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Found 871 results

  1. Hi, Infinitris - A massively multiplayer online falling block puzzle game, created using Phaser, React, and Koa. Here it is: Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar. Current Features: Classic .io style: Instant join - only specify your nickname and you're ready to play. Ingame chat (Press [Enter]) Grid that expands and collapses based on how many players are in the game. Horizontal wrapping when the grid is larger than the screen. Scoreboard Invalid block placement detection (needs work) Features to add: Spectator mode AFK detection Touch controls Minimap Mobile fullscreen Multiple game rooms Block collections and themes User registration to secure your nickname Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Pyre
  2. Job posting: Studio FOW Position: Senior Game Software Developer We are looking for a game senior game software developer who can deliver web based, HTML5 game applications. The role includes overseeing the full development life cycle including identifying the correct technology, architecting the application, security, testing and deploying. This is not a project management role, you will be solely responsible for implementation. The candidate must have a proven track record in developing web based game applications using WebGL and JavaScript. We expect the developer to be able to deliver a modular, scalable and testable application. You will also be working to integrate existing pre-rendered video content into the game which forms an integral part of the player experience. Experience in enterprise grade applications would be necessary so the design could address high availability requirements (i.e. load balancing and clustering). Experience in WebSockets and relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL are required. Experience in ECMAScript, NodeJS and node-webkit would be a plus. Knowledge of other programming languages (Python, C++) is also a plus. Please note that this game will be of the adult (18+) variety and therefore anyone uncomfortable with such content need not apply. A portfolio and references will be required during the interview process.
  3. Hello everyone, this is Crazy Racers. It's my first personal project [Play the Game] The game is an fast-pacing racing game. Features: 12 Different tracks 6 Different Cars (each car has it's own style) Different Obstacles 3 different game modes Leaderboard Game modes: Grand Prix: You race a number of tracks, the racer with more points win a trophy Quick Race: Race one track with 5 other opponents Time Trial: Race alone to try to get to the leaderboard Feedback are welcome, I hope you like this game Game is Available for Non-exclusive License and Re-skins, contact me for me details and for the full version of the game Cheers,
  4. Hi, It is a simple but quite original puzzle game. Game ready for non exlusive licences, youtube video Thx, Sergiy.
  5. ios

    HTML5 options seem pretty dismal on iOS, or am I missing something? I'm trying to figure out the best way to "wrap" my HTML5 game. It's three.js but that's not really relevant, other than the fact I want it to run fast. Here are the options I've explored/tinkered with: UIWebView Pros: Easy to use, no headaches Cons: Slow and might be deprecated soon WKWebView Pros: Fast (great WebGL speed, etc.) Cons: Can't support loading local resources; security restrictions on local .html and .js files Workarounds: Copy resources to /Documents or /tmp directory Host files with embedded web server Cordova Pros: Plugin that wraps the WKWebView with web server solution; other bells and whistles Cons: Seems not not be under active development; build/config errors Intel XDK Pros: Nice IDE, can use Cordova plugins Cons: Deploying to device incredibly clunky and slow Ejecta Pros: Fast Cons: Getting it to work with three.js not straightforward I'm currently using the UIWebView solution, which might NOT have good enough performance to release the game. WKWebView seems unusable; I suppose I can try to get Ejecta working. Any insight or opinions here? Thanks!
