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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, Infinitris - A massively multiplayer online falling block puzzle game, created using Phaser, React, and Koa. Here it is: Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar. Current Features: Classic .io style: Instant join - only specify your nickname and you're ready to play. Ingame chat (Press [Enter]) Grid that expands and collapses based on how many players are in the game. Horizontal wrapping when the grid is larger than the screen. Scoreboard Invalid block placement detection (needs work) Features to add: Spectator mode AFK detection Touch controls Minimap Mobile fullscreen Multiple game rooms Block collections and themes User registration to secure your nickname Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Pyre
  2. Hi everyone!! I have uploaded my last game, you can try it here: is a massive multiplayer IOgame developed in Phaser 2.6.2, Websocket and node.js. In this game you must get coins and smash your enemies using different items. Other players will try to kill you and steal your coins, but you can use your Energy Shield, although this will decrease your Coin Score. Your Coin Score speeds up your kart too. You can use the radar to locate the top three players. Here are some screenshots from gameplay: There are six different items you can use. Bullet, Missile and Mine have a three ammunition version and there is also an Aleatory Item. If you touch other kart when your Item Slot is empty, you can steal his item, be careful, your enemies can rob your items too. You can drive a standard kart, although we have added some new skins that you can unlock. Currently we are still working to improve it and we are developing the app for Android. Enjoy it and hope to see you in the Top Ranking! - -
  3. I'd like to announce a tool that helps you to build multiplayer games in JavaScript. Colyseus is a JavaScript server (for Node) and client (for the browser) It handles WebSocket connections, has multiple room support, handles room state synchronisation and allows clients to create, join and leave rooms. Here's an overview of how it works: Match-making cycle: - User asks to connect in a specific room, with optional "join" arguments. // (client-side)var Colyseus = new Colyseus("ws://localhost:3553");var battleRoom = colyseus.join('battle', {options: 'here'}) - Server will loop through all spawned room handlers named 'battle' and call requestJoin method against that handler. // (server-side)// only accept new users if limit isn't reachedrequestJoin (options) { return ( this.clients.length < 12 )} - If requestJoin succeeds, a method named onJoin will be called with the client reference and client options given. // (server-side)onJoin (client, options) { // setup new player here}- If requestJoin fails on every available room, a new handler will be spawned if requestJoin succeeds in a fresh handler state. In case it fails again, an 'error' event will be dispatched on client room instance. // (client-side)battleRoom.on('error', function(message) { console.log("error triggered on battle room:", message)})Room state handling: Once the player received the room state upon it's connection, he only needs to receive the state difference on later broadcasts, called patches. By default, room handlers will deliver the patched room state to all clients each 50ms. // (client-side)battleRoom.on('update', function(newState, patches) { console.log(patches) // array of patches console.log(newState) // newState with patches applied})The array of patches usually look like this: (JSON-Patch format) [ { "op": "remove", "path": "/players/2" }, { "op": "add", "path": "/players/3", "value": {"x": 10, "y": 10} }, { "op": "replace", "path": "/players/1/x", "value": 5 }]// JSON-Patch Spec - RFC6902You can take a look at patch handling on tanx project to see how it looks like. Here's some prototypes using Colyseus as a game server: - PlayCanvas tanx fork (original game is here) - Redneck River Race (made in 72h for LD34) - CubeClub Soccer Colyseus's code base is quite straightforward, which is good for it's growth as a library, I believe. It doesn't do much, but it tries to do really well what is meant to. Thanks for reading until here, and feel free to ask anything here or on gitter chat channel. Cheers and happy new year!
  4. Hello all This tutorial i wanted to publish for along time now . As i see that the indie IO games are building their servers in C++ . It is intro to writing MMO games but not with the usual Node.js and and similar. But this time i'm showing you how to assemble WebSocket server using libuv (node.js C networking lib) for the server networking and libwebsocktes for the web-sockets layer. All server side is in simple pure C And for client side im using Cocos2d-x the HTML5 version . Enjoy ! P.S im planing to do the same tutorial using more flexible c++ 11. And later i will publish tutorial about connecting the server with mongoDB for persistence So please register to my news latter list to get updates .
