color":"#000066","polygon":[{"x":12,"y":6},{"x":21,"y":1},{"x":30,"y":6},{"x":31,"y":8},{"x":21,"y":2},{"x":11,"y":8}]},{"color":"#000066","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":37},{"x":18,"y":39},{"x":18,"y":49},{"x":20,"y":52},{"x":22,"y":52},{"x":24,"y":49},{"x":24,"y":39},{"x":23,"y":37}]},{"color":"#9c9cc4","polygon":[{"x":20,"y":38},{"x":19,"y":39},{"x":19,"y":49},{"x":20,"y":51},{"x":22,"y":51},{"x":23,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":39},{"x":22,"y":38}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":11,"y":8},{"x":9,"y":10},{"x":9,"y":11},{"x":20,"y":4},{"x":22,"y":4},{"x":33,"y":11},{"x":33,"y":10},{"x":31,"y":8},{"x":21,"y":2}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":8,"y":13},{"x":10,"y":24},{"x":14,"y":27},{"x":11,"y":12}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":34,"y":13},{"x":32,"y":24},{"x":28,"y":27},{"x":31,"y":12}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":14,"y":22},{"x":15,"y":28},{"x":18,"y":30},{"x":25,"y":30},{"x":27,"y":28},{"x":28,"y":22},{"x":26,"y":25},{"x":23,"y":28},{"x":19,"y":28},{"x":16,"y":25}]}]} You can visit the link at and try the editor out, it can save a json string of the vertexes and color. If anyone find its interesting and make some images, please post it here with the saved json and image
  15. Download here Currently working on a game which twists a little bit the Galaga-like clones of yore. I was developing a Top Down Shooter (hence "project TDS") but it degenerated into a Galaga-like game. The game pits two players in a (for now) endless battle for points, where one side has the ultra-mobile "hero" ship and the other is the "swarm" side. Currently doing it as kind of a pressure relief, as real life is driving me nuts and want to create a small game that brings something "kind of new" to the table. Missing still are: Sounds Music More visual effects More types of "baddies" Powerups for the hero "Boss" battles and such Planned, but not prioritary are network play and some sort of leaderboard.
  16. Description: DRAW!! is an western themed card game where you are tasked with building different decks to defeat the many different outlaws! Each enemy has unique decks and mechanics so you must construct your deck to capitalize on their weaknesses. Features: 10 different Outlaws to battle. 16 unique cards to collect. Thousands of deck combinations! What still needs to be done: The game is completely finished other than that it needs music and sound effects. Since those are not vital to the gameplay I thought that it was a good time to post about it and get some feedback. Play in your browser: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  17. jefframos

    [PIXI] [WIP] Crazy4

    Hi guys, Just to show my new prototype : Is a simple connect4, but arcade, the player have few time to take decisions. Is still work in progress and one day I hope I will finish this =) Cheers
  18. -AAG-

    WIP Money Land

    I have been working on a puzzle/platformer of sorts and I'm simply not sure whether to continue or not. Maybe with some feedback I can finally make up my mind. There is only 8 levels at the moment but that should be enough to get the point of the concept and overall direction of the game. There are virtual keys when you play on mobile. This is a desktop screenshot. PLAY
  19. mansim

    Watch Fighting Armies

    I am making an armies fighting simulator with HMTL5 canvas. You can see it here: . Wait until it loads and click blue button "attack!". After fight is over (or anytime), you can proceed it with blue button "Add army", add more units, and start fight again. There are more settings, to change units, their stats, positions, army size. So far i have only a swordsman unit made.
  20. permith