  6. impossible

    Hello everyone, I'm here on my first forum topic to show one of my first games (actually the third one). It is a game inspired by the highly acclaimed color switch. It is a game made in HTML5 but for mobile devices. Link to download: Coming soon. Some Screenshots:
  7. Hi , we put out some new games now. try yourself. Fruit Link: Jelly Jelly:
  8. Ahok has become a Kungfu Master. Get ready for rat attacks in the Jakarta city. wreck them all with kungfu style to save the city. Test your reflexes and break the records from around the world. Features: Addictive arcade game play. Fight hundreds of enemies every minute. funny sound effect and voices. Screenshot: Game Link(Please help rate and comment for both version. thanks ): HTML5: here and here Android If you are interested with HTML5 version. it's also available for non-exclusive license. Please contact me at smilesoft [at] and here is the list of my latest HTML5 games(available for licensing): HTML5 games list Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone. As I said before on this forum, I am working on a HTML5 Gaming console + API. The feature set that I have in place at the moment is a library for clients and the game. Next to that I have created a dashboard for the console in which games can be selected. The game-view is then loaded into the dashboard window. I also created a client to control the console dashboard (users can open this client on their phone). If a game is selected, the game player view is loaded into the client. The setup uses sockets and emitters to send events from and to the game and clients. I also have some ideas to create a standalone client which contains the socket logic but does not bind the game to the dashboard and client setup. Till now these ideas came from me but I would like to create an actual feedback loop. Filling in this poll would be a first step towards this. If I have a first version online (which will not take long anymore), and people would like to give the platform a try, I would like to setup online developer meetings to get feedback on the platform and new features. Would someone be interested to help me on this journey? Feel free to signup at: or join me on the Xentha slack ( All code is open-source and can be found at If you have any remarks about what audience is interesting to target, how to monetize or what type of games you would like to see for an HTML5 console and you cannot find your options in the poll, please drop me a line. Thank you in advance for answering the poll
  10. Hello everyone! My new HTML5 game "WallBall" is available for non-exclusives. Price is reasonable. PM me. Here's the video (FPS is low because of the recording. The game runs smoothly without it):
  11. Hello, everyone! This is Hit Moles, my first game. This game is about hitting as many moles as you can in the limited time (1 minute). There are two more characters which are a cactus and a rabbit. When you hit the mole, you score 5 points, when you hit the cactus, it subtracts 5 secs in the countdown timer, But hitting the rabbit will add 5 secs. Preview Demo Feedbacks would be pretty appreciated.
  12. Ship wrecked Creatures! Save them all and collect as many stars! 250 exciting levels beautiful graphics 5 difficulty levels It works on all devices running IOS and Android fun music and voice creatures Many hours of gameplay For licensing to write to the email:
  13. Hello, I just published a website with a landing page made almost entirely with Phaser: The site is inspired by 90's interactive screensavers and animated by my husband. Most of the interaction comes through clicking the blue pods at the top, which causes the little desktop pets to pop out and interact with each other. Right now the main page just links to older portions of the site, but eventually we plan to incorporate most of the site into the main page with animated transitions.
  14. Hello. We are an indie developer team Atatapp wants to sell our new HTML5 game "Ocean Pop". This game is an arcade puzzle with physics. The goal is to save the fish from the cell popping the blocks. But be aware of trash on the bottom! The game has 30 levels, all is unlocked right now for testing. All is ready, except the music/sound that is on development. The link to the game: Some screenshots: Small video: The game were built on Regards, Evgeny Prozorov,
  15. Hi Everyone I have just lauched my new website It has 9 new phaser games that I created with the phaser framework, I'm just looking for some feedback on what people think of the games / website You can play the games in your browser or through the play store. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance Eric
  16. Hi Devs, we are searching for developer with experience on browser strategy game in html5. As well include all graphics for the Front. We need to Develop the same Mafia Browser Games or Footballmanager games, but for Develop in Europe Style and Strucutre. The Game is very simple but important is to develop it to a high quality for the customer eyes and europe standard and that is good responsive. Important Notes: -We will own all right on the game, code and graphics after completion -coders must have right to use and graphics, music, animations used in the games -Project time: 1 Month Remote work is totally fine for this job. Email can sent to I will give buy interest more information. Please give me examples of works of past. Ask me anything, or point out mistakes, thx. Elias
  17. Hi, We have just started a project so we are planning to buy bulk Exclusive HTML5 Games Licence. Games Should be HTML5. It should be in responsive and compatible with all devices. It should have the facility to in-game ads. So PM your games. Thank you
  18. I'm testing one of my Phaser Games within a Webview, built using just Android Studio and Firebase (game in Phaser) I didn't use Cordova it cluttered my Android project and didn't seem to add any speed..etc , Here is the web and the Google Play link:
  19. hi. i'm developing MMORPG MadWorld it can play on pc,mobile you can see movie on under link but mobile has few memory. specially ios under iphone 6(including 6, not 6s) our game png and jpg to draw image with webgl. but it need a lot of memory.. is there any tips to reduce memory? i'm considering compressed texture like etc1, pvr,...etc.. but it can't control easy with multi platform. if you have tips please tell me..