  5. Hello! This is my first post, because i was most time reading here in the past months. Actually I am working in a small indy team on some full featured MMO platform thats using babylon.js. It`s an commercial platform we do together to bring up webgl MMO games in a quick and easy way. Here some challenges we are working on: FULL authorative server, with an determistic fork of babylon.js that`s rewritten in ES6 (no typescript) Server side physics simulation IOS/Android client Micro payment system Realtime level editor with multiple procedural tools (persistent) Avatar creator (face from image, morphing, outfits) Dynamic cloud instancing (actually only AWS) Asset server with bucket API Player authentification by account, facebook, google and twitter Dynamic node > buffer serialization optimized for websockets Chat / Voicechat / Instant messaging (WebRTC) Many of those tasks are done already today, but the major task to rewrite babylon has just started. For now we do use a slightly hacked version that gave us the proof of concept, but it's far from a production ready release. While doing alot of testings with babylon and other frameworks we considered that babylon is absolutely the best to use. The only weak point we found is the animation system. I could write a book about that because it kept me busy for weeks in testings, well, we decided to rewrite that whole part from scratch. Our framework is built on node.js, mongoDB, Redis, WS, multiple cloud SDK's and API's. At the current stage it is playable with a really stunning networking performance and lightweight client because all the collision and physics happens server side. So why i am posting this here? It's because we are looking for 1-2 more skilled developers to join our party. Want to develop MMO`s? Then ping me and i can tell a bit more about the project or show a running demo. Kind Regards Marcus
  6. Hello friends, I am developing a simple browser game called Next.Land. I would like to ask for some feedback here. I’m looking for inspiration and new ideas. There is a playable demo available so you can try the game right now (very limited gameplay). Links: Project website: Playable demo: Some in-game videos: YouTube channel Basic features: Property tycoon. Free to play. Browser game. MMO. Simple and casual. Business simulation game. Real world elements and 3D terrain. Description: Next.Land is a property tycoon browser game. It is based on Three.js (WebGL javascript framework), OpenStreetMap - OSM (map data for real world elements like buildings, roads, forests, ...) and SRTM (elevation data for a real 3D terrain). The gameplay is simple and easy. Buy and sell properties, manage your finances and grow your empire. Play in the actual world locations with an accurate 3D terrain. I think this is a very attractive feature. You can play in the area you like the most. Next.Land is quite similar to one older game called MonopolyCityStreets. Of course, I want to keep developing this game after the initial release. I want to provide regular expansions with new game features (microeconimcs, enhanced trading, various in-game events etc). It is too early to be more specific, the game needs to be finished first Feedback: I have created a short priority list of topics that interest me the most. Do you like the game idea? Do you think this game has potential? Do you think that the gameplay might be fun? Do you prefer casual or hardcore gameplay? My intention is to create a casual game. Fun for few minutes a day. I don't like the idea that you will play this game for hours a day. Would you like to see tablet/smartphone versions? It is difficult to create the same design for every device. The game is designed for desktops right now. Smaller devices have lower performance and the gameplay, user interface and graphics need to be reduced. Everything else. Any others ideas are welcome. Other: There is an active crowdfunding campaign for the project right now. I think you should know about this. I don't want to provide the link. It is just my another attempt to get more feedback from people. I am very grateful for any feedback. Thank you very much!
  7. Hello, This is my first post on the HTML5 Game Devs Forum and I'm here thanks to the precious advices of Richard to show you a game we are developing with my team for 2 years. It is called Jiun, a free-to-play MOBA (or ARTS as you wish) game in pixel art scheduled to be released by the end of March 2014. It addresses to a wide range of public. 1) Sum-up of the Gameplay Here two the main concepts: - No magic skills casted by the character, only items you use. For example: You can have two actives weapons equiped, one in the left hand and the other one in the right hand. You are able to use these weapons with two keys (K and L by default) when cooldown is ok. For example you can equipe two swords or a sword and a shield. - No auto-attack such most of MOBA/MMORPG, it is more like an hack'n slash, in a retro atmosphere. For our first beta release, scheduled by the end of March 2014, we planned to implement 5vs5 mode where your goal will be to reduce opponent team reinforcements to 0. Games will last at least 15 minutes. Using a bow is similar to using melee weapons. Bows are dual-handed weapons, and are used with the left hand key (L by default). To shoot an arrow the character has to aim at the target and therefore remains stationary during the attack animation. Position yourself carefully, as you're open to both melee and ranged weapon fire. There is no automatic attack in Jiun like in traditional MOBAs, so you have to be skilled and time your shots or face defeat. Quick reactions are also crucial to moving away from the path of incoming arrows. To save yourself from enemy volleys, consider carrying a shield: it provides both a 30% passive chance to block incoming arrow damage, and can be used to block them if timed well. Stay tuned for the next video: the quickslots. Latest Version (here french version) 2) Sum-up of the of the development's chronology of Jiun Initially aimed to be a MMORPG, we worked on Jiun very hard, which was coded in java, but we realize few months ago that this wasn't the best way to follow for an independant game studio after we tried a crowdfunding campaign. The resources were lacking. The time also. As Jiun wasn't my first online game experience (I made an online MMO called Kingdom of War PSP) we decided to move quickly to another platform before being overwhelmed by labor and obscolescence of the Java applet platform. Moreover we experiment a lot of Java applet warnings. Phaser JS was the best way to achieve our goal. This choice was made few months ago and here we are. 3) Music sample Extract of Jiun Main Theme 4) Sign up to the beta, follow us and spread the word! You may be interested in signing up to the beta of Jiun and play now for free ! Register on the Web site of Jiun. You can follow us on @JiunGame and Facebook and you can also spread the word The forums of Jiun just have opened : We just launched our online shop, so if you want to support us, please don't hesitate : Join us now !
