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Found 30 results

  1. [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    Hi! I'm releasing my new game, called Lost in Jungle! How many days can you survive in a misty jungle full of monsters? Play this turn-based game and find out in your desktop or mobile! Play it for free at:
  2. Hi, my name is Anastasia and I'm open for new projects! Full time/part-time job. Rates are negotiable. Feel free to contact me - Skype - kozhko888 Check out my gallery: Thank you!!!
  3. Happy Culinary Html5

    Happy Culinary is a simulation pixel-art game developed by This game sponsored by spilgames. Feel free to contact us if you want to licensing our games, we're specialize in simulation and pixel-art game. Play Happy Culinary game here: or here
  4. Pixel Cave [roguelike]

    Hi, its my firsh HTML5 game, I made it after playing PIxel Dungeon : ) For UI i used react.js. Gameplay part is canvas+js. No any other frameworks. Maybe for next my game ill take phaser. : ) Features: 8 bosses about 25 enemies items with random generated properties random generated levels You can play it here: About any bugs you can report me in game menu. : ) I've fixed some bugs, reported via these menu already.
  5. How to pixel tutorials

    Hi there, I don't know if someone of you know this guy (Pedro Medeiro): He's creating very nice tutorials how to draw and animate pixel related graphics stuff. Amazing stuff inside! Regards, Christian
  6. A while back I started working on a project called "Geography of Robots," which started as a side-scrolling action game and has kind of morphed into an experimental collection of vignettes. My work on the project has been very touch and go, but I spent the past few weeks dumping a lot of love into this latest module, "Swampstar." It's a short, quiet meditation, almost like a little diorama. I built it with Phaser and thought I'd share: Thanks.
  7. Firefighter "Krause"

    Welcome to firefighter "Krause"! It's a simple Jump’n’Run with currently 3 easy levels. You can play it with your keyboard or on your mobile with touch/gyro. The game is decided for my 5 years old daughter, because she is really a big fan of the firefighters. "Krause" is the name of a firefighter of her first children's book of the fire-department. On the other side I'm a big fan of "Nikki & the robots" and this brought up the idea for this game. If you want, you can see this like a small tribute to Nikki. Play Firefighter "Krause" Here some infos: Frameworks: threejs for graphics/webgl Sound with Web Audio API (runs well on IOS) Change the volume by touching in the top-right corner Collision: first it will check the rect of an object. If it hits, it will calculate a pixel-collision in a hidden canvas. Missing: fullscreen on mobile, a good solution for visibility (stop playing music) I had much fun to create this game and I know that 3 levels are really not enough. There are still some ideas of moving platforms or deadly smoke in buildings ... any ideas?? I'm looking forward to get some feedback from you. How you or maybe your children like this game? I you have any questions I will answer! Have much fun! Stephan
  8. The Deepnight Effect Help

    The above screenshot is from one of Deepnight's games, Delicious Cortex. I've attached it to show the effect I'm trying to achieve. I've figured out how to properly scale my game to 3x with crisp rendering, and how to apply a filter to the whole game world. I've hit a snag with the filter step though; Sebastian applies a 3px by 3px mosaic grid in overlay mode to a game that's scaled 3x. When I apply a shader to the game world it's being rendered before its scaled (as expected), but the effect I'm going for would require access to the screen post-scaling. Is this possible? I've successfully re-created the effect in my js13k entry Super Glitch Box, but that was a canvas-rendered game, and not Phaser. I would like to avoid simply scaling up all the assets in-game and leaving the game scale at 1.0, to preserve the appearance of pixel-perfect movement.
  9. Castle Runner - endless runner game

    Hi folks! This is my latest hobby project, an endless runner game. I would like to know more about users habit for a study, so I hope you will try it and support me. I hope you like it! C&C welcome!
  10. Hi! I do 2D graphics & animation, specialize in low res pixel art. Also a bit of illustration/concept art. I have some free time atm, feel free to message or mail me. bahototh(at)
  11. Hey, check out my new game "" Its a multiplayer top-down shooter with pixel art graphics. Its free and requires no registration so you can play straight away. Its still in developement, but perfectly playable. It plays a bit like classic shooters like UT or Q3, with the difference of beeing top-down instead of 1st person of course. You run around in an arena, pick up ammo and health kits and shoot enemy players. Currently there are 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and CTF and a bunch of maps for each mode. There are also abilities and attributes which you can pick to customize your character. Id love to get some feedback and of course i can answer any questions.
  12. Hello! I've been working on my RPG for quite some time, but I've hit a snag, I need some NPCs done up, each sprite should fit in a 48x96 container, I need about 20 total made! Would love to see if anyone out there is willing to lend a hand! Thanks a bunch, and look forward to potentially working with you
  13. [WIP] La Torre