  20. Hi Everyone, I just updated my website here - My goal is to utilize HTML5 game technology as a way to distribute discounts and coupons. This forum was very helpful to find some HTML5 games to license. I will definitely be looking to license more HTML5 games in the future, once i breakeven. I am looking for the support of the vibrant HTML5 game community that i found here. Just visiting my website will definitely go a long way. Also other things like sharing with friends and family will also help. Any feedback is also welcome. Best, Oomfr
  21. hi everyone. happy new year.. we are developing MMORPG by HTM5 and using webgl, websocket ... we are finding good publishing place.. and please tell us if you have experiences about this.. i find ? how about this? thx
  22. Polyflyer Polyflyer is a polygon-based game which is developed from scratched. Typically for arcade games you need to finish all levels. No long text, just try: Controls: Arrow keys, Space and Alt (ingame language is German)
  23. I’m looking for a Project Manager with technical knowledge and passionate about HTML5 games. The job will consist in creating an online catalogue of HTML5 games. You will be working closely with a developer and myself. This is a list of some tasks I foresee: Create a comprehensive list of game sources. We might license a few games, but we will mainly focus on free games. Plan how to get and store these games in a database. We might include browser-based Unity games as well. Design a process to categorize the games by genre and other attributes. Provide ideas on how to curate the games and add value (providing game walkthroughs, tips, etc.) Design workflows to automate as much as possible the previous tasks. Contribute to ideas on how to display our catalog to the end user. If you think you might be interested, please send me a PM with a few lines mentioning your experience in HTML5 games and technical skills. Thanks in advance, Alex
  24. Hi, We are looking for developers for some games. If you are able to code any of these games or already has something similar, email us (jobs[@] for more details. Please include any game(s) that you have previously developed on html5 in the email. We are also interested if you have other ideas or ready-made html5 games. The games have to be simple (no long instruction/explanation) and short (1-2mins), able to play in local multiplayer environment. We hope to build long-term working relationship with you. Important Notes: - We will own all rights to the games, code, and graphics after completion. - Coders must have rights to use any graphics, music, animations used in the games. - API will be provided. - Project time: 1-2 month ============================================================= Games Setting: - Multi-players on same device - play on multi-touch screen The game details below are only guidelines. 1. Memory Game - Random spread of color buttons with different pitch/tone - Game will choose 1 random player to start the game. - Round 1, 3 buttons will lights up randomly. Player has to tap the button in sequence. - Next random player. In a game of 5 players, each player will play once, followed by round 2 - Each turn, player home area will lights up. Home area will show personal score - Limited time for each player to complete game. 2. Color vs text - 10 sec play per player. Blitz - Player with best score win 3. Pins - 1 min game - There will be a rotating circle in the center of the screen. The circle rotation will slowly speed up. - Each player has 10 pins to finish shooting in 1 min. If player's pin hits another pin, 2nd pin dropped. - Winner = player with the most pin on the ball. - Bonus: At random interval, bonus pins will appear on screen, player can drag pin back to own home base. Player will gain extra pin. 4. Cards match - Option: All cards will open for 1 sec before start to speed up game - A deck of cards face down. - During each player's turn, their home base will lights up. - Each player to tap to open 2 cards during their turn. If match, cards removed and player scores. - E.g., Ace heart and Ace diamond is a match. Basically same card, same color to match. - Player with most points win 5. Bounce - tap to shoot ball into goal at center. Long tap for more power. - Random size/weight; bigger ball, heavier. - Most points win - 1 min game 6 tug of war - tap speed game - Each player to tap as fast as they can within their home base. - 1 min game 7. Card deck - This game will just deal cards. - This game has no rules, players will set own rules, hence no calculation of points, winner/losers. - Users to choose number of decks (1/2/ 3) ---> deal all, deal 2/3/4/5/etc number of cards. - One player will choose to be Dealer. - Dealer will tap on deal to start game. - The cards are all "tap-to-highlight". Players can tap multiple cards on their deck and tap on button to send to center. - Center stack of cards: any players can tap on any cards to highlight or circle the whole stack and with hand movement drag them to any player. - Game will continue until bank declare game ends. 8 Whiteboard - 8 bases: min 8 colors; choices of line thickness. - Multi-touch, more than 2 users to be able to draw concurrently; screen limitation.
  25. Hi, I need HTML5 Games Developer. I want you to develop HTML5 multiplayer games. PM me your Portfolio and your Quote.