  8. Hello all, I recently completed a programming bootcamp on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and for my final project I decided to build a game with another student. It was an 8 week course, and the last 2 weeks were dedicated only to the final project. Keep in mind that neither of us had any previous coding experience Of course there is a lot of work still to be done, but please take a look and let me know what you think! (Not optimized for mobile) Here's a link to the project on GitHub: And here's the link to the live server:
  9. Guys help me to find a game I don't remember it's title. It is browser based mmo, where players build game world themselves, view is from the top. It's kind a old game and author is planning to release version 2. Anyone knows the title?
  10. mmo

    Hello, we just released a new MMO game on Steam : Battlestick. The game is also playable at What is your ping please? We have install a new server (Canada based) and we would like to be sure US players don't have too much ping. Also, Battlestick is made with PhaserJS using web-socket + NodeJS/MongoDB We have received more than 35 000 players in 4 days We hope this will continue so let me know please if you have suggestions or any ideas. Thanks in advance !
  11. We are North America's fastest growing educational software company and need solid game developers. Our product is an MMORPG focused on teaching math to children from grades 1 to 8. The bulk of our adoption has been in North America but we will be going global very shortly. We are in need of an accomplished Intermediate Game Developer to join and possibly soon lead our quickly growing team. We are really looking for someone with solid OOP development skills and real dev mastery...not reliance on Unity for example. Here is the link to our position: We will NOT consider remote developers. We WILL look at solid candidates that are within Canada, the US, or who have legal work status. Please apply directly via the link provided!
  12. pixi.js

    La Torre is an roguelike game with rpg and mmo elements Facebook Instagram Hi everybody, we are developing La Torre, it is a game in which we can take the role of a summoner with the aim of reaching the top, we train our heroes who invoke in battle to help us. Also we can play cooperatively with our friends. The game is in development, here are some screens:
  13. Hey guys I've been working on a multiplayer online game with phaser, node.js,, and as a database service for a while now. The game is called Onyx Map, it is still very much a WIP. Check out the current version of the game here: the way it is right not you have to complete a simple registration to track your username in the game. The game is a massively multiplayer online exploration platformer, but in it's current state there is not much exploration (read: no exploration at all). You can use the dummy account: username: frank password:aaa to test the game. Be aware if someone else is using the account it will not work for you and you will have to register for a username. The main reason i'm posting on here is because I just finished documenting an open source basic version of this game that is very easy to understand and use for someone who is interested in writing their own mmo in phaser and node js. The source is available on github: Looking at the source of the current version (onyx online) using control+u makes it fairly clear how I implemented certain features like chat and names to this open source version. The client is based off the excellent Phaser beginner platformer tutorial. Hopefully this interests and/or helps some of you! Thanks for taking a look. Feedback is greatly appreciated
  14. Smile Looking for PhP programmers for a Mini game hello all , me and my team is making a MOBA game (3rd person view ) since we are a indie team we are lacking in funds so to get some for the development we planed to make a PhP game (text based) to get some income for it we want a web designer (css) a php programmer (sql skills will be good) the project will be done in 2 months max if someone good and skilled in this please contact me skype : sreenandhu4
  15. Hello everyone, I want to keep this short, I am mainly making this post to seek encouragement to continue in the development of my game, I have an extremely hard time focusing on the game at this point and it is nearly 1 year in development (not daily of course). Server: Node.JS Long story short, I am developing an MMORPG which will be majorly based around PvP (Player vs. Player). The game plays a lot like Realm of the Mad God, which is a real-time click-to-shoot MMORPG. Included will be a lot of PvE (Player vs. Environment/Enemy), bosses, and skills such as Mining, Black Smithing and Enchanting. Items are randomly generated when they are dropped by enemies, allowing a near-infinite end-game, alongside with the infinite number of combinations of skillsets a player can have. Here are some screenshots. Please note that these graphics are placeholders. Warrior Abilities (incomplete): Items: Other features: -Multiplayer -Seemless map changing -NPC Pathfinding/Following -Equipping items (No equipment interface yet) -Ability projectiles, ability cooldowns -Ability key settings -Items/NPCs/Ability systems created to load externally for easy changing -All interfaces movable and re-sizable for user friendliness. To finish before pre-alpha testing: -Warrior, Rogue, and Wizard classes complete and balanced -Shop system for buying/selling -Equipment interface -More maps, monsters, items, and bosses (fun stuff) -New user registration with password recovery by email -Player trading (maybe) -May be forgetting something Have only tested with 1 other player online, but the gameplay seems to run smooth and combat isn't "laggy" for people even halfway across the world. Let me know what you think, what I should improve on, etc. Thank you very much for checking it out! If you're interested in checking out the game when it's ready to be played, send me your email or something in a PM!
  16. Greetings, I have been lurking on here for a bit. I thought this would interest the community. Mozilla has released a browser based MMO called BrowserQuest leveraging HTML5 and websockets. The client and server solution is open source and available on github. Game: Source Code:
  17. I am trying to create an 2d html5 open word (the sprite does not have any fancy flare, just shapes around) with only maximum of 10 player at once. My question is how to create a seamless join for new player join when 5 others have already started roaming in the world? in the other words, how to maintain synchronization for a new player for all updates that is happenning in new world. I know pub sub can do the trick but it is very wasteful to catch up from start of the queue. How can a new player get a refresh of the current state and continue to stream from movement from other exisitng player? Thanks.
  18. Hello everyone, This game is still under development but I would like to ask for your opinion on how it's going. It was entirely developed from scratch using .NET (for server) and HTML5/JS (for UI). Try it here: Features to add: Multiserver automation (one server supports about 50 users)Team scoringCapture the flag mode Things to fix: Glitch when crossing bordersImprove TCP messages sentGet's slow if you switch to another window (IE only?!) Thank you.
  19. Ironbane is a cooperative action MMO played straight from your browser, using 3D graphics and a retro graphics style. The game focuses on simple gameplay without leveling and combat using swords, axes, daggers, bows and magic staves. Our intention is to create a vast alive and immersive world. The main objective of the game is to defeat Ironbane, an evil dragon with rising power and a plan to conquer the world, who is living in his cursed castle. Originally started in March 2012, Ironbane has been in development for over 3 years and is aiming to become an awesome WebGL MMO that you would actually play. We're currently at 0.4 pre-alpha, aiming to release alpha in May. Try it out and see for yourself. Link to Game Design Document Screenshots Gameplay Videos Team Nick (Nikke) - developer, founder Ben (Warspawn) - developer Sam (Ayillon) - level editor Kevin (DatapawWolf) - gameplay designer, marketing Jan (Meanapple) - pixel artist Eric (Eric) - moderator Wattie (Thaiberius) - moderator Technology Ironbane runs 100% using Javascript. Behind the scenes we're using Meteor, AngularJS and ThreeJS in just one codebase. We're looking for Level Designers and 3D Modelers We're pretty serious about Ironbane, and we're looking for motivated people who'd like to help turn this game into a success. If you have experience building levels/3D models and are looking for a cool project, drop me a line at or post here. It's important that you have an idea of what makes a level interesting. We wrote a small guide on level design, check it out. We work primarily using, an online 3D modeling package which we use to build our levels in. Example scene Let me know what you think. Any questions you have, I'll gladly answer.
  20. Ironbane is a 3D Action Rpg MMO built using HTML5 Play Now! We've just released a new version 0.4 pre-alpha. Our technology stack is using [MeteorJS]( This allows us to use the concept of reactivity and apply it in a gaming context, which is very cool but experimental to say the least. In addition we're using AngularJS on top of MeteorJS ( This unique combination allows us to re-use a lot of components while still making good use of Meteor's concepts which are very helpful for us. We use THREE.js for the rendering engine, as well as a custom Component Entity System built around it. We're now fully utilising []( as our level editor of choice. Sam has been creating the Tower of Doom map ( in this editor, and we're very happy so far with the results. Our game can directly pull the levels from Clara, read entities and put them in our game. This allows our level editors to place enemies and other entities anywhere they want without the developers having to manually export/import them to the game. Please check out our game and our forums at !