    [Early WIP] Platformer

    Controls (A+D/Arrows to move, F/J to fire, Spacebar to Jump). Goal is to light all the lamps and kill all the enemies. The source is un-minified for anyone that wants to take a look(though I've figured out better ways to do some things, that I'm not going to fix in this game. especially for object communication) I wanted to see how far I could get using HTML 5/Canvas and without using any frameworks or webGL. Pretty happy with the results so far and it even runs 'OK' on an 8 year old netbook I have(1Ghz 1Gig of RAM), so in the future I plan on eventually porting it over for tablets/cellphones with screen controls, from the looks of it after optimizing how many collision entities I have I could get a level 5 to 20 times larger without stressing low end system. Eventually plan on making it something close a hub world that has portals to other levels, Adding moving platforms, some stereotypical puzzle elements, getting a sane way to load levels(right now it's pretty bad/funny), and doing something about the sprites.
  21. PixelPicoSean

    Space Crasher - LowRezJam 2016 entry

    Hey developers, Take a look at my #LowRezJam2016 entry "Space Crasher". You'll control a space ship and shoot around to survive. The ship moves and can only move when you shoot at the opposite direction. Hope you like the weird design Note that the game is not completely finished since I was too late to join this jam (about 2 days ago). Yet I am very satisfied with the result, and have planned a more interesting weapon system to add more fun. Feedbacks are welcome. BTW. The game is made with my own game framework called LesserPanda and its source is available on Github, under MIT licence.
  22. I created a realtime multiplayer top-down shooter, with zombies. Inspiration is basically, but it's similar to CounterStrike2D, and now moving to be more like Killing Floor. So it started as PvP game, but with Zombies it can be PvE. URL: The hardest part was to implement proper client-server synchronization, and the collision detection on the server. Creating the UI in Phaser was easy and simple, i had a lot of fun! I started in November 2015 as a side project, some hours here and there in the evenings. Currently most of the expected functionality is working. But all the game balancing has not been performed yet, but its possible to play and have some fun :-). Feedback is very welcome. But it will probably crash a lot ;-) Features: - Shoot bullets - Shoot grenades (AoE) - Create an unwalkable barrier at a specific location - Buffs: Movement speed, attack speed, invisibility - Powerups: ATM just health - Zombies: ATM just follow-closest-player logic - In-game chat (toggle with "T") How to play: - WASD/keypad for movement - Left mouse button for shooting - Key 1: Barrier - Key 2: Grenade - Key 3: Movement Speed buff - Key 4: Attack speed buff - Key 5: invisibility Technology: - Phaser on client - NodeJS as server - Websockets for communication - I ported Phaser arcade to NodeJS to have sane collision and collision detection - Pathfinding with easystar.js Story: A land far away was rich with powerful mages. But their king decided to put them all into a prison. After several years of being imprisoned and tortured, suddenly a revolution happened, and the mages fled the prison. Gone mad because of the inhuman treatment in the dark cellars, the mages all went on a killing spree in the city, shooting at everything they encounter. Strangely most of confrontation are with beings which are already dead, but still moving, and search for living flesh. Is there a connection between these events? (Who cares, the only thing which matters is to be #1 on the server!) Screenshot:
  23. About a month into development now and having a blast making this. What's black and white and might have rabies? Don't let the mask fool you, this raccoon is a hero. Set in a fantasy woodland where trouble's brewing, our ring-tailed hero must explore, quest, and fight to survive. Nocturnal critters armed with high explosives and not a workplace safety poster in sight: that's right folks, things are going to get crazy. Twisted Bark is a pixely open-world style RPG. Gain experience completing quests and fighting enemies. Explore as far as your ability and level will allow you. Implemented features: Dynamic lighting Particle effects Quest platform (currently 1 quest fully implemented and working on #2) Slash Attack Dynamite item/attack Health Bar Experience points / level system Some enemy AI For more info/screenshots or to subscribe to updates by email, see the website: Open to any CC/feedback/ideas! Thanks for reading. Sam
  24. matheusbn

    [WIP] Canvas 9Ball

    Hi, Just sharing my new game (WIP), I hope you like: Matheus.
  25. gman6500

    [WIP] Improbable Game

    Hello! I am currently developing a game called Improbable Game. It is a platformer with improbable difficulty. It is, or so I have heard from the people who have tested it, frustratingly fun and addictive. I am looking for suggestions and feedback. Thank you! Link: