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Found 33 results

  1. Hey guys, for all Vim users , check out my tutorial on how to use phaser with vim (includes auto-completion)
  2. Play the first most awesome platformer adventure game by the Zulu Team (actually it's only me). This was my first foray into HTML5 and Game Design that I have finally uploaded into the game archive on my site. I have a very VERY soft spot for this game. Not only does it have excellent colour design – it boasts ten levels of fun and has a magnificent soundtrack with screaming cats! Mind you it was never optimised for mobile so play it on a tablet or PC - and be patient while the big images load and all you see is a black screen. Direct Link Here:
  3. Hello, I'm creating my first mobile game via Phaser framework and canvas. So for creating the channel (please check attached screenshot of my spiral channel) I imported my sprite into Physics Editor program, did what is described in this tutorial. Now trying to prepare the part when user will press/touch the ball holder, after touch/press the ball should rotate around the channel and depending on the speed it should fall into holes. Did some research but can't find any example on how I can make the ball move around the channel. Any ideas will be appreciated. I have following code for loading spiral sprite and its json file: preload: function() { game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; game.load.image("spiral", "assets/images/pinball-channel.png"); game.load.image("ballHolder", "assets/images/ball-holder.png"); game.load.image("ball", "assets/images/ball.png"); game.load.physics("physicsData", "assets/sprite_physics.json"); }, create: function() { var ballHolderGraphic; ballHolderGraphic = game.add.sprite(196.5, game.height-98, 'ballHolder'); ballHolderGraphic.width = 60; ballHolderGraphic.height = 104; ballGraphic = game.add.sprite(213, game.height-ballHolderGraphic.height-23, 'ball'); ballGraphic.width = 28; ballGraphic.height = 28; var channel; game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.P2JS); channel = game.add.sprite(225, 365, 'spiral'); channel.width = 400; channel.height = 550; game.physics.p2.enable(channel, false); channel.body.clearShapes(); channel.body.loadPolygon('physicsData', 'spiral'); } Also I have one issue, after this line (channel.body.loadPolygon('physicsData', 'spiral');) nothing (image, button,etc...) is being displayed in the screen but once I add them before this channel part, it works perfectly. Any ideas why? Thanks
  4. Looking for feedback for new game available at the moment on 3 platforms: Android Facebook Done with Phaser, includes sharing integration, FB invites, Firebase integration (not working on Android - please take a look, LocalStorage, AdMob as ads and in-app purchases included also at the end wrapped with Cocoon.
  5. Rooster Warrior

    Hi Guys, We just release our newest HTML5 game Rooster Warrior, It's a free strategy RPG game. You can play the game here or here
  6. Build Android (apk) game with phaser

    i am new in phaser and successfully made a game.But the problem i faced is when i compile it with phone gap or intel XDK the the phone button like backbutton doesn't work properly.The whole game exit in one press of back button. I want to use a confirmation massge like "Do you want to exit " like general app does.After conformation the game will exit.How can i do this?...It will be very kind of you and helful if you answer ...Thanks in Advance.
  7. Hi! I've got a new HTML5 Game for sale called Webimon. Details below: Title: Webimon Description: Raise your pet monster on the web! Hatch the baby monster from the egg, and then feed it and interact with it. The choices you make will determine what type of monster your pet will grow and evolve into! There are dozens of animations and 8 different in-game web monster pets, which can evolve into the final 8 matured Webimon! License for sale: Exclusive (preferred) and non-exclusive. Price: Please contact me to discuss, if interested. Send me your quote and the type of license you want to buy! Other Info: Currently, the More Games link just goes to about:blank and the Publisher logos are all placeholders. Those will be replaced with your logo, if you buy the game license! The preload screen has a placeholder advertisement space that can be customized or removed if desired. Contact: Please contact me to discuss more, via e-mail : [[[ jtdispagma {at) gmail (dot} com ]]] You can also PM me if you want. Webimon Link
  8. Colorize - puzzle game

    Hi i would like to share with you my last game i made with phaser framework it is cross platform mobile ready game the source code is available on codecanyon codecanyon : play the game : video :
  9. [PHASER] Saw Loser Game