    La Torre is an roguelike game with rpg and mmo elements Facebook Instagram Hi everybody, we are developing La Torre, it is a game in which we can take the role of a summoner with the aim of reaching the top, we train our heroes who invoke in battle to help us. Also we can play cooperatively with our friends. The game is in development, here are some screens:
  14. Hi there, Just want to let you know that we have released our latest mobile games, Siege, on Google Play! Check it out here: A gameboy-inspired retro arcade games, you are challenged to survive as long as you can from the Gargantua attack while retaliate! Can you survive this immortal monster attack? This game built with love using Phaser JS, and packaged using Cocoon JS Do let me know what you think! If you have any feedback/encounter bug, just let me know here! Thanks!
  15. Hi there people, I wanted to tell you about an offer of mine that is not going to last for long time, I'm selling all the gamepacks in a form of a unique bundle at the ridiculous price of 80$, 27 gamepacks, all ready to use instantly in your gameprojects, prototypes or mere testing purposes, Do not miss this golden opportunity as it will end by the end of december, There is the link where you can find this pack: Scirra store: Creative market: Also, if you love that style of mine, you can contact me for freelance work as I will be glad to work along with you at very cheap prices, you can reach me in this same exact thread, contact me by email: or add me on skype: protector-z Hoe you will be pleased by those assets of mine, down here is a glimpse of some of the content of the bundle N.B: if you need more customized bundle with some of the content up there, just contact me via mail or skype, so we can discuss it together
  16. Deathbutton

    Play: CONTROLS -LEFT & RIGHT KEYS to MOVE -UP to JUMP (use DOUBLE JUMP) -Z to SHOOT Supports Xbox 360 controller Made in about half an hour for the weekly one hour game jam from bitslap (, ive added stuff postmortem. Thanks to @fcingolani for the music.
  17. list of free and paid game assets

    Hi guys, I was looking for free assets for my games so I made a list with all the websites I found. you can see the list here:
  18. Hi Everybody, I'm a pixel artist who sells art on gamedev market, I decided to go on taking people's work so you can get to see my work/portfolio on gdm under this URL: you can reach me via this email: of via skype: protector-z may you gamedevs have a nice day, N.B: some of my work:
  19. Hello, i am working on this little retro 2d platformer, especially to study and improve my pixel art abilities. I use the c64 color palette & 8x8 tiles to achieve a retro look. You can already test/play some levels at ->
  20. Universe

    Universe is a simple game where you have to discover planets through the universe. There are some hazards around so you have to gather resources from discovered planets and improve your ship to survive. Return to your Space Station for Upgrades! **************************** Play **************************** CONTROLS ************** UP & DOWN - Foward / Back LEFT & RIGHT - Rotate X - Extract Resources Z - Hold to repair your ship (needs Yellow resources) C - Hold to refuel your ship (need Green resources) M - To mute F - To Fullscreen I made this game after watching a trailer of No man´s sky and impose myself a rule: dont make a shooter game. Thanks to Wren (Alexander Petrov Sanchez) for this awesome music. Thanks to Noid Hunter for the cover art. Thanks to Abraham Monroy for helping me in some stuff (ISS has his name) If you want to check more games please go to! Send some words @jupitron or
  21. Robot Karma Joe

    Play! LD Post: Gameplay by CobCris Made in less than 20 hours for Ludum Dare #31 Compo. CONTROLS ARROWS - Movement Z - Shoot Space (Hold) - Control Your Soul! Check my games at!
  22. Blurry pixel art in Panda

    Hey there. I'm making a pixel art game and and trying to see if it will work in Panda using WebGL. I can't get the pixels to not be blurry. Here's an example of how the sprite looks right now: Here's my config: pandaConfig = { name: 'MyPandaGame', version: '0.0.0', system: { width: 320, height: 240, scaleToFit: true, webGL: false }};Here's my main.js: game.module( 'game.main').require( 'game.assets', 'game.objects').body(function() { game.addAsset('player.png'); game.PIXI.scaleModes.DEFAULT = game.PIXI.scaleModes.NEAREST; game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var player = new game.SpriteSheet('player.png', 16, 16); var anim = player.anim(); anim.animationSpeed = 0.2;; anim.position.set(100, 100); anim.addTo(this.stage); } });});Anyone have any ideas? No combination of anything I've read makes those zoomed-in pixels be less blurry. Is there a non-WebGL option that would make it less blurry as well?
  23. Hello, i want to introduce you to a new game i am working on. Labyrinth - Quest for Gold is a maze game, where you play a little adventurer, who searches for treasures in a large labyrinth of caves full of enemies (like snakes) and dangerous traps. Try it out here: Play with cursor keys, press 'R' to reload level. On Mobile you play with the buttons at the bottom (until now not optimized/tested). ToDo: - adding more levels (finished game will have 50 - 100) - adding more types of enemies - adding music and sfx - title screen - menu screen . optimizing for mobile devices Tell me what you think! All Coding and Graphic Art by Chupup Games
  24. Hi all, I'm creating pixel art for my new game for mobiles and I was wondering what the minimum canvas size I need to be creating my sprites in so that when they're upscaled they remain looking pixelated. I've found this post that recommends 32x32. Any advice will be appreciated. Cheers