  21. Hadron Wars is one of the most sophisticated cross platform MMO RTS games built with HTML5. Game is available on: Android - iOS - Windows Phone - Windows - Facebook - Available engines performance was not acceptable for such game, so NECOLT built custom game engine for Hadron Wars. Also we use PixiJS for rendering and CocoonJS for distribution to iOS and Android. We are open to share our experience developing this game, so feel free to ask here. is in beta mode now. Feel free to test it and leave feedback !
  22. Hello everyone, I will start off by introducing myself. I am a London based developer working on a brand new video game concept with industry talents working alongside me to produce something unique for the mobile app market, console and web. Eminence: Xander's Tales is a role playing adventure and trading card game (TCG/MMORPG) driven by a compelling story. The game itself also takes inspiration from classic RPGs like; Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Zelda. Set in a world where fantasy and science collide. You band with an ancient alchemist known as Xander to piece together the mysteries of a raging star which endures a cycle of death and rebirth. Together with Xander, you will begin a long journey to ultimately try and prevent the Sun's destructive cycle which stands to devastate Artalys, the world of Eminence. The game features a unique card battle system going beyond the traditional system of attack and defence points. The core mechanics are simple to understand yet the game is difficult to master. You play against others in a strategic high risk card game where the winner can take the loser's cards. Cards can also be acquired via trading, completing storyline quests, tournaments or the marketplace. There are a number of Divisions available and many cards to collect, each with their own uniqueness in terms of both visual design and story. Any comments/feedback would be much appreciated. We'll soon be launching on Kickstarter and releasing new content every week until then. I'll be promoting more artwork and exclusive screenshots of this game in the forthcoming weeks.
  23. I have some overly ambitious idea that I'm cannot promise i'll actually fully get to it, but the overall concept is the following: I'd like to create an online game, that is real time, and has physics elements, i'd like to build it in Phaser and have instances synchronizing, including the state of physics across the clients and server. To make it happen, we have to account for random lag, in the the physics library, as well as the rendering would have to accommodate for facts that will be updated in the past (from the local client perspetive). Minor but might be important: the priority is to be consistent and not competitive (MMO case), so I'd be ok with some level of "cheating" if it even matter. I'd be implementing the server in Node.js, but didn't find any robust example online of it, not much of a surprise actually, feels like a rather complex use case. If it's still not clear the challenge, imagine the following scenario: 0:00:00 2 players are connected in a session 0:00:01 player 1 fire a bullet, he/she sees it happening on their screen as makes sense 0:00:02 the action gets to the server 0:00:03 player 2 receives the shoot info, and sees the shot happening at the position 00:00:03 just like it is for player 1 Would be extra nice to have fast forward the action that happen in the past until the moment that reaches 'present' state All that said; is there a phys lib that allow to set events happening in the past? Already assuming not, is there a recommended path to implement so? I'm no physics wizard. edit: To make a decent MMO the server should execute the very same state as the clients (minus the rendering) in order to validate inputs and sync clients Thanks in advance!
  24. Endyr - play together! (or die alone) I'd like to introduce my HTML5 survival game called "Endyr". It features all of the following (and more): Realtime battles (use fists, swords, bows, throw knifes or axes, bombs, ...)Damage model (hit head/body/arms/legs with pierce/slash/fire/electro/etc.)Grid-based inventory (supporting bags-in-bags, bottles for liquids)Crafting (mine ore, melt to ingots, harvest wood, forge weapons)Inventing (use tools, workbenches and skills to create powerful items)Farming (grow plants, harvest food, cook dinner)Housing (build your house, put furniture in, get a pet)Pets (let animals fight for you, ride on horses, use pack-oxes to carry stuff)Adventure (explore the world, find secrets, meet NPCs)Lighting (light candles, hunt rare monsters only appearing in dark nights)Survival (stand against monsters, organize weapons and armor as well as food)RPG (become better in what you do, learn new skills, RP with other players)Writing (write in-game letters and books, give or sell them to other players)My main goal is to create a game where cooperation between players is necessary for everyone to survive. For example, there will be a lot of monsters. So in order to craft better swords and armor the players need to dig for ore. While digging all miners need to be protected by other players. And overall, they all need food from either hunters or farmers. On top of that the crafting gets my special attention as I like crafting a lot. Oh and one more thing: Dead means dead and you'll have to create a new character. However, equipment may be retrieved by other players but getting your stuff back will remove the dead char from highscore - your decision. Endyr is currently in development (and still looking for pixel artist - if you're interested please contact me at Now some screenshots for your viewing pleasure: More details, screenshots and the alpha tester signup is found on the official website Thanks for your attention, Yhoko PS: For updates please watch Endyr on indiedb and keep an eye on the screenshots gallery once a week.