    Hi Everyone A new game I created for a bit of fun with Phaser - see how long you can survive ! Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to reverse your jump, just dodge the saw blades for as long as you can. It will be up on the play store shortly Let me know what you think Eric
  10. Hello i am html5 game developer, looking for longterm work. I have expirience in create.js paper.js also have done a lot of games with native js and css. Here is some of my projects i can link you much more if need. You can write me in skype ogion13
  11. new game: Koala Rumble

    play: distribution embed: <iframe src="" scrolling="no" width="500px" height="500px"></iframe>
  12. Kung Fu Clicker

    Hello gamedevs community, After watching so many of you publish games I can finally post my first game in this showcase as well: Kung Fu Clicker ! "Can you climb the mysterious tower to the top and prove yourself to be the most worthy Kung Fu master? Defeat the elementals, collect their essences and keep climbing. Complete quests along the way to upgrade your character in the shop and finally reach the highest floor of the tower!" Game link: Kung Fu Clicker is a browser game optimized for mobile by solely using touch (or click) inputs. On a desktop browser however, you can also use the arrow keys. The game controls are simple: Tap left / right to attack, block and jump in the desired direction. Collect the essences in the order displayed on the screen (from left to right) by blocking the attacks of the corresponding elemental. You block an attack by attacking an elemental that is already charging towards you. Punch the other elementals before they start charging at you! After each successful collection of essences, you climb to the next level by jumping up the ledges. Beware however, as the ledges fall down shortly after you touched them! I don't want to give too much away because that's part of the game: to learn and improve as you play along. There is a short and simple tutorial in the game, however, to get you started. You can come back and continue playing anytime by the way, the game uses local storage to save your quests' progress and all purchases in the shop. I've had a lot of fun creating this small game and I'm already working on a new title, which I am excited to post here again in the coming weeks. Have fun playing and let me know what you think! Don't hold back on the critics, I know this is an amateur game but any feedback is appreciated so I can improve P.S.: A couple side notes / questions: - I would love to licence this game to a publisher but since this is my first game and I'm a newcomer, I am scared Kung Fu Clicker has still written amateur all over it. Also, I'd assume I need to approach a publisher with a package of games instead of just one simple one like this. With this said, if you are a publisher or know someone where I could legitimately make a good impression with this, let me know! Meanwhile the game is also playable on gamejolt (desktop only): - I am a terrible artist. The characters, elementals, objects and interface have been designed by me. The backgrounds have been designed by my girlfriend. Thanks to her help the game looks a lot better than it would just drawn by myself. I am looking for an artist who doesn't charge too much for future games, though. I'm not trying to rip-off talented artists by being cheap but I just can't afford a top notch reputable designer at this point. Maybe a student out there who would like to get in touch with me? Hit me up on twitter @thejamespierce . - Lastly, thank you for reading this post and checking out my game
  13. Hey guys, new html5 developer here. I've been working on my first game with Phaser and all has been great until running into a wall called Cocoon Canvas+. The issue i've been having is getting my game to run in fullscreen through I've tested my game using intel XDK and with that service my game scales into fullscreen no problems, but the fps is slow and I need better performance. So i'm trying to get Cocoon canvas+ to work and so far all i get is a small version of my game in the top left corner of the device displayed. There must be something i'm missing in the project setup to enable Cocoon fullscreen to work properly. Has anyone been successful with Cocoon canvas+ fullscreen games and would care to help me out? Thanks I believe the issue lies in my html file. Also I am not sure if I have enabled Cordova properly for Cocoon, or if I even have to enable Cordova.
  14. [Quintus] YellowSidd

    Hello,We would like to present our first, very simple game created in HTML 5, used Quintus framework.Here you have:- 7 different levels,- many different enemies,- 150 coins to collect,- and more!Game is available HERE.All tips and comments are useful.Best,Doyban PS. Quintus is old, know, right now working on Phaser game
  15. Licensing a html5 game

    I recently developed this game(my first game). An inspiration of snake game .I want to license that game. I want to know wether games like this can be sold on gaming site. It's not for money but all I want is more and more people to play my game. I made the game using canvas, jquery, javascrit, html5, css. Also, I am facing problems with responsiveness of the game. It is not resizing on phones and other pc's. I will be happy to listen to any suggestions. Also, I am facing problems with responsive web designing on canvas. I would be grateful if I can get some suggestions to develo my career. Some pics of my game:
  16. HTML5 Game developer

    Hi, i am html5 game developer, please let me know if you want to build small to advance levels of game my id is Thank you
  17. Toy Defense

    Move to a region where a battle is being fought in ‘Toy Defense’ HTML5 game. Get involved in a military confrontation of a toy army against attacking enemies. The military superior proceeded a command to defend a toy headquarters and beat off the attack of opposing toy forces. Become a Commander-in-Chief of toy militarists and put your troops on various spots to beat the aggressor.Place the valiant riflemen, fearless machine-gunners, flamethrowers and strengthen your positions with mighty cannons and ack-acks. Save the most advanced soldiers and use them in the next battle! Win the battles and gain more scores to buy important improvements, such as: an increase of durability and damage area, an extension of fire rate and many more. Start protecting at 'First Blood' set of levels and continue with the others - 'Hard Winter', 'Die Hard', 'New Tide'. Stop the aggressor and protect your toy headquarters with the help of toy forces in ‘Toy Defense’! Play online on your devices:
  18. Super Chibi

    Add this fun cute little adventure "Super Chibi" game on your website.
  19. Here is our newly released HTML5 game "Duck Hunting Madness" , available for non-exclusive licensing. If you are interested to buy the license, please contact You can see the youtube video to get an idea of different level of the games. Full Description:Duck Hunting Madness is a hunting game with 6 exciting levels. Applicable for every age. 1. Main objective is to hunt as many ducks as possible while avoiding the kingfishers and sparrows. 2. Time limit for every level is 90 seconds and you got four lives. 3. If you shoot duck you will get 10 points, if you shoot kingfisher you will lose a life. Shooting sparrow will take away 5 points. 4. Get enough points to get access to new levels. 5. In every level there will be a challenge (mentioned at the top right corner of the game screen). If you reach the needed score will get rewarded with additional 50 bonus points. 6. If you finish a level without losing lives you will get 30 bonus points. 7. Every level has it’s own difficulty, level 1 is the easiest one and level 6 is the hardest. 8. Check your position among other gamers from the leaderboards. 9. From level 4 to level 6 you will have to also reload your magazine while hunting. You can reload it any time by clicking on it. Visit our website to get updates on upcoming games. Thank you for your time to test the game and feedback.
  20. Best Games In January

    Hello All! The best game of last month has already been released! Check out the following winners! Congratulations! For developers who wins the top games per month, you will get a free aliyun server worthy 1000 usd and the chance to get the biggest prize at the end of the contest! Congrats again!
  21. Flapping Santa - for them holiday days

    Flapping Santa Santa Clause made a big mess in the factory and there are presents all over the place. The fact that he’s as fat as ever isn’t helping his reindeer either. It’s Christmas Eve and Santa needs to start delivering gifts for all the boys and girls out there. Help Santa dodge presents so that he can escape the factory and bring joy to children all over the world. Screenshots You can: Hope you enjoy it, otherwise sorry for wasting your time :Happy Holidays!
  22. Terra Slicer

    Terra Slicer Slice the screen... carefully. PLAY A little toy/arcade game I've put together to test the waters of selling HTML5 licenses. Focusing on a high quality experience, reliable stability and natural controls across every possible browser/platform. Built using CreateJS and CoffeeScript. HTML5 cross-browser/platform arcade game with elegant preloading, resolution independence, intuitive and satisfyingly smooth touch controls. 134KB Javascript, 710KB total transfer. Should work at a minimum on desktop browsers (Safari 7+, Firefox 30+, IE 9+, Chrome 35+) and touch screens (iOS/Android - mobile safari, android browser, android chrome)... let me know if anything breaks for you. Screenshots PLAY
  23. Travelling Fish:Jonesy is an adventourous fish who's dream is to explore every corner of the uinverse. So you and jonesy go explore the wonderous planets with lots of of obstacles along the way. Have fun! Link to game : Have fun everyone!
  24. Bliss in Void is my first HTML5 game. I developed it using createJS API. It's a 2D platformer game. For desktop only. It's a simple platformer game where a lost boy tries to figure out what's wrong with the world he is in. It's my first effort on HTML5 game development. Here's the link to the game -
  25. i am a novice flash and html5 game developer My name is Sazeda Ferdous I am admin of I have made a html 5 zombie shooter and released in google playstore hope you like my game and give me some positive review there here is more details midnight zombie shooter game also u can try the html 5 version here midnight zombie shooter game I am also looking for html5 game publisher who can take my game to large audience and earn me some money thank you